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The Shores of the Dead Book 2 - Josh Hilden

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Paperback: 230 pages / Publisher: Gorillas with Scissors Press / Published: January 18, 2013

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2013 11:38
      Very helpful



      Zombies are taking over the world...but they are being controlled!!

      The Journey is the second book in an exciting new trilogy of novels called The Shores Of The Dead that, together, attempt to offer the reader something different from your usual Zombie apocalypse. In Hilden's version of the Zombie Uprising, the Undead are being controlled; lead by a crazed leader, under the influence of an ancient evil, who plans to use his forces to seek out and destroy the one person in the world who can thwart his Master's plans.

      Meanwhile, several different groups of survivors, all trying to stay one step ahead of The Horde, are all headed towards the Military Bio Research Station at White Harbour where they believe they will find sanctuary. What they don't realise yet is that White Harbour itself is under attack...

      This is an enjoyable second entry in the series that continues many of the story arcs introduced in the first novel, The Rising. All of that previous books characters who survived return, though this time around more emphasis is focused on Dr.Lisa Sutton; a Military Doctor who is plagued each and every night by dreams of her dead sister who appears to be trying to pass on a warning. What Lisa doesn't know yet is that she is the one the leader of the Undead seeks to destroy and that her future holds the fate of our world in the balance. And, as the horde draws ever closer, time is running out both for her and all that so far have managed to survive...

      I really enjoyed this but thought it felt, at times, a bit like a kind of interlude between main events. Though it was not without its fair share of intense action, the main plot itself didn't really seem to advance very far and this second book was certainly more character driven than focused on continuing the story. This is not a bad thing, there are a plenty of authors out thee whose books are heavily character driven, but I was just waiting for some kind of twist or new plot angle to appear and felt a little disappointed when none came.

      All of that said, this is still a very, very cleverly and well constructed novel. It brings together lots of different elements and teases and tantalizes the reader of what they can expect next without actually giving anything away. How this series is going to end, I still don't know. At times, it reminded me of Catt Dahman's Z Is For Zombie series in the way it follows a set cast of characters in their bid for survival against insurmountable odds and certainly a lot of comparison can be made between the two series. But this is a trilogy that likewise still stands on its own, with its own unique personality and I simply cannot wait to read the next installment!

      If it loses a star, then that is only because I don't personally think this book is quite on a par with its predecessor but I have every confidence that the third and final novel in this series will see a return to the dizzy heights of perfection. Whilst I did thoroughly enjoy this, I just would have liked a bit more plot development but still, this is an excellent second novel and a gripping read if you have read and enjoyed Book 1...


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