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The Han Solo Trilogy - A.C. Crispin

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Author: A.C. Crispin / Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

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    1 Review
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      23.06.2001 01:33
      Very helpful



      Hi! I just read through those amazing books of the Han Solo Trilogy from A.C. Crispin. Beside the fact that those are really great books I just encountered yet another time that there are some none-fitting details among the starwars - universe. Those new details in the film Episode 4 - Star Wars don't fit all those written stories: There's a newly created part in which Jabba speaks directly to Han on Tatooine in front of the Millenium Falcon. Except the fact that Jabba is too small in that piece of film, this scene actually never happened, according to Crispin's books and other sources. After Han had to dump Jabba's load of glitterstim in the Maw being trapped by some Imperials, he lands on Tatooine never even having the possibility to contact Jabba, because that Hutt Overlord refuses to talk to Han. Also, Han encounters Fett there who tells him that Han's first and long lasting love Bria was killed doing her duty in an important rebel mission (see below). Jabba's not even mentioned there anyhow. Then just comes Han's encounter with those two well-known Jedi... Another thing is directly connected with this Bria's last rebel mission. In that trilogy it's her and her brave red hand squadron who fight themselves to death on a secret imperial planet to send the data of the Deathstar to an 'accidently-passing-by' also well-known Corellian Corvette.... So far so good, but there are at least two different stories I know (and I've by far not yet read all starwars books): The first is being told in Lucas Entertainment's StarWars - X-Wing game for PC and other stations. Here it is a secret rebel listening post somewhere in an asteroid field out in the Rim who listens to that information and sends it to the Corellian Corvette. The second story is a fan-setup by those people around Peter Mether and Warren Duxbury in The Dark Redemption. That is the -though profe
      ssional made and amazingly arranged (I really like it!)- story of Mara Jade (later: Skywalker) who's arrested to work in the spice-mines on Kessel. There she can manage to escape with the help of two of her rebel friends among with Boba Fett who I assume is always coming in handy while telling a StarWars story. But except escaping, Mara insits on sending the detailed informations about the Deathstar immediately that special Corellian Corvette and then 'leaves' herself behind to head back to her real master, the Emperor himself, who just arranged this whole operation and who wants the rebels to get hold of the Deathstar plans to later on get rid of all those rebels at once... As you'll see later, this doesn't completely fit in the official story - but it also doesn't claim to. It's a nice fan-story. I can guess of a lot of things and I can handle it to build up several kind of parallel StarWars universes in my head, so I expect the people should think everyone for himself or herself what is the 'rightest' story in their own heads. Although I would be really pleased if there were only one way of that history. By the way I can't believe that Leia's ship received that utmost topsecret Battlestation plans three times. Investigating further, there are definitely links, for the official set was meant to be complicated, including different parts of the plans. And that's what I found out so far thanks some help of Gizman: This is a detail explanation of how were the Death Star Plans stolen, based of course in official material and not my speculation nor my theories. All this matter is actually well depicted in the following books and Games: Star Wars: X-Wing PC Game Star Wars: Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina The Han Solo Trilogy: The Rebel Dawn Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire Star Wars: The National Public Radio Dramatization (nprd) Tales from the New
      Republic: Interlude at Darknell And it's also supported by the story of Admiral Ackbar in Steve Sansweet's Star Wars Encyclopedia, and Andy Mangel's The Essential Guide to the Characters which are also important in this matter, along with some other details given in different parts of the Encyclopedia, Dan Wallace's Guide to Planets and Moons and Bill Slavicsek's Guide to the Star Wars Universe 3rd Edition. There are no contradictions between them (as some people think), but you have to read them all to understand the whole thing, and because of the order and structure of these stories, it gets a little rough to picture it right. So this essay intends to summarize and clarify how this important event of the Star Wars saga happens: -The X-Wing PC Game Having replaced a bunch of imperial listening droids with those from the rebels, they're able to listen to transmissions. That's how a listening post somewhere in the Cron Drift is able to steal a message about that station, sending it immediately to Leia's Corvette. -Knowing about a small separated group of 'outlaws' on a planet somewhere in the Rim, the local forces are performing a trap upon them. But the Imperials didn't count on the smartness of the group's women leader who manages to steal a whole capital ship being loaded there. Landing or merely crashing on Tatooine a resistance fighter can get a hold of that ship and maybe the group aswell for they possibly want to join the rebellion - but that's just being left open. That story's of a main interest because that stolen ship contains a part of the devastative laser of the Death-star itself! This is another small part of the puzzle leading to the first "StarWars"-Film, Episode4. And it is also another reason why there are so many troops on Tatooine... -According to the Guide to Characters (page 2): When the Mon Calamari Ackbar was Grand Moff Tarkin's sl
