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The Journey Home - Michael Baron

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Michael Baron / Kindle Edition / 194 Pages / Book is published 2010-04-20 by Story Plant, The

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 13:53
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      Two seperate journeys cultimate in a common destination.....

      Another of the books free to download on Kindle from Amazon (at least it was at the time of writing at any rate), The Journey Home is a tale of two halves that come together at the end for a tidy, though perhaps overly obvious, conclusion.

      An old lady sits in a Nursing Home suffering from Senile Dementia. Her Alzheimers slowly getting worse, she finds herself drifting away and living in a happier time when she and her husband were first married. Her son despairs, watching his mum descend further and further into confusion and locking herself away from the other residents for days at a time so that she can be alone with her memories, and so starts cooking old family recipes for her so that he can entice her back into living in the here and now.

      Meanwhile, a man awakes to find himself in a strange room surrounded by people he doesn't know. All his memories are gone but he knows deep down that someone is waiting for him. And so, accompanied by a mysterious young boy who offers to help, he begins the long journey home....wherever that may be!

      This is a strange story but one that is quite enjoyable for reasons I am unable to fathom. It kind of has something, some little spark, that kept me reading long after I guessed correctly exactly what was going on and what was about to happen. It was not amongst my favourite ever books and I doubt I would feel compelled to read it again but, as a freebie, it was alright and I didn't regret downloadng it ~ I just wouldn't keep it on my Kindle once I was finished with it.

      Ultimately though, despite how much I quite liked it, with so obvious an ending and its predictable climax the whole thing just ends up feeling a bit pointless. I don't think I took much away from this when I finished it and though it is poignant and quite sweet, like my title suggests it lacks any lasting impression and is easily forgettable. It will not stay with you like some books do long after the final page has been turned and that is a shame because the whole thing is a nice idea that really doesn't come together quite as well as it should. Or rather, it does but has a plot as flimsy as tissue paper that is as easily blown out of your thoughts as a leaf from a tree.

      Sorry but it has to be another 3/5 for me......


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