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The First Real Thing - Cat Grant

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1 Review

Genre: Fiction / Erotic / Author: Cat Grant / Kindle Edition / Book is published 2010-09-15 by Ellora's Cave

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2011 12:41
      Very helpful



      male escort Cameron finds a reason to move on.

      Cameron is a successful male escort in New York City. He likes the creature comforts this has afforded him, though he admittedly has become a bit jaded as his people reading skills evolved for his line of work. Already in his 30s, he knows he has only a few years left to make a decent living at this, but doesn't believe that Pretty Women fairytales come true. Instead, he's wisely been saving up for that rainy day when it is time to make a career change. Then the unthinkable happens. Cameron misreads the visual cues at a hotel bar and picks up the wrong guy. Mistaking Trevor for his client, he enjoy a evening of gentle passion. That alone catches him offguard, even more so when he discovers his error. Finding himself unable to tell Trevor that the first man in 16 years he's ever been with is a prostitute who mistook him for a new client, he extricates himself as gracefully as possible. But Trevor is smitten, and truth be told, so is Cameron. When Trevor returns to home from his business trip, the relationship that should have ended simply goes on, fuelled by trysts during Trevor's business trips and layovers. Cancelling appointments with lucrative clients is costing Cameron money and good will, while his distress at deceiving his lover eats away at Cameron. Determined to make just enough to get out of the game, he soon finds he is quite correct. Real life is no fairytale, and Fate has a way of taking reckoning. Will Trevor see past the sordid reality of Cameron's past, and can they forge a future together?

      Told from Cameron's first person point of view, we are hurled headlong into Cameron's lifestyle. It's far from romantic. He eats expensive food, spends time in ultra expensive hotels and restaurants, but at a very soul exacting price. To make it worse, as events unfurl, we discover that this was not a choice he made for himself. Having lost the job he got out of university, desperate and broke, he is picked up by a man who makes him his lover only to find he is training him to join his stable. Once in, it's hard to get out until you are too old for the game, though so far he has managed to go solo and accepts clients only occasionally from his former boss. Cameron is no naïve fool though. He's mature and completely aware of what he doing, though his focus has narrowed to the world he now moves within.

      Trevor's arrival into his life provides something he though he'd lost: an entry into a true loving relationship. Glimpsing the freedom from the spells of deceit he weaves with his clients and tasting the freedom that getting to be his true self with someone who treasures him, is an eye opening experience for Cameron. It forces choices upon him, and causes him to make decisions that not only affect himself, but others who inhabit his world. Along the way, he discovers truths that startle him, and long hidden surprise regrets. Even worse though, is when the sunlit world Trevor lives in shines its light accidentally into Cameron's dark corners. With nowhere to hide, he has to face his day of reckoning. But it takes two to be in a relationship, so Cameron is not facing the darkness and deceit alone. Trevor, too, must confront the truth about Cameron, as well as himself. Having lived in the closet for nearly two decades, he has to explore the truth about himself, his feelings , and even more startling, the confused emotions of his teen-aged son. With so much riding on how he handles things, he has to tread carefully.

      Filled with likeable characters and avoiding many of the trite clichés that populate the more frothy m/m romance novels, Cat Grant gives us an easy read that hits all the right buttons. She manages to provide just the right level of angst and has seasoned it with genuine romance so that one is not left disappointed. She manages her various sex scenes with skill; they sizzle where they should and where they are meant to shock or dismay, they do. This was an introduction to this author that I won't forget, and I will definitely be looking to get more. There is a sequel to this already out, featuring Cameron's best friend. I can't wait to read it.


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