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The Lonely Shore - Frances Paige

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Frances Paige / Edition: TV Tie in Ed / Paperback / 256 Pages / Book is published 1999-02-01 by HarperCollins

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2010 07:12
      Very helpful



      See review.

      The book I will now review is - "The lonely shore by Frances Paige".

      Sarah Lane is shy and timid, the compete opposite to her elder sister Mary, who is vivacious and seemingly care free.

      Sarah woks in a sew shop attached to an up market designer clothes shop, where all the rich and fashionable women shop, and it seems that Sarah has found her calling.

      That is until the day the girls lose both of there parents to an epidemic of flu and influenza, leaving a reasonably young Sarah and Mary, now as her guardian and to intents and purposes, Mum.

      And this is how it goes on for some years, though now the war has finished, Mary's now husband John has joined the household, and with Mary expecting her first chid Sarah suddenly feels like a spare part.

      After she has been reassured by both John and Mary that this is her home, Sarah starts to yearn for more, maybe a little dressmakers of her own or even, a man with whom she can share her life with, instead of feeling like she is stealing moments with John, away from Mary's eye's.

      Will she ever get what her hearts desires, or will she have to take a chance and show she is more advance than the time's she lives in?

      I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this particular book, being one of the one's I let my kids pick for me from my local library sale last year, I didn't even realise I had it!

      The character of Sarah was meant to show how women were supposed to be in the 20's, just of the cusp of taking control of their own lives, but still expected to get back home in time for their husbands arrival from work (if they were indeed lucky enough to still have a job!).

      Unfortunately all Sarah managed to do was antagonise me as I read her so called story.

      She is written as a reasonably intelligent person, albeit very shy and not at all worldly wise like her sister Mary, who I have to say I really warmed to, brash, protective of her kin and I have to say a bit like me!
      Sarah's intelligence and ability to understand much of the problems of the mans world, means she an suit for many hours and discuss and understand the world Mary's husband has found himself in since returning from the war, this gives them a deep and loving relationship, though it is never taken any further than that of a platonic brother/sister, but is at times insinuated at.

      She does aggravate me by the way she she's herself, small mouse like and shy, she doesn't seem to have the confidence to speak to men, yet she can hold whole conversations with John and advise customers who are bit "big boned" on the best thing to wear!

      With all this shyness an no knowledge of the that world, she is written to have a great deal of understanding of relationships, knowing about no sex before marriage, knowing that sort of thing only brings unwanted children and shame to her sisters door, but she grows ever more longing, and you can at times feel her desperation to be held and loved like her Mary gets, these scenes were really well written.

      There are very few characters within the book, with there being the stereo typical sleaze ball man, who takes a shine to Sarah, but she seems oblivious to is intentions, then there is the rich woman who decides actually it's ok to be friends with a commoner, especially one's that come bearing clothes and finally the so called love interests Barney and Ruth, who have much more in common than they realise, but the age they live in are not ready for such things.

      This is a book that I waited patiently for the happy ending that just refused to come, the book was full of typical characters from that time, with the only abnormal type being Sarah, who continued to annoy me and aggravate me at every turn, this said though I did enjoy the book itself, albeit I felt a bit miserable after finishing it, this is life and not every story has a happy ending.

      Price wise this book is available from www.amazon.co.uk for the sum of £2.50.

      This is not a ground breaking book, though there is some insight into a woman's life in that era, I still felt the story was much better than the main character, though I can't decide whether she was deliberately written that way or not.

      This is what I would call a chick lit book, though can get a bit dark at times, It's still not something that would really interest a male reader.

      I am not going to recommend or warn you off this book, as though I did enjoy it, I feel this is very much personal taste, so if you get the chance to read it try it and see what you think, you may well (like myself) be pleasantly surprised!

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 0-00-225757-2


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