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Surviving The Fog - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Stan Morris / Kindle Edition / Publication Date: 2009 / Publisher: Stan Morris

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2011 14:23
      Very helpful



      Not a very satisfying read....

      Surviving The Fog is the second free book that I have downloaded onto my Kindle and, unfortunately, is the first to be sent to the Archives; the virtual bin held in storage at Amazon where books can be dumped from your Kindle to be restored at a later date if you so wish. The idea of this is that the Kindle only holds 3500 books approximately so you can store those you don't want at Amazon until such time as you want to read them again meaning you only have to download titles once!

      Fog reads like a cross between Stephen King's The Mist mixed with Under The Dome with elements of Kit Craig's Gone thrown into the mix for good measure! A group of High-School children on a camping exercise are at a group of Lodges up in the Appalachian mountains when a heavy, dense fog descends ~ cutting them off from the rest of civilisation. Entering the fog has disastrous results: the group's adult supervisors set off to get help and never return and there are later reports of screams being heard in the fog as others are taken as they try to escape!

      The group of young children face a struggle to survive as they brace themselves to hold out against an indeterminable future. And when they find out they are not alone in the mountains, things do not get much better.....

      This had the potential to be a really good story but unfortunately falls flat from the flaw of not being paticulary interesting throughout! No real explanation is ever really made of the fog, until the author lazily chucks in one possibility right at the end almost as an after-thought, and, aside from at the start, the fog is pretty much ignored ~ it could just as much be a wall of pineapple jelly that stops them from rejoining the rest of the world!

      It also quickly becomes confusing just who this book is aimed at! My first impressions were that it was a young adult book but casual use of the C-Bomb and some sexual scenes pretty much rule that out in theory! Certainly though, there is little enough here to keep grown adults interested for long!

      The characters are bland, the situation ~ not much better!

      Overall then, this is one to avoid if you are a Kindle user!


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