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The Seven Year Itch - Kate Morris

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3 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Kate Morris / Paperback / 384 Pages / Book is published 2009-05-07 by Penguin

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    3 Reviews
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      09.06.2010 11:36



      I totally disagree with these past two reviews of The Seven Year Itch. There were no spelling mistakes. Our book club read this book last summer and all agreed it was a really good, funny, compelling read. We loved the ending which was not at all expected, certainly not cliched, sad but very convincing.


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      02.06.2010 15:06
      Very helpful



      avoid in my opinion

      This is the first book I have read of Kate Morris and unfortunately I think it will be my last. Anyone who have read my previous reviews will know I am a book worm who loves trying new authors. I have to say this is a book that is not going to imprint on me and stay in my mind.


      *ELLIE - The story is told from our main character, Ellies, perspective. Ellie is a mother of two children Maud and Jed. She has been married to her husband Jack for seven years. She feels her marriage is coming to a bad point and focuses on opening a cafe.

      * Jack is Ellies husband and also an out of work actor. Jacks personality is very much me, me, me.

      *Mark - The new Neighbour who is having a problem with his marriage now he has become a farther.

      * Tilda- Ellies friend and business partner and my opinion the best charcter in the book.


      We meet Ellie and her family and instantly informed that due to Jack being very demanding and all for himself and a man that does not listen, Ellie feels like her marriage to Jack has reached a bad point.

      Ellie is about to embark on a new business venture with her friend Tilda which she hopes will give her a part of her life back and also help out with their continual money trouble they have since Jack has been out of work.

      As Ellie opens her cafe she is then informed by Jack that he has got a new role but it will mean the family having to move away which he doesn't see as a problem as he doesn't take Ellie's cafe seriously. Ellie agrees for Jack to stay with the children for a while with his mum whilst she stays behind at their family home and continues with the cafe until they come up with a way they can carry on.

      Once Jack has gone twists and turns start as new neighbour Mark shows an interest in Ellie and the prospect seems brighter for Ellie than her troubling marriage.

      ** My Opinion**

      Firstly I have to say I didn't warm to the characters very well as mainly bad points were made about each of them rather than any good points.

      My biggest problem with this book was the spelling mistakes. I hold my hands up and say I am not the best person in the world at spelling but then I am not trying to unleash a book to the world. I found the amount of spelling mistakes which kept cropping up in this book rather tedious. I have never read a book like this.

      I always find when I read books there seems to be a fair size start, middle and end to a book but in this case it really wasn't the case I would say the start was the first two pages then nearly the whole book the middle and the end was sprung on us out of the blue in the last two pages. Seen as this was a library book I did actually check no pages had been pulled out at the end of the book as it seemed very bazaar and abrupt as though the author had got bored and just ended the book.

      I would not recommend this book to anyone and I am going to have to give my first 1 star to a book. I will not be reading another book by Kate Morris as it didn't have any plus points for me I am just proud of myself for making it through to the end.


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        05.06.2009 19:00
        Very helpful
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        An incredibly tedious novel

        *****THE SYNOPSIS*****

        Meet Ellie. She's been married to Jack for seven years, has two occasionally-adorable-but-mostly-demanding children and is about to open a café with her friend, Tilda.

        But Jack is a soap actor whose long-running character has been killed off, leaving him hanging around the house and getting under the feet of Petra, an au pair too glamorous for her own good - even if she is a dab hand with glitter and glue.

        Meanwhile Ellie's excitement about the café is making her marriage seem dreary in comparison and when the gorgeous Mark moves in next door (with a wife in tow, admittedly) she asks herself when she and Jack went past their sell-by-date. How can she put the sizzle back into her love life without breaking the rules? And is there really something better out there - or is she just scratching a classic seven year itch?

        *****MY REVIEW*****

        Having never heard of Kate Morris, I got the chance to review her latest novel, The Seven Year Itch. I actually thought this was her debut novel until I read on the author biography at the beginning of the novel that it's her second novel. Her first - according to Amazon - was Single Girl's Diary and released 12 years ago so quite a space between the books.

        The Seven Year Itch is told in first-person and our narrator is Ellie. She's been married to Jack for seven years and they have 2 children - Jed and Maud - and an au pair, Petra. Along with Tilda they make up the main characters of The Seven Year Itch. Oh and not forgetting new neighbour Mark...

        Ellie came across quite irritating and it didn't really seem as if her marriage was in that much trouble. We all hear men are useless at listening and useless at thinking about anyone other than themselves so her contemplating an affair when her husband hasn't done anything came across incredibly selfish.

        Jack, as I said, may not have listened to Ellie and cared a tad too much about himself - he is an actor after all! - but is that REALLY grounds for debating having an affair? No, I didn't think so. I suppose that was the problem with the novel for me: Jack wasn't a philanderer it just seemed that their marriage was going through a difficult patch and Ellie contemplated jumping ship.

        I hated how willing Ellie seemed to be able to lie to the people closest to her and do what she did to them. That, for me, made her unlikeable.

        I enjoyed Petra and Tilda's characters, they kept the story moving along nicely. As well as finding Ellie irritating, I also found Mark quite irritating too - he seemed far too charming and smarmy. Everything between Ellie and Mark seemed fake and contrived.

        I don't want to give the plot away - yet the title The Seven Year Itch and the tag line "To have and told hold 'til lust do you part" seems to give it away anyway! So obviously it's the story that should reel you in rather than what actually happens.

        It's the twist at the end that saved the book for me - and why it got 2 stars instead of 1. If I mention anything about it, I'll give it away but believe me I've never been happier. I also quite enjoyed the cafe part of the novel, it helped balance what I didn't like about the novel.

        Overall it was quite an easy read - I mean a book that starts: "It was early Friday morning when I murdered my husband" is bound to get you reading and I admit it hooked me in. However it just couldn't keep me entertained and Ellie being unlikeable didn't really help at all.

        I admit it would be good to read a seven year itch-type novel that does NOT have cheating as its main focus. It would have made a much better book - and I would have enjoyed it more - if it out a different spin on the whole "seven year itch".


        Also posted at http://chicklitreviews.wordpress.com


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