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Rising Force, The - Dave Wolverton

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Author: Dave Wolverton / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2001 04:50
      Very helpful
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      The Rising Force This is the beginning of the "new" starwars stories, about 45 years before ‘StarWars - A New Hope’ and dozens of centuries after the fierce Sith-Wars. It shows very interesting, though sometimes not so detailed, the way how young force-sensitive children become jedi-knights. They are brought as soon as they're discovered to be force-sensitive to the jedi temple on the galaxy's capital planet Coruscant. Here they achieve wisdom in all cases of the bright side of the force. They're taught to serve the weak and to help all beings who are in need of this help. Young Jedis will become Padawans (Jedi apprentices) of the older knights after they gathered enough knowledge and wisdom.. Knights without Padawans, visiting the temple, can choose a young being to become their Padawan. But the laws of the Jedi codex are strict: the knights can only choose a child who's under the age of thirteen. The young Jedis who didn't have the luck of being chosen are normally sent to work as a healer or farmer... Among all these Jedis lives an almost thirteen years old Obi-Wan Kenobi. And this age makes him afraid of having to face the fate of becoming some sort of farmer. But he gets a last chance of becoming the Padawan from Qui-Gonn Jinn who's just at the temple, but he's not the only one trying to become Jinn's Padawan - and so he has to fight against his old enemy Bruck, another Jedi of Obi-Wan's age, who’s also trying to attract Jinn’s attention. But both too often show their impatience and that's the cause for Qui-Gonn to refuse them. But fate causes Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn to travel together on a spaceship with different missions. Obi-Wan, with no chance of becoming a Padawan, has to help the agricultural corpse on the planet Bandomeer where Qui-Gonn is sent by the senate to watch over an escalating conflict between the mining companies there. But this confli
      ct explodes already aboard the ship, transporting rivaling workers for the mines on Bandomeer. And so both Jedis have to use all their powers and abilities to survive. Furthermore, the ship gets attacked by pirates and is in danger of being blown apart... This is the only book of the Jedi apprentice series that was written by Dave Wolverton. It is by the way the biggest one and with 171 pages almost 1.5 times bigger then all the others. All other books are made by Jude Watson. The reading age is set to be about 9-12 years. and written in large letters That means unfortunately that they're all quite short and the language is simple. Furthermore the really large letters are nice to read, but they decrease the possible length of the story even more. But nevertheless all these books feed the hunger for more stories and more background of this amazing Starwars-universe. All these apprentice-series books more or less describe one big story of young Obi-Wan's adventures and so they all continue where the previous book end. This is really nice, but you always want to read more and more. It seems to me that children should get addicted to these books to sell more of them - which might get really expensive. Normally there could easily be three or four books packed in one. Well, this seems to be the biggest flaw of this series. But nevertheless these books must be read by any starwars-fans, no matter what their age! I can only recommend you to read them, because I really like them after all. Regards, Suburp


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      Qui-Gon Jinn will not accept Obi-Wan Kenobi as his jedi apprentice until he learns to control his anger and fear, but when Obi-Wan encounters evil for the first time, he is forced to control his emotions.

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