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The Lifeguard - Richie Tankerlsey Cusick

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Genre: Horror / Author: Richie Tankerlsey Cusick / Hardcover / 224 Pages / Book is published 1991-06-14 by Scholastic Point

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    1 Review
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      06.07.2009 09:44
      Very helpful




      As many of you know I have set myself a task to read all the point horror books I have. I am actually getting quite bored with them, which is shocking, however they are really good, and I have finished revising, so I have more time to read! I have 2 more Point Horror books to review; I have read all of the Point Horror books I have. But recently, I have just received "Amy" by Samantha Lee, by www.bookcrossing.com so I'm really interested into getting my eyes upon those pages!

      I am officially a massive fan of the Point horror books and I'm dreadfully upset to find out that they've gone and disappeared. I love the way these books are created and I think they are a real inspiration to everyone who would like to go down the author career route, as they are simple but brilliant. And if a publisher did the same as Point Horror has, then tonnes of new authors would find limelight. Famous authors (from the Point Horror series) include R.L. Stine (see review on "Hit & Run"), Richie Tankersley Cusick (Author of this book, but also see review on "Trick or Treat"), Malcolm Rose & Caroline B. Cooney to name a few. Although there has been a few books from this series I've read that I thought the author should have became famous only they didn't, here's a few I think: Samantha Lee (Read Reviews on "Demon" & "Demon II"), Sinclair Smith (read review on "The Waitress"), Linda Cargill (read review on "The Dark"), Carmen Adams (read review on "The Claw") and D.E. Athkins (See review on "The Cemetery"). If Point Horror had lasted for a little longer I reckon these authors would have been famous, and I really feel for these authors, it usually is the ones whose books are quite possibly the better ones of the series.

      This book was the first ever publication by Point Horror. This must have made Richie Tankersley Cusick really happy, as it would have helped her become famous as she could release the most amount of books under this publication. She usually contributes to a series, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However she has written one series of books called "The Unseen". Her most recent work was published last year; it's called "Walk of the Spirits". For an author to be able to get their books published under another publishers, makes that author famous, based on the fact that "Point Horror" the publishers closed down, and therefore, all of the authors got dropped! Some of them picked themselves up and now have become famous, when others just couldn't survive. This is what makes Ritchie a really good author, as her fans can still buy her books. I think that her writing style is very captivating and you can tell that I think that from my last review on one of her books called "Trick or Treat". And I sure hope that she publishes a lot more books!

      The story line is about a girl called Kelsey, who is going over to an island to meet her mom's new boyfriend, Eric, and his 3 kids, Neale, Justin and Beth. Only Beth has gone missing! Eric's family can't live it down, and won't stop until they find her. On Beverley Island, there have been quite a few deaths and anyone could be next. But now Kelsey is finding things, such as a note from Beth, and there's this crazy man who can see the whole island, and gives her a few warnings. Kelsey is quite content, considering everything. Because she has the lifeguards to protect her (Justin, Neale and the other one she's befriended), But poor Kelsey. Someone forgot to tell her that lifeguards don't always like to save lives.

      As you know, I always like to guess the culprit, and every single time I have not succeeded which could be an annoyance to some people, but to me it's a shock and a surprise, which makes you feel stupid as it was so clearly obvious. This book, I went in with an open mind, knowing that the culprit was one of the Lifeguards. But which one, I didn't quite know, and every page I turned, I changed my mind, and right before I discovered who it was, I took a very good guess, and still got it wrong. This what makes a Point Horror book so good, as it tricks you into thinking it was someone else, and you end up stereotyping everyone and think that it's someone based on the personality they have which is the worst thing you could possibly do in a point horror book!

      I think that really gave this book a boost, was that you could imagine the island. If I was told to make a map of the island in this book, I could do it right now (and please remember it's been about 1 whole month since I've read this). My island would possibly be totally different to the next person's, based on the fact that we were told very little about the island itself. You knew that there was 2 beaches, and that there's a lighthouse, and a few little pointers here and there which made the island look better, but what is really good about this is that it left it open for a sequel (which obviously never materialised) because the book was based on one side of the island, and even though we were given a tour by one of the characters, we couldn't actually pin-point where everything was. I put everything on the west side of the island (in my imagination), and therefore, if I did create a map, it will be increasingly busy on one side of the island, and pretty much blank on the other side.

      My favourite character was Donna, because she was a very jumpy, enthusiastic kind of person, which really showed in this book. You see these sort of people on the TV and think that it'll be very crazy for an author to write such a character in, but Ritchie managed to pull it off, and to make things harder for her, Donna was a minor character and didn't have much of a major role, which really impressed me.

      While writing this review down, I've been thinking what might be in this book, that others would consider as a bad point, but I have found no such luck, I presume the fact that people could get angry or embarrassed towards the end when they find out the culprit, because they guessed wrongly, but that's to be expected from ANY Point Horror book, and I have learnt to except that, and just enjoy the book. I don't think there is anything particularly bad about this book, apart from what I have just mentioned, so I do hope you plan to buy it!

      I really enjoyed this book, and I think you would too if you gave yourself half the chance. And I would like to see more reviews being added on to this book, but most of the time my wish never comes true, maybe I just don't draw anyone in. But anyhow...

      Thank you all for reading and keep on rating me! I would also like comments, but I don't mind if you don't send a comment! Keep on reading a rating and I am a little more happier now as I have written a much better review than my latest one which was "Double Jeopardy" - "Colin Forbes". So please keep on rating!


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