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Mummy Said The F-Word - Fiona Gibson

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2 Reviews

Author: Fiona Gibson / Genre: Fiction / Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2010 14:21
      Very helpful



      A great laugh out loud book

      Caitlin Brown's life is practically turned upside down one afternoon when she finds out that her husband Martin is having an affair with Daisy from the water cooler company where he works. Martin moves out and Caitlin is now facing life as a single parent; however she does have the help of friend and single dad Sam who she can share her worries with and confide in. Caitlin's job isn't the best paid or most exciting either, so when her friend Millie offers her the job of Agony Aunt for a parenting magazine called Bambino Caitlin takes it as a temporary measure. Caitlin is convinced that the advice she is giving parents is fraud and misleading as she isn't the most perfect parent in the world, however her friends and family think she is doing a great job and so do the readers of Bambino magazine. A few weeks after starting her Job at Bambino as an agony aunt Caitlin starts getting emails from an anonymous e-mailer R, who she mysteriously gets along with almost instantly...............

      Mummy Said the F-Word in my opinion is a fantastic, light-hearted book which will have you laughing out loud within the first few pages and beyond. The main character Caitlin who is referred to as Cait throughout the book is a fantastic character that seems to take everything in her stride; especially being a single mother, she gives it her all just to prove to Martin that she can cope on her own with the kids as well as holding down a job. As expected Caitlin hates Martin for having the affair and for moving in with Daisy and her daughter - throughout the book Caitlin makes various remarks about martin which in my opinion sum up her resentment towards him really well. After all anyone who finds out their partner is having an affair is going to feel a lot of hatred and anger towards them; more so if there are children involved as it is just not one person's life you are altering, it is a whole families.

      Cait's character is very well developed, written in the first person narrative we are getting the story from Cait's point of view and go through a rollercoaster of emotions with her. Her character is hilarious at times and extremely believable because of the way she reacts to different situations, you will find yourself relating to the character numerous times throughout the book. One instance of this is when she accepts the job offer at Bambino, she has to read numerous letters from readers about their problems and pick a few of the readers' letters to answer so they can be featured in the magazine, however there are far too many letters to rely to an because of this Cait feels extremely guilty. I think that if I were in Cait's situation I would also feel somewhat guilty as well, as the readers have taken the time to write in with their problems and are looking forward to a response and also to have their letter published in the magazine. The way Cait reacts to everyday situations make her character so much more believable and likeable, as you yourself would probably react in the same way or you know someone who faced with the same situation would react as Cait does.

      As the book progresses we get to see the character of Cait change, her resentment towards martin is very strong at the beginning of the book however throughout time the resentment lessens; not so much that she forgives him, more in the sense that she no longer wants to kill him and can remain in the same room as him for more than a minute without having murderous thoughts. As expected Martin isn't the only one Cait resents, she also resents Daisy, after all if it weren't for Daisy her family would most probably still be together under the same roof. I think that Cait resents Daisy and her daughter as much because Martin is playing a full time father figure to Daisy's daughter and only a part time father to his own three children.

      There is a few other characters who you will get to know throughout the book, not all of them as likable as Cait; Martin Cait's husband is one of the characters who is very dislikeable. Martin is very dislikeable because he had the affair and left his wife and children, Cait voices her hatred towards him throughout the book and I think that her opinions towards him come across very well. Millie Cait's friend who works for Bambino magazine is a hilarious character, however you won't warm to her as much as you warm towards Cait. Millie's character also isn't as believable as Cait's, mainly because Millie works for a children's magazine giving parenting advice and she doesn't even have children of her own. It is a pretty unique situation and one which adds a humour element to the book. Cait's children also play a part in the book especially her eldest son, as the book progresses all of the pieces seem to link together and Jake's character and presence becomes more apparent.

      Sam Cait's next door neighbour is a single dad, he and Cait have a lot in common. They get on very well and help each other out with parenting issues, which can range from advice to babysitting. Sam is a very likable character just like Cait and you can see that they have a lot in common and get on very well. Sam's character is one which you will also warm to, he is a very kind-hearted soul who dotes on his child; he would also do anything for his close friends and family.

      The plot of Mummy Said the F Word wasn't very complex, however it wasn't overly predictable. There were some instances in the book where you had an idea of what was going to happen, especially in the first third of the book. However as the book progressed the predictability lessened and was replaced with mystery and suspense, and it was more difficult for the reader to figure out what was going to happen next. At 320 pages long Mummy Said the F-Word isn't a very long book and you will find yourself reading it from cover to cover in no time. Fiona Gibson's writing style is fantastic; you just seem to get sucked into the story and escape the real world for a few hours. I actually found this book pretty hard to put down, mainly because the plot was interesting, the characters were well developed and Fiona Gibson's writing style flows so naturally and draws the reader further into the book. Another good thing about this book in my opinion is that the plot flows over a short space of time, approximately 9-12 months or so. I quite like this element as there aren't any parts in the book which advance forward a few months or years. I quite dislike this in some books as you are often left wondering what happened to the characters in the time span which advanced. By writing the whole 320 page book in such a short timescale you get to know the day to day antics of Caitlin and her children as well as the other characters in the book, the whole book seems to flow naturally and the more you progress through the book the plot thickens and gets more mysterious.

