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Stone of Tears - Terry Goodkind

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4 Reviews
  • The feeling that everything here has been seen before
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    4 Reviews
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      19.07.2009 15:23
      Very helpful
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      Richard gets schooled on magic by the sisters of the light. Excitmnt awaits around every corner

      Title - Stone of Tears

      Main Characters

      Richard - the hero
      Kahlan - the girlfriend and mother confessor
      Zedd - the Grandfather and wizard of the first order
      Verna - A sister of the light

      Plot Outline

      'The Wizards First Rule' ended when Richard found a loophole in the Confessors magic. Zedd found a tear shaped stone that seemed to be causing him to worry.
      In this book Zedd sheds a tear onto The stone, which then changes color, and gives it to a girl to keep safe.
      Richard and Kahlen are trying hard to consummate their relationship but, since the events in the previous book, Richard has been getting severe headaches. So bad, in fact, he can barely stand sometimes, let alone make sweet sweet love. The only thing that helps is shooting arrows or so it seems.
      Three ladies known as the sisters of light then appear and demand that Richard go with them to train to be a wizard, which Richard vehemently denies he is, or the headaches will kill him.
      On the third attempt the sister Verna speaks to Kahlen and tells her of the painful way in which Richard will die unless she helps them force him to go.
      This brings to a start one of the greatest novels Goodkind has ever written. Will the veil be torn completely or will Richard be able to save the day once again. Will he be able to put his hatred of Darken Rahl, behind him or will he doom the world forevermore.

      My Feelings.

      I loved this book once it got going. I found the beginning a bit hard to stomach as the supposedly steamy scenes are a little bit excessive in my eyes. Once Richard leaves with Verna then the story really kicks off and you end up wishing the days were longer so as to read more. Richard is built upon more as a character in this book, and it shows us how he reacts to being pushed from one emotional peak to another with little rest in between.
      Nathan is introduced which adds a little comedy to the book, as well as waking you wonder, not necessarily about anything in particular, but to wonder never the less.
      There are times when you want to know when the fighting is going to begin, because this book gives us some really believable characters you end up hating with all you're soul.
      There is also more than their fair share of infuriatingly stuck in their ways people who think they are right. Richard is a bigger man than i to put up with it without resorting to at least some voodoo or muttering.

      In Summary
      I loved this book from the second it got underway. The plot in itself is a masterpiece, and the characters are well thought out and truly believable. The sisters of the light are a great new people, and the challenges Richard has to go through, not only to get there, but to survive once he arrives, are awesome. Not only is this an extremely well written and thought out book, but it has Gar, whom is something that i have always wanted of my own.
      This is one of the few books that i have truly wished to fall through the pages.

      An Evil.Sam review.


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        10.07.2009 21:57
        Very helpful



        Another brilliant offering

        Stone of Tears is the second book in the epic Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. This book came out way back in 1996 and followed the massive success of Wizards First Rule which was the first book in the series.

        This book picks up where the previous one left off. Darken Rahl has been defeated and Richard and Kahlan head back to the Mud people's village to get married. However they find that three sisters of the light are after Richard, planning on taking him back to the Old World to train Richard in the use of his gift. Richard is now the pawn of prophecy and he is at the mercy of it! His life is suddenly very complicated and Richard finds he has some big choices to make!

        This story is great, it moves which such a good pace, there are loads of excellent new characters that add to the story. Terry Goodkind makes his own fantasy world come alive for the reader. There are so many twists and turns and the story constantly keeps you guessing.

        I don't think I enjoyed this book quite as much as the first (Wizard's first rule), but this is still an excellent follow up to the first book. It's one of those stories that you don't want to put down, if you get through this book you will be begging for the next in the series.

        Terry Goodkind has an excellent way of writing that really draws the reader into the story. This is a great fantasy story in the same mold as other great writers, and if your into your fantasy I can safely say you will enjoy this book!

        I really like this book and thing its one of the better ones from the series. There is so much to enjoy and as sure you will enjoy it. Go get yourself a copy. But make sure you read Wizards first rule first, otherwise you will struggle to work out what is going on. Curl up and enjoy this one!


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        25.07.2006 22:39
        Very helpful



        2nd is Still Great.

        Terry Goodkind is my favourite author of fantasy novels and every single book I have read of his has been absolutely brilliant so I am reading them all over again. This review is about the second in the sword of truth series which is called Stone of Tears. Previously I thought this was one of the weaker novels but after reading it again I have just enjoyed it so much that I have to share with you exactly why this book is so great.

        Before I start my review though I do want to warn you that for these books even a simple review like this may give away what happened in the first novel of the series so although I will try my best not to show so much I just want you to be warned.


