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Slan - A. E.Van Vogt

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2 Reviews

Author: A. E.Van Vogt / Genre: Junior Books / Publisher: Berkley Pub Group

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2009 22:08
      Very helpful





      We follow 9 year old Jommy cross. He is different than other boys, in fact he is different than other humans. Jommy is a Slan.
      He is still human only he has certain abilities that normal humans hate him for. They hunt down his mother and murder her in the street, Jommy barely escapes with his life.

      He is forced into a life of stealing for a decrepit old hag who demands slavery from him in exchange for keeping him safe.
      But the future holds delights and horrors in equal measure for Jommy centring around the imperial palace which is the one place Jommy should steer clear of.

      He soon find that there are more Slans than anyone imagined.
      An all out war is imminent and Jommy will play a crucial role in it.

      A real page turner in every sense of the word. you will not want to put it down. The characters are a bit thin but the pace of the book never lets up, page after page.
      This is Vogt at his best. Wonderful Sci-Fi weapons and plots that are truly mind boggling. Can't wait to read the sequel.
      Very Highly Recommended.

      Written by A E Van Vogt.


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      29.04.2008 18:37
      Very helpful



      A FANTASTIC read, you will be unable to put it down


      Author: A E Van Vogt.

      A Very interesting story this one.

      The story begins with the hunting of 9 year old Jommy cross. A slan with golden tendrils in his hair.
      With his mother murdered just minutes earlier he finds himself hunted by angry mobs of civilians.
      Jommy is rescued from the mob by "granny", a despicable old hag who forces jommy into servitude. A slave to steal for her.

      Meanwhile at the palace, the supreme leader Keir Gray holds another slan, Kathleen Layton, prisoner. His intention is study her and to force Kathleen to give him access to slan technology and slan weapons hidden somewhere in the palace.
      The palace formerly belonged to the slans until they where overthrown by normal humans.
      Jommy is out stealing one day when he comes across tendrilless slans who immediately try to capture him.
      Jommy escapes but realises that there is a 3 sided war happening and safety lies in remaining hidden and so endures the next 6 years living with "granny", watching the palace and waiting until his 15th birthday when he will attempt to enter palace and gain access to the slan technology hidden there.
      Eventually he manages to sneak into the catacombs under the palace and obtain an atomic gun which he later uses to help granny and himself escape from the tendrilless slans whilst stealing one of their spaceships.
      Together they set up in a house in the mountains. Hiding the stolen spaceship under a lake.
      Jommy develops new weapons and defences unequalled by either human or tendrilless slan and one day whilst out a super car he 'invented he comes across Kathleen who has escaped from the palace. They find an old slan factory but whilst there Kathleen is shot dead by the head of the secret police. Jommy leaves unwilling to kill the police.
      It is 4 years later and jommys hideout has been discovered. He flees into space and heads to Mars. There he attempts to penetrate mars central command. He finds an ally and receives information that sends him rushing back to earth to avert a war.
      He manages to penetrate the palace and meet with keir gray where he discovers many secrets and finally meets up with someone recently deceased.

      The above review does not cover hardly Any of the story of the Slan. I have left so much out!

      A FANTASTIC read, I was unable to put it down. From the start of the book you are hooked.
      Small revelations page after page make this an entertaining and engrossing book.
      Literally every page gives you a hint to where the book is leading which is to a fantastic ending.
      This is a very enjoyable book.

      If you enjoy sci-fi then you'll love this book.
      A classic page turner.
      10 out of 10.



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