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Nom De Guerre - Jeff Gulvin

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Author: Jeff Gulvin / Genre: Crime / Thriller

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    1 Review
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      12.10.2007 14:41
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      Ismael Boese escapes from justice and a new cat-and-mouse chase ensues......

      The sequel to the best-selling espionage thriller, Storm Crow, Nom De Guerre continues in the same vein as it's predecessor with it's stylish and accurate portrayal of International Terrorism and the agencies that come together to combat such crimes.

      Ismael Boese, known in goverment and political circles as The Storm Crow, languishes in jail after plotting a hoax bomb threat in the centre of London then triggering an actual device in St.Peter's Square in Rome shortly after his capture. There are still questions to be answered, amongst others about his past connections to Carlos The Jackal for one, but before any of them can be asked, Boese escapes justice in trade-mark bloody fashion leaving a trail of corpses in his wake.

      Special Branch's D.I Swann once again finds himself on the trail of a very deadly criminal as The Storm Crow leads them on a cat-and-mouse trail across the globe and into collabaration with the F.B.I and undercover Special Agent Harrison who has his own agendas and hidden issues with Swann; believing him to be responsible for blowing his cover a couple of years before in the previous Crow investigation. But as the goverment teams draw ever closer to Ismael Boese, it becomes ever apparent that Boese is trying to tell them something; that in actual fact he may NOT be the criminal mastermind known to them as Storm Crow,that he might indeed be just a pawn in a much bigger game and that the true Storm Crow might be someone a hell of a lot closer to the investigation...

      If you have read Storm Crow like I have and through deductive reasoning came to the same conclusions then this book will please you as it resolves many of the issues left hanging at it's climax. One of the annoying traits of this novel is waiting for the principle characters to catch up to you as you always feel like you are one step ahead of where they are headed but there are enough surprises and thrills to keep you very pleasantly entertained along the way. Certainly the book cannot be accused of not being highly realistic and authentic though it would be fair to say that Boese's escape would be much more better placed in a Hollywood movie and that we should all be grateful that, to the best of the public's knowledge, terrorist groups really aren't this accomplished and organised- either that or the Special Forces do a much better job than we would ordinarily give them credit for.

      Given the current climate, this novel is both topical and has it's finger firmly on the pulse. Harrison, Swann and all the supporting cast that accompany them are a strong set of characters and very highly believable and credible in their roles as goverment agents. Certainly it is one of the best espionage-thrillers that I have read in ages if not ever and get my attention gripped and focused all the way through....

      It would be interesting to read something by Gulvin in a similar mold but set after 9/11 and to see his views on events after the shooting of an unarmed man deemed to be suspicious on the London Undeground but I'm not too sure just how active an author Gulvin actually is as his last book was published a few years ago now. Still if you've not picked up one of his books before this and it's prequel, Storm Crow, are defenitely worth a read.

      Once you've managed to put them down, then look at The Covenant- another thriller featuring the undercover talents of Special Agent Harrison as he once again takes on the American Milita groups after a bombing campaign is launched against Washington D.C. With these three books, Gulvin has established himself as a strong contender in the espionage-thriller genre and it is a shame that he's not written more in this paticular field.


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      International terrorist Storm Crow languishes in jail until, on the his way to trial, he escapes in the bloodiest manner possible. Anti-Terrorist Branch Detective Jack Swann follows him to the US, where he teams up with FBI Agent Harrison, and they follow Storm Crow's trail of murder.

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