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There's Cake in My Future - Kim Gruenenfelder

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2 Reviews

Genre: Fiction / Author: Kim Gruenenfelder / Edition: Original / Paperback / 368 Pages / Book is published 2010-12-21 by St. Martin's Griffin

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    2 Reviews
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      22.02.2012 20:19
      Very helpful



      Fun read!


      I have just finished reading a really good book!! The book in question is called Wedding Fever and is by American Author Kim Gruenenfelder. The book was released in 2011 and so is very recent. The book comes under the chick-lit genre. You can buy your copy from Amazon for a price of £5.31 which I do think is a bit expensive, considering that I got my copy for just £1.99 from The Works.

      ~ * The Plot * ~

      Nicole is getting married; however her friends are feeling a bit fed up, and so she comes up with the perfect plan. For the hen party she has organised she is going to bake a cake pull where each silver charm will bring each girl luck in hope that it will change their destiny. Still single Melissa is to receive the engagement charm, Seema is to receive the chilli pepper as she is in love with her best friend, and Nicole herself who has just lost her job wants the shovel which will hopefully bring her luck in getting a job! Somehow the cake has moved and so isn't 'in sync' with where the girls are sitting. When the girls receive the wrong charms, is the cake trying to tell them something?? Read Wedding Fever to find out!

      In my point of view, the plot was a brilliant one. While it did seem like it was going to be a 'magical' story at first, it was actually very real and not fake at all; unlike a lot of chick-lit books where the main character gets dumped by her fiance and so heads off on a round the world trip. So in that sense, this book was brilliant.

      I liked the way the book was written; each chapter represents a different character. So each chapter is either from Seema, Nicole and Mel's point of view. Not only did this make the book really interesting, but it also allowed us to get to know the character a bit more.

      Because the book was from three different characters' points of view, it meant that there was loads going on in the story, and so as a reader there was never a dull moment as there was always something happening.

      I really liked the characters, however if I had to choose a favourite I would probably chose Nicole as I think that was most like me. However, having said that, I do think that everyone will be able to relate to each of the characters as they are so normal and so real and down to earth. I thought that the characters were a great bunch of friends; they were really real and I liked that they were honest each other. I actually felt as though I was the fourth member of the group. I also felt that whatever each of the three characters were feeling, I was feeling too.

      If you like romance then you will love this book as the book is full of romance, including a wedding. It is a really sweet read. It's also very realistic and a great modern read. Not only was the book romantic, but I also found it to be really comical in places.

      I had never heard of this author before but I really cannot wait to read more of her books!! I loved the way this book was written; full of fabulous descriptive writing; so brilliant I felt as though I was really there in the scenes with the characters!

      I love the fact that the majority of the chapters were short; this is a big thing for me, because when I finish a reading session, I like to finish at the end of a chapter, and so because of the this, I was able to finish at the end of a chapter each time!

      I found the book to be incredibly addictive; I just couldn't put it down. I think that if I hadn't had to go to work or go to college, then I would have probably read this book in one go. When I wasn't reading it I kept thinking 'when can I read the book again?'.

      I thought that the ending was good and liked the fact that all three stories were tied up really well. I would be really happy if this was the beginning of an amazing series!! #hint hint to the author!!! J

      I found this book to be really inspiring; the kind of book which makes you feel as though you can achieve anything after reading it.

      I would definitely recommend this book to all chick-lit fans.

      Thanks for reading!
      February 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      04.05.2011 18:49
      Very helpful



      Fab book

      After listening to her closest friends' latest travails in love, parenting, and careers, superstitious bride-to-be Nicole (Nic) believes she has the perfect recipe for everyone's happiness: a bridal shower "cake pull" in which each ribboned silver charm planted in her cake will bring its recipient the magical assistance she needs to change her destiny. Melissa (Mel), still ringless after dating the same man for six years, deserves the engagement ring charm. The red hot chili pepper would be perfect for Seema, who is in love with her best male friend Scott, but can't seem to make their relationship more than platonic. And recently laid off journalist Nic wants the shovel, which symbolizes hard work, to help her get her career back on track. Nic does everything she can to control who gets which silver keepsake - as well as the future it represents. But when the charmed cake is mysteriously shifted from the place settings Nic arranged around it, no one gets the charm she chose for them. And when the other party guests' fortunes begin coming true, Mel, Seema, and Nic can't help but wonder.... Is the cake trying to tell them something?

