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Lynda la Plante in general

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Author: Lynda la Plante

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2001 23:14
      Very helpful



      I think that Lynda LaPlante is one of the most talented female writers this country has produced. Most people will have either read or seen something of Lynda's and I would think most people would have enjoyed it. Most of her writing would come under the category of crime/thriller. They are exciting stories and have many twists and turns along the way and quite often leave you very confused until very near the end. If you would like to read something different by her I would like to recommened a book called "Entwined". This book was written back in 1992 and the backdrop to the story is the Holocaust. Have you ever heard the name Mengele? Well I never had but he was infamous in the Auschwitz camp. He was a doctor that was posted there to do experiments. His great passion was twins and he carried out a variety of tests trying to work out how great telepathy between twins really is. I wont go into great details, but what this man done to children is truelly evil. Mengele was only at Aushwitz for a year but in that time it is estimated that three thousand twins passed through his experimental labs and only two hundred were known to have survived. The story starts in current times in Berlin. A rich Baroness is being taken to a very good doctor. She has very bad mental problems and this is a last resort for her husband. She has mood swings and lashes out at people without even knowing why or ever having a memory of it after. It is hoped that Dr Franks will be able to hypnotise and find the root of her problems and cure her tormented mind. Ruda is a wild cat trainer at a circus in Berlin. She has never made any secret that she was a prisoner at Auschwitz. although she never tells anyone what she suffered. She can remember her twin and they were seperated after the camp was liberated and she hasnt seen her since. She is tormented by the horrors that Mengele put her and her sister through. She has scars on her templ
      es where she was electrocuted. She has scars on her body where all her internal sex organs were removed but worse are the scars in her mind as day after day she relives the torture that "Papa" as the twins had to call him, put her and her sister through. Once out of the camp, Rebecca got taken to a hospital. People didnt realise that she had been in the camp. Everyone that was in the camp were bearly more than a bag of bones, but here was a little girl that looked fat. What outsiders didnt realise what that she was bloated from all that drugs that was injected into her body. A Canandian helper was at the hospital and took a shine to Rebecca. There was so many orphan children in Berlin after the war, they decided to adopt her and take her back to Canada. Her new family couldnt cope with Rebbeca. She was silent, would steal of anyone and was very abusive. Her adoptive mum found that the only way to control Rebecca was through hypnotism. It took time but she taught Rebecca to lock away her past inside her. Lock it away and forget about it. As the years went by, she had forgotten everything about the camp and forgotten that she even had a sister. The only family she knew was her Canadian ones. Life after liberation was very different for Ruda. She was a walking skeleton with a temper. She was placed in a mental institude. Life was terrifying for her. She was terrified of everyone in white coats and gloves as she thought they would carry on the experients but these people were everywhere. Out of desperation she ran away. She was looked after by the local madam, who in the end introduced her to prostition. Ruda had one aim and that was to flee to America. Adult life for Ruda was always a struggle. She turned to prostition to earn money and nothing was easy for her. Rebecca on the other hand became a top model and then married a French Baron. Money was never a worry but she had terrible nightmares that she didnt understand and
      would do strange things infront of her children and frighten them. One such incident was when she stacked up all her young daughters dolls and them set them on fire. She didnt understand why she done it but later found out it was because that was what she had seen at the camp. She had witnessed women given birth on a stone slab outside and then the babies being stacked up and then set on fire. The book doesnt take long to get into as it does get down to the facts straight away. There arent many characters in the book and the plot isnt at all complicated so it is very easy to follow. Although it is a very simple story it is so very tragic. The actual story of Rebecca and Ruda is fiction, what Lynda descibes as their time at the camp did actually happen. Lyndas brilliant mind plays with the words and so many things go unsaid but she makes you see beyond the written word. It made my blood go cold to think that this wasnt hundreds of years ago but a mere fifty. This isnt something that happened thousands of miles away in some strange country but here in Europe. Although this book isnt full of the usual twists and turns of Lyndas work, it is a brilliant read. It must have been a very difficult story to write, trying to put yourself in the shoes of two women that have been through unimaginable horrors. Lynda carries it off beautifully and so tells the untold story of the Holocaust. I find it very hard to believe that I had never heard the story of the thousands of twins that were tortured in the name of science. I think that possibly Lynda was shocked and horrified as well and thats why she wrote this book so the world knows what evil Mengele and people like him can do. It made me stop and think and maybe it will you to.


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