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Poor Little Bitch Girl - Jackie Collins

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4 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Jackie Collins / Paperback / 448 Pages / Book is published 2010-04-29 by Pocket Books

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    4 Reviews
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      20.01.2014 19:44
      Very helpful



      A great introduction to Jackie Collins

      So I have never read a Jackie Collins book before as I am more of a Chick-Lit kind of a gal however when I fancied reading something a bit racier, without going into 50 Shades of Grey territory I thought a Jackie Collins books would tick all the boxes.
      After reading several book reviews and umming and ahhing over which book to go for I went for a fairly recent release 'Poor Little Bitch Girl'.
      What I really enjoyed about this book is that each chapter is based around a different character so you get to know them all individually as their stories intertwine. You have Annabelle Maestro, the daughter of two movie stars who lives in New York and runs her own escorting business with her drug addict boyfriend Frankie. Annabelle's life is thrown upside down when her mother is murdered. The one person she can turn to for help in her time of need is her best friend Carolyn, however she has her own problems as she is having an affair with a married Senator. Enter Denver, Denver used to be close friends with Annabelle at high school but they drifted apart and now she is a top attorney. When she is drawn in to help with the murder case she enters into a world she hated as a youngster but could things be looking up for her?
      Throughout the book you have affairs, murders, money and a little bit of celebrity just for good measure. As I said I was looking for something a bit racier and this book had me gripped! At some points I just didn't want to put it down to find out what was going to happen next.
      This is a fabulous read and it definitely won't be the last I read from Jackie Collins. It's the kind of book I think you would enjoy if you like TV programmes like 'Gossip Girl', in that it can be quite dark but with glamour thrown in as well.


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      09.01.2012 00:25
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A pick and mix sizzler, well worth a read.


      I am going to start by admitting to never before reading a book written by jackie collins, this was my first. I have not really known much about jackie collins as an author or as a person except for that she is the glamorous sister of joan collins and that she is well known for writing racy novels.
      There is some information within the last few pages of this book which gives a description of jackie collins the author and includes limited facts regarding her as a person, this informs me that jackie collins is an english novelist and "poor little bitch girl" was intended to be a television series which never materialised so jackie adapted her already written material into her twenty seventh novel and it was released in england in october 2009.
      Jackie collins is a top selling world award winning novelist who's books are well known for being raunchy and loosely based around the lives of hollywoods real rich and famous.

      This book is not one which i would have chosen myself personally as i have never really had the desire to read raunchy novels about the elite rich and famous who's lives could not be any further away from my own if they had tried!
      The book itself is larger than the usual paperback at 9" in height, 6" in width and 1 & 1/2" thick consisting of 436 pages.


      The story line centres around three main characters, Denver Jones, Carolyn Henderson, and Annabelle Maestro.

      Annabelle's mother who happens to be a glamorous and gorgeous movie star sensation is deverstatingly shot dead in a beverly hills mansion.

      Denver, Carolyn and Annabelle whom were all high school friends are then thrown together by this tragic event and then big secrets from their past start to unfold and inevitably come back with a vegence to haunt them which results in some twists and surprising turns.


      Firstly the attention grabbing title stood out for me, for such a strong, daring and bold title it evoked a sense of curiosity which in turn intrigued me further and pulled me in to read the first few pages.
      I was not expecting much if i am completely honest due to the fact i had never read a jackie collins book before and i had actually prepared myself not to like it given the nature of her books i expected to be bored at not being able to get into the rhythm of reading this.

      I was surprised at having been drawn into this story within the first chapter and not for the first time it proved that it does not always pay to judge a book by its cover!.
      I thought that the writing style of jackie collins was bold, fast flowing and left very little to the imagination, for someone like myself who is not quite used to a style of writing like this i must admit i was captivated and slightly mesmerised by her writing style rather than the actual story line for the first few chapters at least.

      The characters which jackie creates are interesting and strong and you get to know some more in depth than others, a fact i found extremely interesting was the revelation that jackie always writes about real people and real experiences which she then disguises within her characters, i think this is done very cleverly indeed.
      Jackie collins has stated that the truth is always much stranger than the fiction.... Hmmm! this really did make me ponder a while and i had a little fun trying to figure out which famous real life people the characters in this book was diguised as.
      The thought that there might actually be people out there living these kind of lives is truly both facinating and mind blowing to say the least! a total eye opener as well as a page turner.

      I found the story line to be captivating the more i went along, it is very interesting and not completely out of the realm of reality and as outrageous as these story line were i would not go as far as to say they were not predictable but they were certainly entertaining.
      Although i surprisingly enjoyed reading this book and would probably read another jackie collins book i did however feel it had some disappointments and let downs.
      I felt that there could have been room for some delightful karma for those characters guilty of the more devious acts which would have made for a more satisfying read.
      I would also have liked for it to have more on the blossoming romances especially involving Denver and some of the new characters which seemed to be added at the end were interesting but due to being added so late in the story their personalities were never revealed. I am not though entirely conviced that this was not done intentionally to leave the reader wanting more in the hope of a sequel which will probably be as captivatingly cheesy as this one.

      (WHY/WHY NOT?)