      ave, "...Tarkin was always muttering about his new superweapon that would allow him to crush the Rebellion. As the Grand Moff was en route from the Governor's palace on Eriadu to the completed Death Star, his ship was attacked by rebels. Following a firefight with Admiral Motti's Star Destroyer, the Rebels escaped with Tarkin's servant, Ackbar." The same is stated in the Encyclopedia (page 2): "It was from Tarkin that Ackbar first heard rumblings of the rebellion - as well as veiled references to a new superweapon that would crush the rebels. Ackbar was rescued during a Rebel attempt to assassinate Tarkin..." After that Ackbar joined the Rebellion and told them about the existence of this new superweapon, so the Rebels began to investigate it. -According to the Encyclopedia, Dan Wallace's Guide to Planets and Moons and Bill Slavicsek's Guide to the Star Wars Universe: The Rebels decided to infiltrate Ralltir to found out more. They chose this planet because it was one of the Rebel Alliance's first supporters and with its strong political and economical influence in the Empire and the advantage that there were several pro-Alliance members in the High Council of Ralltir that could help them find out more about the project, it was their best starting point. -The Han Solo Trilogy - The Rebel Dawn: Ralltir's infiltration is also stated in a dialogue between Bria Tharen and her commanding officer Pianat Torbul, before the battle of Ylesia (chapter 13, pages 315-316): Torbul said: "...our intelligence reports that the empire has something big underway. Really big. Something that could crush the entire Rebel Alliance in one or two engagements.", "...we're dispatching several intelligence teams to Ralltir to try and find out more..." -Tales from the New Republic - "Interlude at Darkknell": Senator Garm Bel Iblis was preparing to give a speech at the Treitamma Po
      litical Center on Anchoron when he was called away from the center by an urgent letter from a Rebel named Aach. They had the following conversation (page 4): Aach: "There's been a breakthrough" ... "We've located Tarkin's project". Garm: "Where is it?" Aach: "I don't know. All I know is that a courier will be in the Continuum Void tapcafé in the city of Xakrea on Darkknell in three days with some inside information about it. Bail wants you to send your most trusted aide to rendezvous with him and pick up his datapack." The Senator decided to go himself to Darkknell to rendezvous with the courier, who was a young imperial that had manage to steale some very valuable information about the superweapon (contained in a datapack), from the construction site of the project in the Despayre system. After a lot of trouble, Bel Iblis finally got the datapack and headed for the Alliance with it. -Star Wars - The NPRD (chapter 2): At last one of the rebel's intelligence teams in Ralltir found out what was the secret project about (from the information stored in the datapack provided by Senator Garm Bel Iblis, which got to their hands possibly through the pro-Alliance members of the High Council of Ralltir) ... it was indeed a superweapon; a battlestation the size of a class-four moon, with enough firepower to destroy entire planets, and code-named: Death Star. One of the members of the team absorbed the information under hypnotic imprint (so it was stored in his brain), and then the next step was to take it out of the planet and to the Alliance. The problem was that unfortunately the empire had a blockade in Ralltir because of a dispute with the High-Council about the restoring of balance to the markets, led by Lord Tion and supervised by Darth Vader personally. Their only chance was to get out aboard the Tantive IV, that was coming to Ralltir with princess Leia Organa of Alderaan on a suppo
      sed diplomatic mission of mercy to carry supplies to the victims of the blockade, but the cargo was really weapons and supplies for the Alliance teams. So the members of the team made a suicidal surprise attack against a group of Stormtroopers, just a diversion so that the rebel carrying the information could get to Leia, and he did it, but badly wounded. She took him to Alderaan where her father Bail Prestor Organa and his people got the information about the Death Star. Leia and her father decided to invite Lord Tion to dinner in Alderaan's Royal Palace, to see if they could get some information from him. In the dinner he was trying to impress Leia by telling her about this new superweapon that he, with Grand Moff Tarkin, would command and that it would be ready to operate in any moment, revealing the