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Parting Company - Mary O'Sullivan

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Mary O'Sullivan / Paperback / 503 Pages / Book is published 2006-02-23 by Poolbeg Press Ltd

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    1 Review
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      21.03.2010 21:16
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      I've read better but I've also read far worse

      This is "a riveting read - absolutely unputdownable" according to Melissa Hill whose endorsement graces the front cover. I was clueless as to who she actually is, but with Wikepedia at hand I was reliably informed that Melissa Hill dances the horizontal tango for a living occasionally leaving the bedroom for the comfort of the directors chair. Sheesh if an actress of that calibre finds it riveting I must be in for a bit of an eye opener or so I thought. It turns out there's another Melissa Hill and this one is an Irish author. Perhaps things wouldn't be that raunchy after all. A little bit of a hint from the publishers would have been nice. The blurb on the back cover could have been applicable to either scenario.

      Clair Hearn was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. As the daughter of the lord of the manor and the biggest employer in the area money is no object and as a result Claire is left to dabble in anything that takes her fancy and what takes her fancy is scientific research in general and the salvation of the human race in particular as a lone woman in a lab of her own on her own on a mission to discover a cure for cancer. Her husband, Brendan, is out to make money and has married up and into a job with his father-in-law which also nets him a third of the family business with his wife and father-in-law owning the other two thirds. Sadly the business is floundering and their only option is to sell up or simply shut their doors but Brendan has other ideas and sets in motion an underhanded merger with a multinational corporation hell-bent on destroying the planet whilst Brendan goes along with their plans using the heat seeking rocket within his pants in place of a brain cell as the man eating PR guru Yvonne Previn twists him around her little finger and has him jumping through hoops like a well trained dog in the hopes of a little praise.

      It's a tale of love, lust and greed with the odd eco-warrior thrown in for good measure. The characters are surprisingly likeable although ridiculously far fetched much like the story line. It has intrigue, gossip and random affairs as well as lots of misconstrued relationships. Everyone seems to be taking backhanders, those that aren't are living in fear of their secrets being exposed and their lives destroyed. It's mildly entertaining but totally predicatable.


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