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Pack of Lies - Sara Dailey, Staci Weber

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Print Length: 204 pages / Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group / Published: 6 April 2012

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2013 16:53
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      Teen werewolves move back to the pack

      Werewolf books are not my favourite but for some reason this one caught my interest. Pack of Lies is about a brother and sister who start experiencing strange changes in their bodies. When Alli starts getting into trouble at school, their mother decides to tell them why their emotions are all over the place: they are teenage werewolves. Suffice to say, it's not an easy situation to be in so the parents decide to move the family away from Houston and back to the wolf pack they deserted years and years ago. For Alli this is a welcome change because she's lost all her friends in Houston to jealousy and she's hoping her new were-friends will accept her. However, there are some complications, namely Cade, soon to be alpha who already has a girlfriend, Kendall, a class-A bitch who won't let newcomer Alli come between her and the title of alpha-female.

      I'm not really sure why it's called Pack of Lies because there wasn't that much emphasis on lying in my opinion, though I do like the pun on the word 'pack'. Pack of Lies is written from the point of view of Alli, Kendall and Cade, but mostly Alli. Each of them is interesting in different ways but personally I found Kendall's to be the most interesting because you get a look into her home life and Cade and Alli's relationship from a distance. She might be a pain in the arse but you do feel some sense of sympathy for her because it's clear her mother has influenced her to be the way she is.

      The best way for me to describe my feelings as I went through this book would be to compare them to a heart rate monitor you find in hospitals. It's going up and down and up and down at the beginning, but then it goes completely flat and doesn't really pick up again. The only reason I'd say this is because it started off really great, but when they find out their mum is a werewolf it's the stupidest passage ever. It was a great start to a book and then it was ruined by this moment. I didn't think the situation was explained all that well or that the characters handled this piece of news in the right way. After this it started to get really good again and I thought Cade and Alli's first meeting was brilliant. It made me smile and gave me a slight tingling sensation like a good romance should. The next low was when there was a 3 week gap where supposedly Cade and Alli continue sneaking around together but we never find out what they were doing in this gap. Were they just making out or did they actually connect on another level? I'm assuming a bit of both but because it wasn't written down I found it difficult to genuinely believe in their 'love'. The book is basically all about Cade and Alli so rest of the book was pretty stagnant in that I didn't feel anything more than a superficial affection between the pair. I disliked that there wasn't much more to this story apart from the main relationship as I think it could've been a lot better if the stories of more characters were explored. There is a 'climax' to the plot I suppose but Cade and Alli's relationship is at the heart of this too. The ending happened too fast for my liking and again, I felt that things weren't developed. There weren't a lot of plot twists but they were glanced over and written in little detail.

      That all probably sounds pretty negative, but this was actually a really good book. I would've given this book four stars were it not for the instalove between Cade and Alli. This book had the potential to be brilliant but I felt that some plot strands weren't developed as much as they could've been.


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