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Redman - Catt Dahman

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Print Length: 173 pages / Publisher: J Ellington Ashton Press / Published: 7 July 2013 / Language: English

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    1 Review
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      17.08.2013 10:07
      Very helpful



      Time travel combines with teror in this terrific thriller...

      Red Man is very probably and most likely Miss Dahman's strangest novel to date. Combining Time Travel with a tale of terror and intimidation in the mountains, it is a real tribute to the style of the late, great Richard Laymon and owes a hell of a lot to this deceased author's writings....

      When Sam is struck by lightning on his front lawn, he finds himself accidentally propelled forward in time. Whilst in the Ambulance, the Paramedic treating him is shocked to see Sam's body disappear only to reappear seconds later. When he sees Sam again several days later, appearing in the crowd of a baseball game when he knows his former patient is still in the hospital, the Paramedic realises the truth. Sam has become unstuck in time....

      Discovering that he is able to control his power, Sam and his business partner quickly come up with a way to turn this new-found ability to their advantage. But when Sam travels forward a bit too far, it has disastrous consequences.

      Sam's wife finds her life in danger following her husband's death. His business partner believes that dshe will try to kill him and so intends to act before she can. Fleeing to the mountains with a group of friends, on a hiking holiday, she thinks she is safe.....

      She is wrong!

      This is an ingenious thriller that actually kind of works despite its plot being more than a little bit ridiculous. In actual fact, it works really well! Once again, Catt Dahman is able to pull things off to the extent that I actually really enjoyed this far more than I should've or thought that I would!

      Catt's writing, as usual, is superb! Once again, she channels Richard Laymon beautifully with a story that could well have quite easily been released as one of his hidden, forgotten works with very few people being the wiser! This is a huge compliment as, although Catt Dahman's unique presence is present throughout, once again she has managed to capture the claustrophobic and terrifying feeling of Richard Laymon's novels faultlessly.

      It is certainly different from any of her other novels and uniquely different from anything else I have ever read. The Time Travel plays a minor yet very important part but nonetheless still comes over as believable and the tension rarely lets up for an instant. All in all, this is a great read and, if not Dahman's best, still very, very much worth picking up!


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