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The Chocolate Lovers' Diet - Carole Matthews

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5 Reviews

Author: Carole Matthews / Genre: Fiction

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    5 Reviews
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      22.07.2010 22:40
      Very helpful
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      I have to say I'm getting pretty hooked on books by Carole Matthews & this is another brilliant book!

      Along with a lot of people, I'm a big fan of chocolate & have tried dieting so the title & the bright pink cover immediately caught my attention - I knew I had to read this book...!! :)

      This is a follow on from The Chocolate Lover's Club (unfortunately I've not yet read it but its not done me any harm & I was able to read this book without feeling I've missed out on vital information from the book before).

      The book is based around Lucy Lombard, a member of The Chocolate Lovers' Club along with her friends Chantel, Autumn & Nadia.

      They each have their own dramas through-out & eat a lot of chocolate to make themselves feel better (Sounds good to me!!)

      Its Christmas & Lucys all alone because her boyfriend Aiden Holby aka Crush has gone missing. Lucy isn't informed of the situation so when she logs onto her computer to try to contact Aiden via her webcam & sees a girl in her underwear Lucy jumps to conclusions..

      Marcus (Lucys ex who is constantly declaring his undying love for Lucy although its not reciprocated) is on hand to keep her company..what a mistake!!

      Nadia's husband Toby has a gambling problem therefore they owe A LOT of money. Autumn has a new boyfriend (Addison) she's worried her family wont like & a brother (Richard) who is hooked on drugs. Chantel has had her share of flings but would like to work at her marriage to Ted...if he'd let her.

      Follow each character as they work their way through masses of chocolate whether they're laughing or crying. Such a good book that made me giggle, smile & sigh dreamily at how sweet it is - I couldn't put it down!!


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        27.05.2010 12:09
        Very helpful



        Chocolate chocolate chocolate

        For those of you who read my review last week on Carole Mathews book The Chocolate Lovers Club, you will know it was a huge hit for me and I couldn't wait to go and get the next book as there was a snippet of the next book in The Chocolate Lovers Club book.

        I brought this book on Sunday and finished it on Tuesday morning. I enjoyed this book but I have to say it was not as good as the first one but I have to admit I do find that with many follow on books.

        In The Chocolate Lovers Diet, we meet up again with our warm loveable characters from the first book Lucy, Nadia, Autumn and Chantelle. The book starts off at a quick pace straight into the worries of love as Lucy at the end of the last book started a relationship with her boss who has now gone of to Australia to work and is waiting for Lucy's broken leg to heal for her then to go out and follow him and make a life together in Australia.
        But problems start right from the off in this book as Lucy has not heard from Crush since he has gone to Australia and she is convinced he is cheating on her, it doesn't help when she finally gets through on the web camera to his laptop he sees a woman in all her glory and a man naked on the bed she is convinced it is Crush and prepares herself for a lonely Christmas alone.
        This is until her ex-fiancé Marcus arrives on Christmas and one thing leads to another as he is there when Lucy is feeling alone and vulnerable.

        Trouble continues when the next day Crush starts trying to call Lucy who refuses to answer his calls. When she arrives at work she is in shock when Crush comes towards her. He explains that he was dropped in the middle of know where for a team building exercise which all went rather wrong and left him with no way of contacting Lucy. She feels so guilty after sleeping with Marcus when her boyfriend was trying to survive long enough to see her again!

        Lucy tells Crush about her night with Marcus and he calls things off between them as he is so hurt. There are many twists in this book some of which are quite predictable but enjoyable none the less. All the way through the book you don't know who Lucy is going to finally end up with.

        Lucy clearly takes over as main character in this book, although points do come up about the other ladies they are small points wrapped around Lucys story. Sometimes this didn't work well for instance when Nadia went to Vegas to find her husband he commits suicide before her eyes but it is just the way it is wrote as if, oh well let's get on with it, let's go to Lucy's wedding, where as Nadias husband dying you would have thought would have been a bigger part of the book, you could almost forget about this part actually happening.

