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The People that Time Forgot - Edgar R. Burroughs

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Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs / ISBN: 1404324577 / Publication Date: 2002 / Publisher: Indypublish.com

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 18:26
      Very helpful



      Good but not as good as the first book!

      The People That Time Forgot is the sequel to The Land That Time Forgot and continues the story from the beginning of the previous novel. The character who discovered the message in a bottle tracks down its authors father and arranges to meet with him and discuss his sons whereabouts. But an accident at sea means that the father never arrives and so he instead consults with the authors man servant and arranges a mission to go and rescue those left behind on Caprona at the end of the first book.

      The rescue party find Caprona surprisingly well, considering that the first party stumbled across it accidentally in the first book when they were lost, and begin plans to cross the unpassable cliffs that surround the island. Luckily the Captain of the party has brought a sea-plane with them, disassembled in crates, and it is not long before he is flying over the island and seeking somewhere to land. But when he is attacked by descendants of the Pterodactyl, the plane goes down and the Captain is stranded on the furthest reaches of the island with no chance of help. Setting off, the Captain tries to travel inland facing perilous danger both from the local wildlife and the islands tribal inhabitants!

      This is not a bad second novel but there are obvious flaws, not least the way the party rediscover the island so quickly! There is more description and details about the various inhabitants of the island and the evoloutionary processes they go through during the course of their lifetimes but, for much of the book, it all feels a little too much like more of the same! Someone who reviewed this on another site talked about the thrilling encounters with dinosaurs and the text fraught with danger but I think they must have been reading another book because I found little mention of the dinosaurs and way too much detail about the various tribes which after a while begins to bore!

      Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy this and it brought back fond memories of the films, and their dodgy special effects, that I saw vas a child but this just wasn't as impressive as the first novel and ultimately felt a bit too much of a chore reading it rather than an enjoyment!

      It isn't bad...just don't expect anything quite as good as the first book!


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