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The Days and Months We Were First Born Book 1: The Unravelling - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy / Author: Christopher Hunter

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    1 Review
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      02.11.2011 08:46
      Very helpful



      The end of the world sneaks up and takes everyone unprepared in near-future New York!

      The Unravelling is the first in a trilogy of novella set in a world about fifty decades ahead of our own. Currently free to download from Amazon, it tells the story of Martin Jacob who wakes up one morning to find the American President making a very important announcement on the television. Figuring it is just the usual crisis that will quickly blow over, he mutes the television and gets on with enjoying valuable time with his girlfriend.

      It is not until much later when both he and his girlfriend recieve calls from each of their respective parents that he realises the seriousness of the situation.

      A man-made virus has gotten out of control and now there are only two sorts of people left in the world: those that are infected and are going to die and those that are immune.

      Martin gets himself tested and finds himself immune, unlike his family who live miles away in another state. His girlfriends response is a complete and total mental breakdown from which she never fully recovers.

      With the situation becoming grim Martin joins a local Militia, responsible for patrolling the area and helping to keep control as well as clearing Manhatten of the dead that literally begin filling the streets. But when word reaches them of a group of scientists holed up in a University Campus who may be guilty of starting the virus, Mob rule takes over. Martin has reservations but everyone else goes on the attack! No-one however has any idea of the serious consequences that will lead from the action that follows......

      This is an awesome, awesome tale that reads very much like Stephen King's The Stand but without the grand epic Good vs Evil storyline and more concentration on the human angle. About halfway through, just as you think you know where this is going, the plot changes tack and hits you from another angle completely but at no point does the reader get a chance to lose intrest even for a second. The story is fast-paced, brilliantly conceived and very well thought out and is one of the best things so far that I have downloaded!

      The next two installments are currently available at minimum cost and rest assured, as soon as I get paid I will be downloading them to see how this all ends! Meanwhile, this opening novella sets up everything nicely and introduces the reader to a very believable world that convinces from the moment you enter it!

      I could really sympathise with the main character and his situation ~ as I too am one of those people who rarely watch the news and only catches the occasional odd soundbite or headline. I could well imagine all this then happening to me! One of my favourite early scenes is where Martin's dad turns around to him on the phone and says "Why don't you know these things? What did you do...just watch the first few minutes of the news and then turn it off?" The fact that this is exactly the same behaviour that so many of us exhibit and the fact that Christopher Hunter has captured this so perfectly is a testament to the fact that Hunter looks like definitely being an author to watch in the future!

      I cannot recommend this enough and if you have a Kindle and like end of the world fiction, it really doesn't get much better than this! Where the story will go next, I cannot even imagine but one thing is certain, after this opener I cannot wait to find out!


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