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Run Mummy Run - Cathy Glass

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Paperback: 304 pages / Publisher: Harper / Published: 14 April 2011

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    1 Review
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      09.04.2013 20:27
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      Cathy Glass - Run Mummy Run

      About the Author
      = = = = = = = =
      Cathy Glass books have been constantly in the best-seller charts since 'Damaged' was published in February 2007. Cathy has a total of 15 published books and has sold over 1.4 million copies worldwide. Cathy has been a foster carer for over 20 years, during which time she has looked after over 100 children of all ages and backgrounds. Her true-life stories show the suffering and courage of some of the most vulnerable children in our society and have world-wide appeal. Her books are also used by trainers and practitioners, waking in childcare and child protection. Cathy has three teenage children of her own; one of whom was adopted after a long-term foster placement. I actually read her first book 'Damaged' and was so moved by the story that I decided to read some of her other books. Run Mummy Run has been the next book of Cahty's which I have read and again I was moved by the story which is why I have attempted to write a review about it (my first book review!).

      About the Book
      = = = = = = =
      Run Mummy Run is gripping story of woman caught in a horrific cycle of abuse and the desperate lengths she must go to, to escape. When Aisha finds the perfect man and ends up marrying him and having the perfect marriage it soon turns out to be not quite as what she had wished for. Aisha tries to live up to her husbands impossible expectations but soon she becomes trapped in a cycle of horrific abuse and imprisonment. With 2 young children to protect, Aisha must draw on what strength she has left to find an escape where she can escape her husbands terrifying, violent temper.

      = = = = = = = =
      You can purchase this from Amazon and from stores such as WhSmith's. For the paperback copy it will cost you approximately £5.49 and for the kindle edition which is what I purchased it cost me less than £5.00.

      The Book
      = = = = =
      In the beginning part of the book we learn about Aisha and her importance of getting a successful job for herself. During the time she studied at university we learnt that she concentrated on her studies and graduating rather than going out with friends or meeting other men. Aisha comes from India and her parents have some strong beliefs when it comes to work and marriage. Although in her twenties Aisha lives with her parents and is desperate to have some company or meet someone she can spend some time with. Whilst Aisha has a good position of bank manager in her local bank she often feels lonely and left behind in the world so tries to seek out a potential partner. Aisha goes to an agency (not really called a dating agency) and the manager of the agency arranges a meeting with Aisha and a man named Mark. You will read about their first meeting/date and other date's after this and how their relationship and feelings for each other grow. Mark seems like a very charming man who wants nothing more than to look after Aisha and keep her safe. Aisha feels safe with Mark and loves him more than anything. Although at first Aisha was worried about introducing Mark to her parents due to him having a previous marriage and had a divorce, how-ever her parents love mark and her dad becomes very fond of him and agrees to give Aisha away when they marry after being together for 1 year.

      After a wonderful wedding, Aisha moves in with mark and they leave to go to work together every morning and then go their separate ways on the tube. Aisha to her bank manager job and Mark to his successful job. Mark certainly sounds like a very charming man and sounds like any woman's dream man. Not long after moving in Mark soon starts mentioning about starting a family and the best ways to conceive. Aisha thinks he's rushing into things a little, how-ever she understand where he's coming from and would rather have kids at a younger age than an older age. Although Aisha thinks pregnancy should come naturally Mark becomes rather obsessed with making sure she gets pregnant and records everything such as her temperature and monthly cycles on a graph so they know the best time to conceive. After a few months and still nothing Aisha feels sad that she can't give Mark what he wants.

      Aisha eventually falls pregnant and has a beautiful baby girl whom Aisha and Mark are both very proud of. As soon as Aisha arrives home with the baby she starts to see a different side to Mark. He becomes violent and needy and Aisha at first gives into his demands in fear of making him even angrier than he already is. Aisha does everything in her power to make Mark happy but no matter what she does Mark seems to get angry with her. Aisha feels like she is treading on eggshells around him all the time and never knows how he is going to react. Aisha falls pregnant again and gives birth to a baby boy, which she thinks may change things now they have a baby son. Aisha was wrong and things don't get any better with Mark making Aisha sleep on the sofa from now on so that she doesn't wake him when attending to the baby. Aisha receives more beatings and she finally decides that she has had enough and plans her escape to leave Mark when he is at work. Unfortunately this doesn't quite go to plan. Will Aisha eventually pluck up the courage to leave Mark or will she continue to take his blows and his abuse?
      I'm not going to reveal anymore of the book or the ending as I don't want to spoil it for people who would like to read the book.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      As with all Cathy Glass books that I have read, it was hard to put this book down. I wanted to read as much as I could whenever I could so I could keep reading about Aisha and what happens to her. This book also bought a tear or two to my eye as many of her other books have. As this book is based on a true story it does make you think about what other people go through in life and how lucky we are to have the lives we have. The story kept me gripped to my seat throughout the whole book. I really enjoyed reading about what happened to Aisha and how she is getting on in life now. I think this is fantastic idea of Cathy Glass to do and then at least you know those people now have a better life away from the abuse they may have suffered earlier on in this lives. I would recommend this book to others to read and would also recommend Cathy Glass other books. I will shortly be starting another book of hers so you can expect another book review from me soon.

      If you go to Cathy Glass website (www.cathyglass.co.uk) and choose this book you can find out what happened to Aisha and where she is now in here life. You can actually do this with all the Cathy Glass books and I think this is a brilliant idea to know where these people who have suffered are in life now. (review may also appear on dooyoo)


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