      I would recommend this book, however cheesy it is certainly worth a read and like i said in the beginning it is not a book which i would have chosen personally but i am glad i did, it is an enjoyable and interesting read which is written well and in a unique style, it does not fail to engrosse you into the outrageous world of the rich and famous.
      It succeeded on grabbing my attention and maintaining it throughout despite the disappointing ending where there was room for vast improvements ( which like i said i am not sure if this was done on purpose).

      This book sizzled with characters in which you envy, characters which you root for and characters which you loathe and is jam packed with sex, money, fame. drugs, scandalous suspence, romance and murder. The refrences to sex and drugs are quite detailed, gritty and juicy with very bold wording throughout which i think is designed this way for the shock factor.
      As i have already mentioned this is my first jackie collins book so i am unable to judge if this is her typical usual style but i am now a new mini fan and will definately give more consideration to reading more novels written by the steam queen jackie collins in the future.

      I have rated this book a fabulous four which would have been a five had the book given me a more satisfying ending.


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        02.10.2010 23:51
        Very helpful




        Jackie Collins is a extremely experienced English novelist. With 27 novels under her belt, all of which have appeared on the New York Times bestsellers list, you would expect nothing but a brilliant read from this writer and yet again she doesn't disappoint (well...in my opinion of course!).

        Searching for my next Jackie Collins book on Amazon I came across this book. Her newest novel (2009) 'Poor Little Bitch Girl' ,the title jumped out at me and I knew that was the one I was going to order. Now, I know you can't judge a book by its cover but in this case...well...I did. I bought this book for £3.99 which is a brilliant price from Amazon yet again as it has a RRP price of £7.99.

        Unlike most of Jackie Collins books which are illustrated with a character, poor little bitch girl has a real person, this is what initially caught my eye because it was different and then the bold red title which I found quite amusing, intriguing and made me think this would be a modern and probably fun book which is just what I wanted. The book has a picture, or maybe I should say half a picture of a very beautiful girl on the cover, which I'm guessing is meant to be one of the characters but I'm still undecided as to which one. Unlike most books that have the title of the book in big writing and then the authors name in a smaller font, Jackie Collins has gone with an opposite setup. It just goes to show that Jackie Collins has created a reputation as a fantastic writer and simply her name can sell books.

        Denver Jones - A lawyer working in LA.
        Carolyn Henderson - Personal Assistant to a Senator in Washington.
        Annabelle Maestro - Daughter of two movie stars, set up an escort business with her boyfriend, which was a big secret.
        Frankie Romano - Annabelle's boyfriend and partner in the business, also a cocaine addict.
        Bobby Santangelo Stanislopoulous - Son of Lucky Santangelo and owner of nightclubs and best friend to Frankie.
        MJ - Friend of Frankie and Bobby and part owner of the Mood nightclubs.
        Ralph Maestro - Father of Annabelle and big move star.

        As most Jackie Collins novels, the characters are all linked in some way, some people may not like that the book goes from one character to the next character throughout the chapters, personally I do like this, it prevents me from getting bored of the same characters and towards the beginning of the book it keeps me guessing how the characters are going to be connected. All of the characters have bold personalities which therefore makes a rather bold book.

        The plot is based around the shooting of Annabelle's mother, Gemma Summer Maestro which took place in her Beverly Hills mansion but has little sub stories too that are equally as interesting. Through various different ways the friends are all thrown together again. Annabelle, Denver and Carolyn went to the same high school as Bobby and all connected with him in some way. Carolyn is having an affair with her Senator boss, which leads to her being abducted. The story of the Maestro murder keeps you guessing throughout, I was constantly trying to figure out who did it and looking for clues in the writing. The book is a little raunchy at times so not for the faint hearted but come on...seriously who doesn't like a bit of raunch?! Haha I don't want to give too much away here because if I do it will just spoil the book for people who want to read it so I think I'll leave you with the basic outline of the plot.

        My opinion.
        As you have probably guessed by now I am a great fan of Jackie Collins and a great fan of this book! It has everything I want from a book, a captivating storyline which is not too obvious and keeps me guessing, interesting characters that all have their own little life problems and that little 'naughty' element which I'm sure all us girls love really. Once again Jackie Collins has got top marks from me and I would certainly recommend this book to you. This book is 436 pages of pure talented writing, not so short that you are rushed into the story, but not too long that you get bored and can't wait for the end. So it's on to my next Jackie Collins book, because if you ask me, there is no better Author.

        Thank you for reading my review, please rate and comment :)


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          20.07.2010 18:07



          If you have not read Jackie Collins before then start with the earlier ones.

          I was full of expectations for this book as I absolutely love Jackie Collins books and have read all of them. I rushed out to buy this book some time ago when it first came out in Hardback and I am very sorry to say that I was disappointed! I find it really sad to say that as I have loved her other books but I feel like this book never really got going. It followed the same formula for all her other books by following a few key characters and then bringing them all together at the end. The reasons I like to read Jackie Collins books are because they have a real sense of escapism from everyday life, most times they are about the rich and famous and what they get up to. Although this book contained everything you would expect it never seemed to flow and I felt like I had read it before and knew exactly what was going to happen.
          If you looking at reading your first Jackie Collins novel then please do not pick this one look as her back catalogue, her oldest ones are the best and once you start reading them you will have to read the rest.
          Jackie Collins books are my guilty pleasure however unfortunately this one was not the usual quality that I would expect. I am hoping that the next one is going to be much better!


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