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Star Trek: All Good Things - Michael Jan Friedman

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Michael Jan Friedman / Hardcover / 248 Pages / Book is published 1994-12-01 by Simon & Schuster

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 20:14
      Very helpful
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      Worth a read

      Star Trek.- All Good Things.

      Q is back!
      And this time he is gunning for Captain Picard. He will use all of his omnipotence to trick, beguile and confuse the Captain in order to win his deadly game.
      Q has decided that he was too lenient seven years ago when he allowed the crew, captain and human race to continue existing, now he is going to prove to Jon Luke that he is right in killing off humanity.

      Picard struggles to hold on to his sanity as he passes through 3 time zones skipping faster and faster whilst trying to solve a devilish puzzle set by Q.
      can he solve the backwards conundrum before time explodes backwards extinguishing humanity.

      All of the crew feature in this novel, Deanna, Worf, Data, Geordi, Tasha Yar (alive in an older time zone), Dr Crusher, O'Brien, Riker.

      A standard Trek novel with a good story line and the usual superb writing, like putting on an old comfy pair of shoes. The plot moves along at a good pace and the twists and turns are easy to follow.
      If you enjoy Star Trek then this is a book for you.

      ISBN - 0-671-50014-7

      Written by Michael Jan Friedman.


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        12.07.2008 12:27
        Very helpful



        Standard Stra Trek stuff

        Star Trek.

        All Good Things....,
        Author - Michael Jan Friedman.

        Introduction -
        The book starts cleverly enough with 'Q' watching a couple walking along a beach, whilst he plots new torments for Captain Picard.
        A few pages later it is revealed that the couple are in fact Deanna and Worf and that they are in a holosuite. Q is already aboard the Enterprise!

        Synopsis -
        Seven years ago Q allowed humans to exist but told Picard at the time 'he would be watching'.
        'Q', that being who believes himself above all other creatures in the universe. Believes that the universe or multiverse is his playground to do in, that which he wants and wills. And none may oppose him.
        Now the captain finds himself flitting through different time zones in his life.

        He is unaware, at first, that Q is showing him what a waste his life has been and what a waste his future will also be.
        Picard and the crew of the Enterprise find themselves fighting both physically and mentally with Q to ensure the human race will not be wiped out.

        All the Enterprise crew are here, harangued and tormented by Q.

        Cast in order of appearance,
        Tasha Yar.
        Dr Crusher

        Opinions -
        The novel is a standard Star Trek story with no new surprises. Not that this detracts from the story which is nicely written.
        As you might expect, with such well established characters, the interaction and dialogue between them is smooth and concise.
        A beach book, doesn't take a lot to keep the thread of the story going. Pick it up, put it down.

        It's an easy read.

        Book Features -
        Book length is 248 pages.
        Publisher - Pocket Books.
        Rating 8/10
        ISBN - 0-671-50014-7



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