        What I did enjoy more about this book compared to the first is the use of chocolate in this book. It is not over done as it was in many points in the first book. There were small touches of chocolate put in through this book but in a delicate way rather than it being forced on you.

        I think there could possibly be another chocolate book by Carole Mathews maybe covering more of the other ladies story with Lucy being one of the back ground characters as lets face it a book with Chocolate in the title is always going to be picked up by us ladies!!

        I would recommend this book to anyone but I would advise you to read the first book first otherwise you miss out on the beauty of the characters.


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        15.11.2009 18:14
        Very helpful



        Lucy and her friends have to deal with life's problems but they do have the help of Chocolate

        Lucy and her friends, Nadia, Autumn and Chantal have one thing in common, their love of chocolate. As a result they have formed the Chocolate Lovers Club and frequently meet at the Chocolate Heaven Shop where they talk about their problems, loves and boyfriends. The 4 women are the best of friends.

        Things are going well for Lucy as she has a great boyfriend who is currently in Australia and she is planning to move there with him when he gets back but she has to call an emergency when she sees through a web cam in his hotel room a naked man and a young woman getting down to it and thinks it is crush her boyfriends. As a result of this betrayal she spends Christmas day and night with her ex-boyfriend. Lucy is in for a shock when Crush returns and she discovers that it was not him she saw and when she confesses her infidelity their relationship is over.

        Nadia also has big problems as her husband has a gambling problem so at the moment she and her son are living with Chantal and Nadia has to work out just if she can ever trust her husband who claims to have given the gambling up and move back in with his but things are not going too smoothly for their relationship when her husband disappears.

        Chantal is also having a troubled time as she has a love of sex and her husband found out about all the men she has been with and so he no longer trusts her so she is living in her own apartment and soon she starts to miss Ted but will she be able to get him back and will she ever give him the baby he so dearly wants.

        Autumn seems to be the most sensible of the gang, she works for a drug rehabilitation centre and is in a very loving relationship with Addison but when her brother causes more trouble she is right by his side to help him as always and Addison tells her that she must stop and her brother must make his own decision to come of the drugs and turn his life around. Will Autumn be able to let her brother go and make a success of her relationship with Addison?

        The lives of these 4 women are all intertwined as they are the best of friends and are always there for each other with their plates and bars of chocolates but will the women get the lives and loves which they dream of or are they all destined to grow old with no more than their love of chocolate?

        I have only given a very brief outline of the plot to this book and the easiest way I could find to do this was by going through each character at a time. The book does not read like this and we do go through chapters swapping from one character to the next but it would have been very complicated to have written the synopsis this way. There are a few other character in the book which I have not talked about and although they are very good I have left them for you to discover yourself as they are at times great fun and make for some good reading.

        I did not know what to expect from this book when I bought it and I did not know that it was a follow on from a previous Chocolate Lovers book. This was not a problem as I found I did not have to read the previous book to be able to follow this one. The story was very easy to follow and the characters were all introduced to us fresh so it made it very easy to get into.

        I found the storylines to be very good and I loved how the friendship of the 4 bought them very close and how they were always there to give out advise and help to each other. I loved how the one thing which really connected each of them was their love of chocolate. I did find this book was very easy to read and to understand what was happening despite going from one character to the next.

        The one downside which I did find with this book was the amount of small chapters which it had as when I picked the book up would say to myself that I would just read the one chapter and then when I finished it and saw the next one was only 3 pages long I would have to read it as it was only short and this kept me reading for well over an hour each night! I was not able to put the book down at times as it was so easy to read and I just wanted to find out what happened to the characters.

        The book is full of emotions and one minute I would be laughing at something funny Lucy had done or said and the next I would be heart broken for one of them when their relationship did not go to plan and I think this is what really helped me get into the book. I did like the writing style which Carole Matthews had in this book as it was a light hearted read at times and then in the next chapter the storyline would be very deep. I like how she managed to still keep me wanting more at the end of the book.