location of the plans(page 59): Tion: "...The project's nearly complete, and the next convoy from Governor Tarkin's headquarters will transfer the plans to the Imperial Vaults" (those Vaults were in the planet Toprawa according to The Rebel Dawn). After that Lord Tion found out that Leia and Bail already knew about the project because unintentionally, Leia mentioned the super confidential code-name 'Death Star' while they were discussing. He had a struggle with her and a blaster pistol, in which Tion was accidentally killed. With that information the Rebels planned an attack at the convoy with the plans and "won their first victory against the evil galactic empire" (as stated at the beginning of the movie A New Hope), capturing the plans of the Death Star, and hidden themselves with the plans in the planet Toprawa (pages 16-17) : Prestor: "...The Rebellion has fought its first space battle! I got word to them about the convoy Lord Tion mentioned.", "They won! We have captured the plans of the Death Star" Leia: "where are the plans now?" Prestor: "The Rebels on Top
      rawa want us to enter their solar system and make a close pass by their planet. They'll transmit the plans to us". -The Han Solo Trilogy - The Rebel Dawn (chapter 16, page 377): It says that the Imperial Vaults were on Toprawa, the same planet the rebels chose to hide the Death Star plans (maybe they tough that the empire will look everywhere but there): "Torbul and the other Rebel Leaders had sent intelligence units to infiltrate Ralltir, and they'd discovered that the empire was shipping vital plans for its new secret weapon to its records center on Toprawa" -Star Wars Encyclopedia (page 312): The same is stated there; "Toprawa was the initial Rebel hiding place after the alliance stole the Technical readouts for the Death Star" -Dark Forces - Soldier for the Empire: The Rebels on Toprawa examined the plans and found out that they weren't complete, and that the other part of the plans was kept in an imperial research facility on the planet Danuta. Rebel leader Mon Mothma send Rebel Agent Kyle Katarn (a former stormtrooper), to steale the SECOND PART of the Death Star plans. This is stated in a dialogue between Mon Mothma and the rebel Jan Ors (page 94): Mon Mothma said: "...The only thing better than a well-laid plan is a well-conceived backup plan. Our forces on Toprawa may have a shot at the Death Star plans as well. The problem is that while the Toprawa plans include the battle station's hull design and life support infrastructure, the Danuta plans include additional engineering schematics, and, if we're lucky, a complete map to the offensive and defensive weapons emplacements. We need both sets to ensure success" Finally, Kyle Katarn did it. -Star Wars Encyclopedia (page 65): The Danuta part of the Death Star plans was reunited with the one in Toprawa; "Rebel Alliance agent Kyle Katarn infiltrated the facility and stole the plans, which were later
      beamed to Princess Leia Organa's corvette near Toprawa" -The Han Solo Trilogy - The Rebel Dawn & The Star Wars Encyclopedia & Star Wars - The NPRD: Operation Skyhook was put in action. Bria Tharen and Red Hand Squadron (according to page 378 of the Rebel Dawn) are ordered to "seize an Imperial comm center on Toprawa, and hold it, while the comm techs transmitt the stolen plans to a rebel courier ship ... a Corellian corvette that would "accidentally" pass through this highly restricted star system". All rebels in this Toprawa mission were killed after they successfully sent the complete plans of the Death Star to the Tantive IV and Leia Organa aboard. Note: There is only one little contradiction in all this matter, and it is in the short story from Tales from the New Republic: "Interlude at Darkknell". At the point in which this story happened, the rebellion only knew about the existence of some secret project; a superweapon of the Grand Moff Tarkin (according to Ackbar), but that was all! They didn't even knew what was the name of the project until later in Star Wars: 'The National Public Radio Drama'; which occurs after this story. Although in "Interlude at Darkknell", Timothy Zahn mentions a couple of times (while describing Garm Bel Iblis thoughts) the code-name of the project: 'Death Star', suggesting that the senator and therefore the rebel alliance already knew this, and that is absolutely untrue. But anyway, Garm himself never mentions it, and the narrator only does it a couple of times, so it's just a slight error which makes almost no conflict in this matter. Also I must point out that most of this information (but not all, because they are very general in this matter), is confirmed in The Essential Chronology (In part IV: Rebellion Against the Empire - The Rebellion Begins, pages 45 - 48). Well, that's it. Enjoy it. Hope to see some
      reactions. They're very welcome ;-> Greetings, Suburp


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    The whole trilogy is a work of background information. All three books are packed with characters pasts and their influence and relationships with Han Solo. It's also an account of how Solo got into the business of smuggling, what happened when he joined the Academy and how he made friends and enemies alike. Its a biography, basically.

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