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The Leaching of Ian Burns - Audrey K. Agnothedy

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Audrey K. Agnothedy / Kindle Edition published 2010-10-18 by Infinity Publishing

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2011 17:20
      Very helpful



      A long story with lots happening throughout.

      On browsing various eBook sites I came across this "The Leaching of Ian Burns" I read the write up but still wasn't sure whether or not it was my thing, however I noticed it was a free download so I thought why not.

      The Leaching of Ian Burns

      This is the story of a cantankerous old man called Ian Burns, who just so happens, to have died. The beginning of the book tells us of Ian's experience as he realizes he's dead, as no one knows for sure what happens to us when we die, I found this quite interesting.

      He is in Heaven, and is appointed an Angel to guide and help him with his adjustment to his new environment. Everything is very strange to him, things seem to be in reverse, as here in heaven, the people don't age, quite the opposite, they de-age. So the younger the person, the more wise, good and intelligent they are. But this takes a long time to happen, in order to de-age he must learn all there is to know from the youngsters. He has to understand the error of his ways from when he was alive, he has to learn to deal with things in a rational way, he has to stop using bad language, which incidentally is starred out in the eBook. This is quite funny to see in the eBook as Ian swears an awful lot and so lots of words are starred out. Each time he swears or uses any bad words, a fluffy mist emerges from one orifice or another of his, the worse the word is, the darker the color and if the words are really bad, the mist will fly out of him in the shape of little black daggers.

      In the beginning Ian is against everything anyone says or does, he will do things his way or not at all. He doesn't like the way others can read his mind, this is something he will learn to do eventually when he is ready, along with transporting himself from one place to another, as many of them do quite frequently, which in turn annoys Ian something rotten, as one minute he is talking to someone and the next they just disappear.

      He meets up with old acquaintances who have died, I never called them friends, as in life he never really had any friends. He sees these people at all different stages of de-ageing, some are younger than he ever knew them to be. He takes lots of different journeys to help him with the de-ageing process. He also has to work, to us this means going out to do what ever it is we do in order to bring an income into the home. For Ian this means going to sleep. As when he sleeps he is transformed to some place and time where his help is needed in some way. However he cannot be seen or heard, he just has to work out what is needed of him and get on with it. He has to work at putting what ever it is that's wrong, right again.

      A rather touching part of the story I found, was the part where loads of souls are all whooshed up into heaven, seen from Ian's point of view, there seems to be hundreds of them all at once. It turns out they are the souls from all the people who were killed in the "Twin Towers, 9.11. tragedy" The story deals with this in such a sensitive way, it bought a tear to my eye. The souls of all these innocent people immediately de-age and then the young souls are sent back to earth to be born again into new lives. I thought that was such a nice way to explain what could happen to so many innocent souls. As regards Ian, his son happens to be one of these poor souls, he was only a young man and had not got on well with his father in life. However there is a very touching part in the story as the two of them make peace, just as his son's soul has to leave again. He also meets up with his wife, who was always a kindhearted person on earth, never did no wrong sort of person. She de-ages very quickly, as she doesn't have too much to learn.

      Format: Kindle Edition
      File Size: 796 KB
      Publisher: Infinity Publishing (18 Oct 2010)
      Author: Audrey K. Agnothedy

      My Thoughts

      I loved this book, as soon as I started reading, it didn't take long to lose myself in the story. I thought the choice of central character was a great choice, a cranky old man put into a situation, where he has to more or less change his attitude and ways by 100%. The idea of the Angels and the good they tried to do for whom ever concerned was lovely to read. The many characters Ian meets, and the places he visits are great to read about, these things just make the story all the more interesting in my opinion. The visit to hell is incredibly interesting as well.

      This book is full of highs and lows, where you can be laughing one minute, you can be crying the next. The story is told in such a way that you don't tire of it, and being 69 chapters long you would think, this is going to take forever to get through, but as you read it, you just go with it. At the end of the book you will find a list of all the characters used in the book, this is quite interesting to read as well. I found this book to be very inspirational and very enjoyable to read, although it did, in all honesty take a while for me to get through. I've never heard of Audrey K. Agnothedy before, but I will be definitely looking out for more of her work.

      I got this eBook as a freebie from Free eBooks.net, although it can be purchased from Amazon for a hefty £7.99 although if it's going for free elsewhere why pay.

      I'm giving this eBook 4 stars because I did enjoy reading it, but it was a little long

      Thank you for reading my review which may also appear on Ciao


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