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The Forsaken: An Apple For Zoë - Kindle Edition

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Author: Thomas Amo / Kindle Edition / Book is published 2011-02-10 by GothicTwist Publishing

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2012 12:07
      Very helpful



      A real confusion of a novel that never knows where it is going!

      An Apple For Zoe starts promisingly with a murder mystery. A young girl is found murdered in a funeral home, her body staged inside a coffin only minutes after the undertaker left the room. Inspector Thomas James is perturbed and puzzled.....especially when he finds links to his own past and an encounter he once may or may not have had with the infamous killer, Zodiac. Then there is another killing....this time with links to Charles Manson and the murder of Sharon Tate. As he follows the clues left for him to find, Thomas finds himself drawn to San Francisco's Aleris Hotel; an establishment with a long and sometimes unsavoury reputation where a famous jazz singer once allegedly raped a girl with a coke bottle. And then things start getting really wierd.......

      This book is odd. In the early chapters, it almost feels as though author Thomas Amo is just throwing lots of ideas and several different angles at his murder-mystery plot in the hope that some of them will stick. And some of them do ~ though there seems to be an over-reliance on former serial killers and their crimes rather than on anything wholly original. But then everything goes to pot about the same time that the investigation leads the Law Enforcement Officers to the Aleris Hotel. Suddenly former Nazis, ghostly forces from beyond the grave, ancient demons and psychic visions all get thrown into the mix resulting in what quickly becomes a very muddled mess! It is difficult to seperate hallucination from reality to the point that it is all too easy to lose track what is actually going on and some of the directions the plot takes you through simply beggar belief and make the story lose any shred of credubility it has left!

      I got this free on Kindle but even free, this was not worth the money I (didn't) pay! It all just becomes too much and, after a initially interesting start, the story rapidly loses cohesion as the reader no longer knows what the hell is going on! It has had some good reviews on Amazon but all I can say is they must have read a different book! This book is just way way too messy and all I can say is don't even attempt to pick this up unless you like not knowing what the hell is going on!


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