        What is the book about?

        This book takes off from where the last book left off. Richard and Kahlan are on their way to the mud people’s village where they are returning one of the children back to its home (you will only understand this bit if you have read the first novel). Richard is suffering from headaches that at times literally knock him off of his feet and despite his words that he is fine, Kahlan thinks otherwise. Richard slowly gets turned off of certain types of food as he becomes more ill.

        The village suddenly gets a visit from the Sisters of the Light who request to speak with Richard. They claim that Richard is experiencing these headaches because he has the gift of magic and that they will need to be controlled or they will continue to get worse and he will die. To control the gift Richard must be forced to wear a collar which can be controlled by the sisters and he must be separated from Kahlan.

        As Richard refuses, Kahlan comes to realise she must send Richard into slavery to save him. Richard leaves thinking Kahlan has betrayed him and continues on his quest to understand his magic gift. Kahlan on the other hand is thrown straight into a war between lands in which she must fight believing that Richard has been taken away from her forever.

        Verdict on the story:

        The only thing I can say about this story is how amazing it is. I have never read a story which makes you believe in the characters so much and these are the only books that I actually care about what happens so much I cannot stop reading it. The story is strong throughout the book and there is no dwindling chapters which make you want to put the book down but instead it keeps your interest and attention and makes you read on.

        After finishing the book you can really appreciate what a great story it is and also how detailed it is. I think that it has exactly the correct elements of fantasy, horror, drama and romance and that it is not missing anything at all. The one thing about this story is that it will make you want to rush out and buy the third book to continue the adventure but then again if you have got to this one then you are already at that point.



        Richard – The main character and in this novel he must face being separated from Kahlan and also learn to control the gift, the one thing he doesn’t particularly want but the one thing that may kill him. He is an extremely strong character and is as scary as he is sweet. Richard is one of those people you would want on your side of a war as he believes in freedom and getting what is right for everybody.

        Kahlan – The next main character and the love of Richards life. Within this novel she faces a war she does not want to be involved in and also has to face being parted from Richard. Kahlan is an extremely strong character, maybe even more so than Richard as she believes in the good but she also wants to punish the bad in such a way that nobody will question her methods. She is sneaky and extremely intelligent in the ways of war.

        Zedd – The first wizard who supports his Grandson Richard and also Kahlan. He is a central character who is trusted by everybody and due to his experience is valuable when it comes to information and suggestions.

        Shota – The witch woman. Although she would never admit is she does care about what happens to the world and is willing to give Richard information that will help him but only in riddles which just confuses everybody.

        The Sisters – Tovi, Ulicia and Nicci. These sisters of the light hold many secrets that they will not divulge even though they are supposed to be helping Richard to understand his gift. They are very manipulative but also make for fun characters as you never exactly know if what they are doing is the correct thing to do.

        Sister Verna – A true sister of the light and is committed to helping Richard in any way she can. She realises the impending war and her role in making sure it does not go certain ways and that people do not do certain things to make the situation spiral out of control.

        Verdict on the Characters:

        I have to say that this book along with the rest of the series has the type of characters that you wish every single book had. I do not mean they have to be the same people but the way they are written and the amount of information you are given about each of them is absolutely spot on and cannot be faulted.

        Never before in a book have I felt so much for the characters and cared about them so much that I did not want them to do some things and at one point in this book the first time I read it I actually did cry at one point because I felt what they were going through. These characters are all loveable and memorable and you really do get to feel like you know them.

        In terms of what the actual characters are like I think all of them are enjoyable to read and I find myself liking the bad characters as much as the good which shows how successful Goodkind is at writing characters that can be identified with.


        Things to Know:

        Number of Pages – 1056
        Author – Terry Goodkind
        Price – £6.39 on Amazon
        Publisher – Gollancz



        Well I love this book as I think it just shows how good fantasy writing should be. Stone of Tears is loveable, memorable and one of those books that I couldn’t put down which is down to Goodkind’s fantastic writing style which does go into detail but not so much detail that it makes you want to skip huge parts of the book.

        My favourite thing about this book is that the characters are so memorable and I have never read a series of books that make you want to continue the series quite so much as these do. Stone of Tears is a worthy sequel and I think although it does not have the shock and awe of the first I think it is just as strong storywise. The first book is all about introductions and then the second steps you right into the action.

        I think it is worth noting down that although it is a fantasy book and yes it is romantic at times, this book still has some very disturbing and nasty scenes in. I do not want anybody reading it and then complaining about the violence as it is about a war for lands so expect writing as such at times.

