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Phoebe Who? - Constance M Burge

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Author: Constance M Burge / Genre: Fiction / Publisher: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2008 13:44
      Very helpful



      Do not be put off by the tele programme, the books are much better

      On Thursday something happened to me that has not happened for over 20 years, I had not got a single book to read in the house. I searched my magazine rack for something to read but there was nothing unread in there either, I thought I would have to resign myself to reading the backs of cereal boxes and toilet rolls all night until my grandaughter popped in with her dad. She mentioned that she had finished reading her Charmed book and went and got it out of the car for me, now I cannot stand the Charmed TV programme even though she is a big fan so was not holding out much hope for enjoying the book. But it was preferable to the Cornflake packet I had just taken out of the cupboard.

      This Charmed book is one of a large series based on the popular American show revolving around the lives of 3 sisters who are witches, the Power of Three. The girls are Piper, Phoebe and Paige with Piper and Phoebe being real sister and Paige is their half sister. They all have their own powers and Piper is very much the matriarch of the family, she has the strongest witch powers of them all and in the show she is the sensible one who is always trying to find ways of stopping the demons for good instead of just having fun fighting them.

      Phoebe Who? is the book my grandaughter gave me to read and I was pleased to see it is a short paperback because I did not want to get engrossed in a book when I know my local library is opening back up on Monday and I could go and choose a book I know I would like.

      It is a very basic plot, Phoebe is struggling to cope with her work as an agony aunt as well as helping to look after Pipers baby AND fighting supernatural crime using her witches powers. When she is knocked unconscious by a strong demon some lesser witches put a spell on her to make her forget who she is and she does not remember her sisters or the Power of Three at all. They also put a cloaking spell on her so that her sisters cannot use their powers to find her even though they have the power to scry and also to orb from one place to another. The lesser witches need Phoebes power of premonition to find some amulets that have been scattered between other witches and they need the amulets so that they can increase their own powers.

      The book revolves around their hunt for the amulets and also Pipers and Paiges frantic efforts to find Phoebe before she settles into her new life and forgets about them completely. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed Phoebe Who? I thought it was going to be a childish badly written book but I found that it was nice easy reading and I finished the 190 page book in a couple of days. The writing style is nothing compared to Philippa Gregory or Bernard Cornwell who are 2 of my favourite authors but it was written for a younger audience than their books. I was not very keen on the amount of American slang used in the book but if you watch an episode of Charmed you will see that this is perfectly in keeping with the way the witches speak in the tele version.

      Constance M. Burge is the author of this book and I think she is a lovely descriptive writer and even though I know what the actresses who play the Charmed girls look like I still found myself picturing them looking completely different because of the authors descriptions. You might not like this but because I cannot tell Phoebe from Piper on the show I think it was a good thing. I liked the way the author described the surroundings because I felt I could place myself there and watch the demons being beaten and I was not just the third party reader.

      I would not say I was in any way captivated by the book and if I had had something else to do it would not have been a problem to put the book away but it was such an easy read that I felt myself racing through the pages to get to the end. I like the fact that the chapters are nice and short and skipped between Pipers battle to find her sister, and Phoebes life now with the witches who have kidnapped her. I thought it was easy to find my place in the story because the chapters lead on from one another so when the chapter that describes Phoebes accident ends it launches straight into Paige realising that she is missing so there are no breaks in the narrative.

      I enjoyed Phoebe Who? very much and I am going to ask my grandaughter to bring me some more of her collection over for when I cannot face a 400 page novel. The Charmed books only cost between £2 and £3 from Amazon and for this cheap price they are definitely worth trying because you might like it.


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    • Product Details

      The life of a Charmed One is never easy. What with balancing work, sisters, and a secret second job ~ saving the world ~ it's no wonder Phoebe feels in need of a break! But little does she, and her sisters, Piper and Paige, know that they are about to get one. After a huge battle against the forces of evil, Phoebe wakes up completely unaware of where ~ or who ~ she is. A woman named Sandy finds her and Phoebe is eager to embrace Sandy's laid-back lifestyle...not knowing, of course, that her sisters are in a panicked search. And when Sandy suggests that they have to track down two evil witch sisters, Phoebe doesn't think twice...

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