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The Good Divorce Guide - Christina Odone

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Paperback: 320 pages / Publisher: HarperPress / Published: 1 Oct 2009

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2013 19:00
      Very helpful



      A good book to get angry with and if you can cope with it lets you down lightly at the end!

      When Rosie Martin discovers that Jonathan, her husband of 15 years, is having an affair, she feels that her world is falling apart. That is, until she realises that she has actually fallen out of love with him too. So Rosie and Jonathan both decide to go their separate ways, determined to be civilised about their divorce, for the sake of the children - in short, to have a (good divorce).
      But even the best of intentions and the most mature of objectives can be no match for external forces. Cue the rest of the world, where divorce is always a dirty word. Everyone and everything seems determined to conspire to make this divorce bitter - the lawyer, the estate agent, the bot ox man, the friends, not least their respective families...
      This first section is an excerpt from this book giving a brief but slightly comical look into what this book is about.


      Personally I do not think it does justice to this book and found myself getting irritated to my back teeth with the Heroine Rosie Martin in this rendition of a so called good divorce. (Never will Happen) in real life sorry been there done that and got shat! on from a great height, even with me being the doormat. Which is what I believe Rosie was in this book.

      I related to her in as much as she was going through a rather unwanted divorce to start with, and finding out that she really did want the divorce because she no longer loved Jonathan (or Jonus) as I called him, he being her previous husband and lover and now her ex. All because he being a man could not keep it in his pants.

      Typical stereotype situation here, Man and Woman fall in love perhaps being a bit too young to realize that it would never last, have kids , wife gives up work to look after family, he finds second wind and goes out and falls for the Stereotypical secretarial type girl. Ho Hum nothing new here. OK so she was his co worker but really who give a s....

      The story heats up a bit when Rosie decides to try and have a happy divorce and keep things kind of Rosie and good. Her need to make the transition as painless for their two children as possible despite hubby shacking up with the girlfriend and ousting them out of their family home. Works in some respects but in others I find her lacking. She finds that she needs to go to work full time and embarks on a job in a Doctors Surgery where she finds she is attracted to Max. A Doctor. She is also trying to keep the job which is at first quite above her head until she finds her feet and wins over the whole staff including her best friend Jill, one of the match makers.Who cannot stop themselves from interfering in her life.

      She finds herself being set up for many a blind date by her best friends and even falling for one of the so called nominees for partner, which is all well and good but there are still the children to consider and well does this guy like her as much as she appears to like him, she is very uncertain of herself and rightly so as she is still smarting from having the rug pulled from under her comfy if predictable marriage. Which by this stage she realises was dead long before hubby took to the hills.

      I can understand her need to keep things calm, and reasonable for the kids but did she really have to lay there whilst hubby used her as a doormat in the process, after all it is her life he is ruining too. Does the girl have no backbone.

      I, by about the halfway mark in this book was about to throw in the towel, after getting mighty annoyed with both her and Jonathan acting like two spoiled kids needing a right good sound slapping. The solicitor was very much a divorce lawyer with fangs and wanted only the best for his client which was to nail Jonathan to the nearest tree and shake him until he had no more to give. But Rosie, being Rosie, decides that this would not do at all. Doormat!

      I have no idea if the writer went through divorce herself but she pinned one or two facts which were true in my case down to rights, but others left the mark wide and dry. The acrimony that invariably follows an amicable breakup no matter how well intended nearly always follows. Then things start to get very ugly and if honest it does not matter a jot whether you want it to stay friendly or not it just cannot remain that way for long when money rears it's ugly head. Also he get's to the point when he may realise that he kind of messed up and the fruit was much better on the old tree as it were.

      I would love to believe in this hearts and roses version of divorce, but found myself just not caring in the end whether she found love or not and this is probably why this book irked me so much. I like a happy ending and Really did feel cheated when I got to the end to find in my mind this was not at all resolved in a satisfactory manner despite love interests in plural being there.

      This was probably the wrong fictional choice of book for me as I still wince when even after 25 years of a happily second marriage I remember what a total "beeper" my first husband was like. That divorce did not end well and my daughter ended up feeling a bit like a pinball in a machine which I so wanted to avoid, this was not to be but she survived through it all with my help, and that of my very much present day husband and saint just because he is one, as we showed our love for her she and herlovely partner and family of five of her own. I think we worked out things pretty well for us in the end.

      Which is why I guess I was wanting the heroine in this book to find total closure too and didn't really find that this came across that well. I felt sorry for her children and wanted to help guide them through the terrible heartache that they were going through and was frustrated at both the parents and the school for not realising they were indeed finding the whole thing traumatising.Needing so much more advice and closure than they were getting.

      I know it is just a novel but it hit home and I found it very imotive and real. Yes even I a hardbitten old crone have feelings, which sometimes boil up to the surface and explode.

      Sorry if this review is more of a rant than a rave but it was a very thought provoking book and anyone who has either gone through or is going through a divorce may find it illuminating in places and could in some small way tell you what to watch out for as in pitfalls and clues like is he having an affair? Books to be found on amazon for £7.99 paperback version or £4.99 Kindle version. Not for the faint of heart.


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