        In conclusion I am going to give this book a big five stars as I cannot fault it. In fact the only thing I can fault it for is for being so addictive as when I started to read it I could not stop and now I have read it a total of three times and I could still pick it up tomorrow and read it again. If you want a good fantasy series to read then try this and if you have read the first one and loved it then rest easy that the second just draws you into this magical world even more.

        Thanks for reading.


        P.s. Just as a last note I want everyone to realise that this book is part of a fantasy series so there is really no point in going out to buy it or even bothering to read it unless you have read the first one.


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          02.10.2001 23:47
          Very helpful



          • "The feeling that everything here has been seen before"

          After Wizards First Rule I expected a disappointing sequel. Despite the problems with the first book I found it one of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite some time and couldn't see how the sequel could compare to it. This opinion will contain a few details that may spoil the first book for you however I will try and reveal as few of these as possible. Writing a sequel is a tough thing for an author to do, they need to maintain enough of the old book to keep previous fans happy while also ensuring that they avoid rewriting the story again. This book is very successful in this, only failing in my opinion by in reintroduction of Darken Rahl who just didn't really feel as though they fitted in this story and were only reintroduced because the author didn't want to create a new character. The story continues from the end of the first book, Richard used the wizard's first rule on Darken Rahl to trick him into opening the wrong box of Orden resulting in hs death. Leaving with Kahlan he soon finds out more about himself that he wanted to know but is unprepared to accept what it means, unless he does however he will be unable to control his new powers which would result in his death. With The Stone Of Tears in this world and not around the Keepers neck the world is in just as much danger as Darken Rahl posed, with the boundaries between to the underworld in danger of collapse giving the Keeper control over everyone for all eternity. The book has all the main characters aiming to complete the same goal but going along separate paths to accomplish their part of it and the story seems to work quite well this way keeping all the characters important yet separate. You have no problems caring about the character in the book, they are extremely well written and you start to feel like you know how they think about things and why they do what they do. Most of the character seen in this book are those from the firs
          t book, a few new characters are introduced, some of which play a lot of importance in future books, for this book however the main important characters are identical to the first book. The book felt at times like it was stealing ideas from other books, I had just read The Wheel Of Time series in the past year and this book really did seem to be taking a lot of ideas from that series and adapting it into its own world. There seem too many similarities to be simply coincidence and this did put me off the book in a way, I don't like reading something that feels copied rather than original. The book keeps the fast pace of the original, there is always something happening and once you have finished the book and think back on what you have read it's surprising just how much has happened. Like the first book the pace of the book reminds me of a good action movie except with more intelligence. Unlike the original you aren't thrust straight into the story, the book takes a few minutes to get started during which it seems to need to explain to the reader what has happened in the previous book, this is good for people who haven't read the first book but annoying to people who have just read it and are basically having things they already know explained to them again. Like the original book this book does suffer from a variety of problems, characters just seem more stupid than they should be at times and a lot of what will happen is fairly predictable. This book however does improve on the original in ways too, characters feel more defined than they were in the first book and the world is made slightly more real (although still feels fairly shallow compared to books such as the wheel of time books). The main problem with the book is that it feels too familiar to other books, it doesn't seem to be exploring new ground at all and just repeating what has been seen many times before in a new format, this problem is reduced howeve
          r by the fact that the author writes the story so well, drawing you into the world and keeping you interested and wanting to know what happens next. The other problem with the book is the ending, this was a problem with the first book in that rather than facing a believable and vulnerable enemy people were facing an enemy that could only be defeated in one or two ways, this book is similar but even worse in a way not really explaining why what happens happened. The author has been criticised in past books for writing in a style which will appeal to a younger audience but yet writing with an adult theme, in the first book the main complaint in this way was his description of Richard's torture at the hands of the Mord-Sith but this actually did have a lot of importance in both that book, this book and future ones, in this book he often doesn't really have an excuse for some of the more graphic details he reveals, they shouldn't put you off reading the book however but it's not really a book for younger readers. Overall this was a great book, if you haven't read Wizard's First Rule there is little point in reading this as it would spoil the first book for you, however if you really want to read this book it won't confuse you as the author tells you everything important that has already happened. If you didn't enjoy Wizard's First Rule you won't enjoy this but if you did enjoy it you should enjoy this book just as much, well worth a read.


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          In denying his heritage, Richard Cypher, grandson of the last true Wizard, ignores the Wizard's Second Rule. It may be his undoing and the Lands'. One person holds the power to make Richard accept what he hates - Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor. To save her people, her world, and Richard, from the Keeper of the Underworld she must sacrifice everything she holds dear and begin a war she knows can only end in death.

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