      Having never read any of Fiona Gibson's books before I didn't quite know what to expect with Mummy Said the F-Word, I wasn't sure if this would be a book I would enjoy. However within reading the first few pages of the book I was completely hooked and could barely put it down. I think I enjoyed the book as much because story flowed naturally, it was funny, had a great range of characters and the situations were believable and made the characters very much real and not just made up. I would also say that Fiona Gibson has a writing style to that of Cecilia Ahern and Isobel Wolff. Mummy Said the F-Word is a mix of heartbreak, happiness, resentment and humour with a few little twists thrown in for good measure. I am sure this book will appeal to many readers who like Chick Lit books, and book which are easy to follow with not too many characters.

      The prices for Mummy Said the F-Word - Fiona Gibson differ depending on where you decide to purchase from. Prices range from £2.75-£10.39 online from Amazon and other major book suppliers. However if you like the sound of this book you can get it from the library for free.

      Thanks for reading

      © just.bcoz / Butterfly-Wings


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        28.04.2008 09:20
        Very helpful



        Hilarious novel

        Browsing through Amazon one day, I was trying to find a list of books which are coming out soon or have just been released. This seems impossible for me to do on aAmazon for some unknown reason, so instead I started looking at the 'Recommended Reads' based on the past books I have purchased from them. I noticed this one on the list, and the title sparked my interest, and after seeing it had 2 5-star reviews on there, I decided to read it. But instead of sending Amazon my hard earned money, I went to the library where I got it for free! (Don't you love the library?! Use it or lose it!)

        Anyway, Mummy Said The F-Word is a book based around Caitlin Brown, a mother of 3 young children whose life is turned upside down when she accidentally finds out her husband Martin is having an affair with dopey Daisy from the water-cooling firm. Cait kicks him out, and takes on single parenthood with gusto, relying on her best friend and single-dad Sam to share her woes. Cait soon finds she needs a job, and so ends up working as a agony aunt at her friend Millie's magazine Bambino, and is convinced her doling out advice is fraud. But soon she starts getting emails from a man who signs his emails 'R'....

        I have to start the rest of the analysis by saying I really did adore this book. It was a riot from start to finish and I just could not put it down. The author Fiona Gibson has such a realistic way of writing that you are just sucked into the story and wanting to find out what Cait is going to do next. Cait's first person narrative is hilarious and so easy to read, it is just chick-lit at its very best. As its written from Cait's perspective, we hear a lot of anti-Martin remarks (and rightly so) as well as the hardships of parent-hood which any mum or dad up and down the country will recognise! Also, the agony letters to Cait through the magazine guarantee laughs as well - it does make you wonder whether people really send in these questions to magazines! Cait's guilt over not being able to reply to them makes her human, I think I'd feel the same actually!

        Cait is a very well-developed character and is a pleasure to read about, she's a strong woman who clearly adores her children but feels somewhat a lone island after Martin's departure. Martin is written as the hate-character in the book, for obvious reasons! He is quite spineless, especially in his treatment of his kids which is dire! Sam the next door neighbour pops up little and often, but is a nice character and you do get under-currents of something between him and Cait. Millie, the editor of Bambino, is just hilarious, especially in the fact that she edits a parenting magazine when she doesn't have any children! Wonders never cease, hey?! The children are also written well, her youngest son Travis is hilarious and a bit like my Harry, mischievious but very loveable! Her daughter LOla isn't about much but her eldest boy Jake plays an important rle later on in the book, and Gibson writes the trials and tribulations of both Cait and Jake incredibly well in those areas.

        I think it's the realism in this book which makes it so likeable. Gibson writes with a natural flair of parenting, its obvious that some of the things in this book have probably happened to her or her friends, as its just so realistic, and it made me laugh out loud! Tantrums in the shop over a sausage, pulling bugs out of the mud and various other child activties happen in this book, and I've already been through a few of them, which weren't funny at the time, but reading them back is just hilarious! Cait's honest commentary throughout also helps, with her at times at the end of her tether, showing us we can't all be super-mum all the time! Parenting is a topic which is covered time and time again in the books these days, but this book stands out for me among the many titles on this topic out there, just for its laugh and readability, and for me that is pretty good!

        I can honestly say this book was fantastic. It dove straight in there with its gritty plotline but quickly melted into its easy reading, pleasant narrative from a very likeable lead character whom you naturally grow very fond of throughout the book. Very realistic throughout, this book is a must-read for mums and dads out there, just so you know it happens to us all, and even for non-parents as a stark reality of what is to come! It's hilarious, it's fabulous reading and I must say that it is a must-read! A superb novel, I shall be hunting out more of Gibson's work after reading this!

        ISBN: 978-0340838341. Published by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd in February 2008. The book contains 320 pages. You can buy this in a small hardcover edition from the Amazon marketplace for £5.25, or free from your library of course! For more information on the author and her other novels, see her website: http://www.fionagibson.com/.

        Thank you for reading!


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