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The Seeress of Kell - David Eddings

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Author: David Eddings / Edition: New edition / Paperback / 443 Pages / Book is published 2000-08-03 by Corgi Books

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2010 10:48
      Very helpful



      A conclusion to one of the great fantasy series

      The Seeress of Kell is the final novel in the five part Mallorean series written by David Eddings. The Mallorean is itself a sequel to the Belgariad which featured many of the same characters.

      The Author

      David Eddings was an American fantasy writer who lived in the Seattle area of Washington State, USA. He wrote a couple of contempory novels before moving into the fantasy arena with his epic five novel series called The Belgariad. He continued the success with The Mallorean, and a pair of trilogies about a magic wielding knight. After these novels, his quality rather waned and his latter novels were criticised for repetition. He passed away in 2008.

      Geran Garions son has been abducted by the mysterious Eastern Sorceress Zandramas, Garion hero of the Belgariad along with his many times removed grandfather Belgarath and Aunt Polgara is again on a quest. Along with Silk and Durnik companions from the Belgariad, he journeys into the lands of the East. These lands used to pay homage to Torak, the god Garion killed at the end of Belgariad. Along the way he picks up companions who have been foretold in the stars by a mysterious seer called Cyradis. They encounter demons, kings and emperors and at the end of the Sorceress of Darshiva his group is complete and both he and zandramas must now travel to the strange "place which is no more".

      Seeress of Kell.

      So ends the five (or ten if you want to put the series together) books on Garion and his travails. The seeress of kell will answer all the questions about why and what has been happening in the previous five books.

      This is the book of choices, to ensure the loyalty of the Mallorean emperor Cyradis gives herself up as a hostage, she then instructs the group to travel to a strange land populated by a group of knights who were blown off course centuries earlier.

      We find out about the place which is no more and then the fun really begins, we've known since the very first time that Geran was stolen that there would have to be a fight between Garion and Zandramas' forces and here in this book we have it all laid out in hugely satisfying detail. We have an obscure island, dragons, magic, wizards, sorceresses, demons, death, redemption and sword fights all as a precursor to the main event. In truth it's a bit self satisfying as the story is really the next few chapters but it gives the author chance to let his pen flow across the page and give the reader a bit of good old fashioned fantasy fare, this set of novels can be quite intense with plenty going on below the radar so to have some fighting is very satisfying.

      So know the cast are assembled, Garion on one side and Zandramas on the other, Garion is the child of light and Zandramas is the child of dark, two opposing views of the universe and Cyradis must pick one and the other side of the void would disappear, but hang on..... Garion is told he's no longer the child and it transfers over the Eroind, Eroind is the strange boy who stole the orb in the Belgariad and Geran becomes the child of dark.. So Cyradis must pick one and she picks, well read it and find out.

      This is the true end of the book, we are told facts about the moment of the division and how a star exploded in the wrong place, it set of a cascade of destruction which if unchecked would have destroyed the universe. So the two sides of the prophecy decided to check the destruction and as a means there were now two futures of the universe, they built a planet and said "lets play out the games of god on this one planet and see which half will be the true way". That's the choice, not so much good and evil or balance and chaos but a more tenuous left path or right path, neither right or wrong simply different.

      The book still has about 100 pages to run and it rather drags with endless goodbyes, then it ends with the birth of twins and the book finishes and we never meet Garion, CeNedra, and Belgarath et al ever again except very briefly in one of the prequels when it's mentioned that Garion now has many daughters.


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