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Tailchaser's Song - Tad Williams

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: Tad Williams / Edition: Reissue / Paperback / 400 Pages / Book is published 1994-07 by Daw Books

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2009 15:23
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      A must for any lover of cats or epic fantasies

      Cats are disappearing and game is scarce. Something dark and dangerous can be scented on the wind. When Fritti Tailchaser's beloved also vanishes, he sets out to find some answers. Our hero's adventures include pacts with squirrels, predictions by an oracular frog, visions both mysterious and terrifying, a visit to the court of the Queen of Cats, and a most deadly battle between good and evil reaching out from the dawn of catdom.

      With the help of Pouncequick the hero worshipping kitten, Roofshadow a beautiful, sorrow-stricken, but loyal friend, and Eatbugs the eccentric wanderer who is only truly mad when the winds blow across the hills of his memory, Tailchaser finds far more than the simple answers he thought he was looking for...

      My Thoughts

      How many times have you watched a cat and wondered what they were thinking, or why they do the things that they do? What tales would they tell of their people and history if we could speak with them? In this fascinating book, we may finally meet the Queen of Cats, learn why cats have more than one name and listen to the ancient stories of their greatest heroes, and most feared enemy with pricked ears... Tad Williams will open your eyes to the hidden world of cats. Told in a grand manner with fairytale thrills, you will follow this quest with bated breath. A Watership Down for catlovers, this epic fantasy gives readers a fascinating tale rich with unique characters and situations.

      Williams captures Cat nature very well with each character showing us a different facet of personality or place within this feline society. Pouncequick, for example, is the kitten everyone has encountered at some point; bold beyond their capabilities, fearless until confronted with situations they can't deal with, hopelessly endearing with enough sense to resent their kittenish appeal... but not enough to keep from pouncing out of turn! His development throught this tale can be a bit heartwrenching, but overall Pouncequick is a warm and delightful respite from the darker moments and characters. I found exploring the structure and personalities of Williams' feline society to be enchanting and quite diverting. The tales of their heroes and villains speaks of a rich folklore and history, and we can't help feeling a bit priviledged that we are allowed to see so much through Fritti's eyes as his tale unfolds.

      As one might expect, big clumsy humans don't have much place within this society but we do get a few good looks at us from their point of view. I was particularly taken with Fritti's brush with the Squirrels and their society, finding it to be a unique take and highly entertaining as well as pertinent to the tale at hand. I also found the concept of cat's having three names; a facename given them by their mother as kit's, a heartname that they receiving in a ceremony when they come of age is the common name everyone uses... and the elusive but much desired tailname which few discover but all pursue in some fashion was quite intriguing and well suited to cats in general. Love, self-discovery, epic tales come to life, secrets, harrowing escapes, dire situations, bravery, coming of age, innocence lost and wisdom gained are just a few of the delights offered between the pages of Fritti's life. Tailchaser's Song is a wonderful adventure for readers of almost any age that holds up well to repeated reads. The angels and demons of Tailchaser's people are waking up... All doors are thrown wide to possibilities as they walk through his world, leaving their imprints on his life and a wake of Change and Magic along on the tips of their tails.


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