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Question Quest - Piers Anthony

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Piers Anthony / Edition: First THUS / Mass Market Paperback / 368 Pages / Book is published 1991-10 by Avon Books

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2010 04:16
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      overall an enjoyable book

      Question Quest is the 14th book in the Xanth series and is written by author Piers Anthony.

      Piers Anthony's Xanth series is just full of Puns this is no different.
      I expected there to be less puns in this book as at the end of the last book in the authors notes he had said the books from 13 onwards would be different.

      I was worried at first this meant that he would change his style of writing but luckily there are only a few changes. There seems to be more about the adult conspiracy (summoning the stork or to you and me baby making) in this book.
      Before I carry on with my review the adult conspiracy is not as dirty as it sounds .The book does not really feature any sex as such but is still not suitable for children. It is probably best only to give to a kid in their late teens.

      The beginning of Question Quest could have had a more exciting beginning and I found it to be a bit dull. The book rather could have started with Magician Humphrey's background story rather than with Lacuna.
      Lacuna for those that don't know has the ability to form words on the ground or on paper without writing anything anywhere. Her personality is dull and even she would admit that she could have had a more exciting future but decisions in her past have made it a very uneventful future.

      Finally we get to see the background story of Magician Humphrey a gnome who has lived for thousands of years.
      Magician Humphrey is known as the magician of information. He knows everything there is to know about Xanth.

      He was never really my favorite character in past books as he is a grumpy character and sometimes came across as evil. This book helps me as well as any other reader understand why he is the way he is. I knew some of his past would be interesting but I did not expect him to love so many different women.

      The books cover is of Rose and Magician Humphrey and for me has been the best cover so far in the series and really does its job of making the reader find out what the whole book is about.

      This book has been the best in the series so far and has given me a better understanding of the storyline. So much happens in this book there is never a dull moment. Bits of the story as I have mentioned above could have been more interesting.
      Overall I'd give this book a 7/10 and would recommend it.

      Please note this is under my new ciai account name pratchettfan


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