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The Rising Shores of the Dead 1 - Josh Hilden

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Paperback: 348 pages / Publisher: Gorillas with Scissors Press / Published: 22 Nov 2012

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2013 11:37
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      The end of the world is here, but death is just the beginning...

      Shores Of The Dead: The Rising is the first book in an epic new Zombie trilogy that attempts to take the genre in a whole new, different direction and largely succeeds in doing so.

      On a remote Caribbean island, a visiting eccentric Professor is not all he seems. Deep in the heart of a long forgotten cave, he attempts to manipulate his young lover and Research Assistant into waking an ancient evil but when she becomes wise to his scheme and tries to foil his plans, she is only partially successful. Before long, all across the globe, the recently dead begin to rise to feast on the living and from that moment on, it quickly becomes self evident that nothing will ever be the same again!

      Dr.Lisa Sutton, working at a University E.R after leaving Afghanistan, begins to have bizarre dreams of her sister warning her that something is....coming. When the Zombies attack, she and a small group of survivors head off to find some kind of civilization still standing....

      Liam Harrison, a former N.S.A Agent, is pulled half-way across the State from White River Bio-Research Centre to help find a solution to the Undead problem but is quickly abandoned as non-essential personnel. His only goal becomes to return to White River and ensure the safety of his daughter and grand-child...

      Meanwhile, College student Kyle faces his own problems when he becomes trapped in a Toys-R-Us store, surrounded by Zombies...

      All these separate stories quickly come together to form a single, cohesive narrative. And as the ancient evil that began all this exerts its influence, the Zombies begin to form under the control of a single, crazed leader determined to locate the one person who stands in the way of a complete and total apocalypse.

      This was a great book with some really strong characters that offers a different take to your usual Zombie novel by having a supernatural cause for the undead rather than the pseudo-scientific one that has become so topical and popular in recent years. It is a brilliant introduction to a new series and really left me wanting more and I cannot wait to re-read the second book so that this time it makes a bit more sense and all begins to add up! (Yes. I'm an idiot and yes, I read these out of order!)

      I really like what Josh Hilden has attempted here and think he does an excellent job of bringing new ideas to the table. It is very hard to be original in Zombie fiction nowadays but with this, Hilden has definitely nailed it!

      If you are looking for something fresh, new and exciting in Zombie fiction then fear not, you have found it! Zombie fiction has never been this cool and I found this book very difficult to criticize in any single way!


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