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The Negotiator - Frederick Forsyth

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Genre: Crime / Thriller / Author: Frederick Forsyth / Edition: Reissue / Paperback / 512 Pages / Book is published 2004-07-24 by Bantam USA

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2009 15:14
      Very helpful



      One of Forsythe's best written novels

      Frederick Forsythe is the author of several bestselling novels including "The Day of the Jackal", "The Odessa File ", The Dogs of War, The Devil's Alternative and The Fourth Protocol.

      In his thriller The Negotiator , Frederick Forsythe has once again displayed his consummate skills with characters and explosive action.The Negotiator is comparable to his previous bestseller 'The Day of the Jackal' in action and gripping storyline.It has a similar edge-of-the seat suspense and a brilliant narrative full of suspenseful intrigue, unexpected twists , intrigue and betrayal..

      == The Story of " The Negotiator" ==

      In the 1990's the growing world shortage of oil and the eminent ratification of the Nantucket Arms Reduction Treaty, cause two right wing factions in America to prepare a ruthless plan to force the President of the United States out of office.If the plan succeeds, the President will be psychologically and emotionally destroyed- and the super powers will be on the brink of war.

      The plan is put into action and a hostage Simon Cormack, the only son of John Cormack, the President of america is taken .There is the usual hue and cry as the hostage drama takes place in England.The State department in the United States unanimously decide to engage Quinn to negotiate the release of Simon.

      Quinn, is the foremost anti terrorist expert, who had the experience and the maturity and the sensitivity and the intelligence required to handle a crisis of this enormity.Quinn living a quiet retired life in Spain " in a small place, little white house, with a little old church with a little old priest' is contacted and requested to take over the task of negotiations .He lands in Britain and begins his negotiations with the help of two officials of the US government, sent mainly to keep an eye on him and report back .Quinn is able to negotiate successfully with the kidnappers and when success is within his grasp, things go horribly wrong and events take a dangerous turn putting Quinn and the world into mortal danger.

      Once things go wrong Quinn finds himself isolated and targetted by both the State department, that had seeked his help and the Terrorist group, and he has to battle for his life .With the help of his girlfriend Samantha he sets out to find the traitor within the system- using up his years of experience with danger , but the traitor was gaining on him and threatening the safety of civilisation with his position of power.And Quinn finds out that the Russian KGB too is involved making the situation very complicated...

      === My views About the Book ===

      An excellent gripping story from start to finish.About Forsythe's books, i have noticed that One can be sure of a brilliant plot in almost all of his novels.The unexpected turn really shocks you and you keep turning the pages as more suspense in the story unfolds.The character of Quinn- Mentally Powerful, Attractive and Solid, and you tend to have complete faith in his capabilities, that he is sure to find a way out.

      It begins with the men in Washington pleading with Quinn saying "There is no one else,the Brits have people, good people.Washington says we need an American.In-house, we dont have anyone to match you when it comes to knowledge about Europe" and later when things go wrong " We have no further interest in Mr Quinn, he can go back to Spain or wherever he wishes " to " Let him run and we will tail him, that way we dont expose ourselves and get fried, let Quinn be the fall guy "

      The action is fast paced and takes the readers through the streets of London,Brussels,Marseilles, Berlin, Malaga, Spain - as Quinn tries to track the identity of the traitor through his various contacts.Very interesting details and Quinn is almost like Jackal , very recsourceful and with his girlfriend Samantha's help, he tries to piece together the puzzle. But he realises that every time he is getting close to something important he is betrayed.This keeps happening too many times so much so that he begins to suspect Samantha.

      But after a while they realise that they are both being tricked and the chase goes on this time with Quinn being one step ahead, but only for a while.I found this book very interesting and absorbing and a little sad too.I hate it when i have to read accounts of innocent people getting killed unnecessarily so that some people can enjoy and remain in power.It is happening all the time around us and thats what is even more disturbing.One can get to know the manner in which a terrorist is handled or rather used by the state and the political games that are played out by them, with utter disregard to anything else other than hanging on to power.

      Forsythe goes to great length to describe even the minute deatils of the action.The way he describes the important events makes you actually picture it in your mind, just as if it is taking place.His description of the places and people is very informative and gives a lot of insight into their nature and personality.

      With the kind of violence the world is facing today one can easily identify with this narrative.Forsythe has made the narrative very realistic and the situations that are dealt with seem so much part of what is happening around us.He sends out a clear message about the political class , as to how power hungry the political system is and the extraordinary levels to which they are prepared to go or stoop to hold on to their position.

      I highly recommend this book by Forsythe , as one of the finest must read political thrillers..


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