        The book was published by BCA and sis available for just under £5 on Amazon. I was very lucky and got this for just 99p from my book club. The cover of the book is a nice bright pick colour and I think that this and the title did attract me to the book as was not familiar with any o0ther books from Carole Matthews before reading this one. I am definitely going to be looking for more of her work now.

        Overall I do have to recommend this book as it is packed full of fun characters which are able to come across in such an easy to read way and the story which each character had was very good and emotional at times. The only downside to this is the fact I was not able to put it down at times.


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          15.08.2009 09:17
          Very helpful



          a good chick lit read

          I was looking around for a Carole Matthews book in the library last week and stumbled across this one by mistake. After reading the blurb I decided it might be a good one to read to I gave it a go.

          Lucy is a thirty something single girl with a disastrous love life behind her. She just can't seem to find the right man for her, and the one she thought was her future cheated on her at every opportunity.
          Her main passion in life is chocolate, which Lucy and her four friends, Autumn, Nadia and Chantelle all adore and spend far too much time in a chocolate shop eating all different kinds of chocolate concoctions.
          During these times they discuss life's ups and downs and support each other through the good and the bad.

          The book focuses on each of the girls, entwining their lives together as well as homing in on their separate issues they have to deal with.
          Autumn has a drug addict for a brother and finds herself in a mess trying to support him, whilst Nadia has a gambler for a husband and has to deal with many issues surrounding this. Chantelle on the other hand is estranged from her husband because he wants a baby but no sex, and she wants the sex without the baby.

          As you can see there is a lot going on in the book and it took me a while to actually understand who was who and what they were all up to. I'll admit to nearly giving up on the book a couple of times but persevered and I was glad I did.

          Lucy is definitely the main character in the book and as such we will get to know her better as the book progresses. We learn that she is currently in lust with her gorgeous Australian boss who is working in the country at the moment. All is well until Lucy finds her so called crush on webcam with another woman. Devastated as she is, she spends Christmas day fighting off the advances of her cheating ex fiancé.
          With spirits low and willpower non existent, that Christmas Day night sees Lucy's life take a turn for the worse when she gives into her ex, and then finds out her crush wasn't on the webcam after all and he is back declaring his love for her.
          Events unfold and we see a spiral of commotion as we head towards the end of the book, where I defy any reader not to be wishing for a happy ending by this point. You'll all be screaming at Lucy by page 400, but will she get the happy ever after she wants?

          Overall despite the slow start, I thought that this book was great and when I was involved in it, I was really there living the book with the girls. There was perhaps too many different storylines to be contending with all at one time, and Matthews could have eeked another novel from some of the extras she included in this book.
          The whole book didn't take too long to read despite being over 400 pages long. This is my first introduction to Carole Matthews and I'll definitely be going back for more.

          This is the sequel to The Chocolate Lover's club, so I hope it won't spoil it for me by reading them back to front.

          ISBN: 978-0755335879
          Price: £5.49 (Amazon)
          Published: 2008


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            13.08.2009 13:16
            Very helpful



            definitely recommended

            Why I chose this book
            I first read 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club' a little while ago, after a friend recommended it to me. I absolutely loved the book and so, when I saw the sequel, 'The Chocolate Lovers' Diet', I had to read it.

            The Author
            Carole Matthews is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I can honestly say that I've never read a book that I haven't enjoyed by this author. Matthews is a well known author, both in the UK and the USA and has written numerous bestselling novels.

            The Technical Stuff
            The book was first published in 2007, costs £5.49 on Amazon in paperback and about £12.99 in hardback. The ISBN number is 978-0-7553-3587-9 and you can find out more about this book and 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club' by visiting www.thechocolateloversclub.co.uk or Carole Matthews' website www.carolematthews.co.uk.

            The Storyline
            Lucy Lombard and her 3 best friends, Nadia, Chantal and Autumn are members of 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club' meeting regularly in their local cafe 'Chocolate Heaven' where they discuss the trials and tribulations of their lives, helping each other to cope with various disasters.

