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The Talisman - Robert Faulcon

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Robert Faulcon / 208 pages / Book published 1987-08-13 by Arrow Books

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2011 00:53
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      Brady's hunt for his family takes a new turn in a coastal Norfolk village

      The Talisman is the second in the five book Night Hunter series that follows the search by Dan Brady for his missing wife and children; taken from him, in his home, during a vicious attack conducted by a sinister cult known only as Arachne. A time of change is coming, evil forces are awakening and Dan Brady knows that the clock is ticking and time is rapidly working against him......

      At the close of the last book, Brady was able to question one of his original attackers mere moments before his prisoner was assaulted by something unseen and highly, highly dangerous. The cult of Arachne knew that one of their number had been compromised, had failed in his task to kill Brady and so took matters into their own hands. But not before Brady was able to gather some clues....

      Now, thanks to the aid of a former colleague and a Medium who has been recieving messages for Dan from the other side, Brady ~The Night Hunter ~ sets off for a remote, coastal Norfolk village where a couple of tourists have died in mysterious circumstances after returning only months after they left. Something or someone has called them back and Brady suspects that the cult, Arachne, may have something to do with it!

      In a tale full of possession, ancient ruins and mysterious artifacts, Robert Faulcon once more draws the reader in and ensnares him in his world. Though The Talisman is not quite as gripping as previous novel, The Stalking, it does continue the tale of Dan Brady; a man with very little left to lose. Brady here, along with many of the other characters featured, comes over a bit two-dimensional and wooden and the whole story here feels a bit too Lovecraftian and overly familiar at times but this is still a good read even if it lacks a little of the terror it attempts to invoke!

      One of my main criticisms is that Brady, even though convinced his wife is still alive, seems a bit too keen to jump into bed with the nearest available and half-decent, attractive woman! Also, Arachne who appeared so threatening in the first book, this time around come over as being much more incompetent and out of their depth; dabbling in things best left alone! At times, you are left wondering how they could organise anything let alone a series of attacks on unwitting families useful to their cause.

      I can only hope that the series picks up with book 3 because things here hit a bit of a slump! This is a book then only for serious fans and should probably not be attempted by those who have not read The Stalking! I can't help wondering if one of the reasons I like this book is not perhaps its setting....Cromer, which here lies quite close to the Norfolk village Brady visits, is pratically on my doorstep!

      Whatever the reason, despite this book's faullts, I was still left wanting to continue the series!


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