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Snowbound - Blake Crouch

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Paperback: 322 pages / Publisher: CreateSpace / Published: 19 Jan 2013

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2013 21:54
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      3 stars

      When I recently went away for a few days with my mum, I forgot the iPad which has a Kindle app on it. I felt like I'd had my right arm chopped off, reading before bed for me is a must! I ended up borrowing my mums kindle and her books to go with it. Not choices I would have made, it was nice to read something different for a change and I soon found myself hooked on this book but annoyingly only managed to read half of it before going home. Buying it myself at £2.99 I finished the book off in no time but felt since I had paid for it my feelings went downhill for the book.


      Will Innis is left devastated after the disappearance of his wife Rachel, who vanishes without trace on her way home from work. The only evidence is a broken passenger window and a flat tire. It's not long until Will realises he is at the centre of a Police investigation, and as a Lawyer himself, he realises his options are limited. His daughter Devlin has a lifelong illness and without a mother Will realises that he must run in order to proect his daughter. Setting up a new life all seems well until the past is dragged up five years later by an FBI Agent. I was by this point hooked, I wanted to know what had happened to Rachel and why. Will soon finds himself behaving completely out of character in an effort to find out the truth about his wife.

      What follows is a weird amalgamated version of several films such as Taken and Hostel! It tries to come across as serious and is full of suspense but is too far fetched in many areas.

      The book is really easy to read and in some of the fast paced areas of the book you can skim over the words and still follow it with ease. This is the frost book I have written by Blake Crouch though and I found the style of writing a little bizarre in areas. The main thing which I hated was the weird use of hyphens to split up words which shouldn't be split up, for example he might write 'the view was ama-zing'. This happened throughout the book and it kept putting me off. It wasn't done in such a way that it was trying to emphasise words either. Just biz-arre! ; )


      This was another sticking point for me unfortunately. I don't know why but I just couldn't connect with the characters and found their actions / personalities were unbelievable somehow. They didn't seem to connect with each other either, and I found that too much emphasis had been placed on such a dramatic storyline that the characters had been forgotten. As I mentioned in the synopsis overview, Will behaves out of character in the hunt for his wife, but in such a way that its not plausible for what you assume to be a pretty educated man. He puts his own life in danger but seems to want to do so with his daughter too who he happily brings along on his dangerous encounters. The daughter is also portrayed to be much younger than she is, and when I retread her age I'd forgotten that by this point she was meant to be 16 but seemed to be behaving like a 10 year old.

      All in all, this could have been a fantastic book and after a promising first half went rapidly downhill and failed in its efforts to become a suspense thriller, ending up not really knowing its own genre and ending disappointingly.


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