            At the start of the book, Lucy is experiencing problems with the man who she thought was the love of her life 'Aidan' and abandons all hope of rekindling their relationship when she 'catches him' in bed with another woman. Cue the reappearence of her unfaithful ex Marcus trying to convince her that he's changed. Blindly, she believes him and the remainder of the novel describes her constant battle over her feeling for both Aiden and her ex.

            Nadia is trying to convince herself that her husband has finally kicked his gambling habit and decides to give their relationship another go. His reformed behaviour seems to be good to be true however and her suspicions are confirmed by a tragedy that changes her life forever.

            Chantal is still struggling to keep her marriage afloat and seems to have forgotten the fact that she has slept with male escort Jacob to compensate for her husband's lack of affection.Like the rest of her friends, a big shock causes her to reassess her life and by the end of the novel her outlook is very different.

            Autumn is happily settled with her boyfriend Addison, however her drug-dependent brother Richard is constantly a burden on her life. Richard's dodgy dealings, with numerous dangerous characters, put Autumn in some tricky situations often leaving her fearing for her life.

            Although I had really enjoyed reading 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club', I was a bit worried that the sequel wouldn't be as good and would ruin the great impact that the first book had made on me. I was completely wrong, however and the sequel was just as good, if not better. Although reading 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club' before reading this book isn't essential to understand the story, I would recommend it as there are references to things that have happened in the first book in the sequel.

            One of the things that I like best about this book is how easy it is to connect with the characters and to really care about the outcome of their individual dramas. Lucy is probably the main character as her sections are written in the first person and this allows you to really get inside her head and to experience how she feels at different points in the story. I also really liked how each of the characters are from different backgrounds and have different lifestyles but are still reunited through their love of chocolate and complicated problems.

            As well as the four main characters, there are various other people involved in the novel who provide light relief from the main dramas of the women. These include Clive and Tristan, the gay couple who own Chocolate Heaven and are also having relationship issues, Jacob, the wedding planner/former male escort who seems to move from one friend to the next and Addison, Autumns boyfriend who supports her through her problems.

            Although some aspects of the plot are predictable, especially the whole Lucy,Marcus,Aiden scenario, there were twists in the plot that genuinely shocked me and made the book even better. I read the whole thing in about two days as everytime I tried to put it down a sudden twist in the life of one of the women would get me gripped again.

            On a light-hearted note, I would recommend this book simply for the mouth watering descriptions of the different types of chocolate that help the women deal with each crisis. I, like many women, love chocolate and often turn to it to help me through a bad day and every chapter left me craving for a bar. (Possibly a bad thing if you're on a diet but you could always reach for some a 'healthy' option such as chunks of mango covered in chocolate as the book suggests!)

            I really enjoyed the book and can't really think of many bad points. You could possibly consider some parts of the storyline to be a bit far fetched, for example chasing after drug dealers on a wedding day or travelling all the way to Vegas and fnding your husband, however this is such a good book that I feel it allows for some exageration and some of the bizarre bits were the most funny. You may be concerned that it is hard to keep up with the different lives of each character, however this really wasn't a problem for me as each woman is so different that it is easy to distinguish between their stories.

            Who would I recommend this book to?
            This is a real chick-lit book and is perfect for a holiday read or would be equally good for curling up on the sofa in the winter. Anyone who wants a light-hearted read that is very touching at the same time would love this book.

            Overall I loved the 'Chocolate Lovers' Diet'. It exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to see if there will be a third book.


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          • Product Details

            The feisty members of THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS' CLUB are back in a mouth-wateringly delicious new novel. Lucy Lombard thought her 'Happily Ever After' was all sorted when her gorgeous boss finally declared his love for her, but when she catches him in bed with another woman it's time to call an emergency meeting of The Chocolate Lovers' Club. Inevitably, she's not the only member with problems -- Autumn, Nadia and Chantal all find themselves with dilemmas to face - the question is how much chocolate will it take to make it better.

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