      I absolutely loved Kim Gruenenfelder's debut novel A Total Waste of Make-Up when I read it at the back end of 2010. It got me out of my Chick Lit funk and it was a fun and speedy read. However I was reluctant to purchase the sequel Misery Loves Cabernet mainly because from what I've read of the book Charlie doesn't end up with any guy and definitely doesn't seem to end up with Drew Stanton so I decided it wasn't for me and I didn't want to ruin how much I loved the first book with a second book that, with the greatest of respect to Kim, didn't sound as if it had a happy ending. I hate books sans happy endings. They make me want to cry. I don't invest in a book to not have a happy ending. So, instead, I picked up Kim's third novel There's Cake In My Future and I loved it even more than A Total Waste of Make-Up!

      Whereas Kim's first and second novel only followed one character, with There's Cake In My Future (isn't that the most awesomest title ever?) we follow three best friends: Seema, Nic and Melanie. We switch narrator after each chapter and each girl has their own dilemmas to deal with and there's no character that's bigger than the other two. The pulling point of the novel is undoubtedly the cake pull. Quite frankly, I've never heard of a cake pull until I decided to buy this novel. And I probably never would have heard of a cake pull had I not bought the novel! It must be an American. I say this with the greatest of affection (I love America and Americans and would like in Florida if I could) but only Americans could have a cake pull. It's a brilliant idea, mind, and it makes the novel stand out as Nic, Seema and Mel don't get the charms Nic expected them to. Nic wanted the shovel, Mel the engagement ring and Seema the red hot chilli pepper but Nic got the baby carriage, Mel got the chilli pepper and Seema got the shovel. And once some of the other fortunes come true, the girls wonder just what their charm means for their lives.

      I loved that the girls were all best friends. They were so different from each other - Nic's about to get married to the love of her life Jason and become step-mother to his (hilarious) two girls; Mel wants nothing more than for her boyfriend Fred to propose and Seema is desperately in love with best friend Scott. There was no repetitiveness to the novel and each of the girls had valid storylines that kept me hooked. I loved Nic's storyline of her becoming a step-mother and thought her relationship with Jason, Malika and Megan was incredibly sweet. Mel's was a bit different, as she finds out not only is Fred not going to propose but he's actually been cheating on her (multiple times!) so she finds herself having to be single again at thirty. But my absolute favourite storyline was Seema's. I love a good unrequited best friend love and I adored Seema and Scott's relationship and was willing them and urging them to take it to the next level for the love of God! Each separate storyline kept me hooked and I loved how close each of the girls were.

      I thought the characterisation was brilliant. Seema was my favourite character, because of her storyline, but also because she just seemed so bloomin' sweet! I wanted Scott to notice her, and equally I wanted her to just kiss him! I've never been so into a pairing before! I loved Nic and Mel, too. I loved Nic's approach to parenting, loved how she sometimes felt like the nanny, when Jason was out of town and the girls' mother was away. And I thought Mel's approach to singledom was downright hilarious. Speed-dating, internet dating, picking up men at the supermarket and Home Depot. Talk about totally nuts. I probably don't have to tell you that I loved Scott. I wanted to marry him. OK, so I wanted Seema to marry him, but if anything unfortunate ever happened to Seema... I also though Megan and Malika were the cutest step-daughters ever. For once, step-daughters who don't treat their step-mother like dirt. It was so refresing, let me tell you.

      These days it takes a lot for me to award 5 stars to a novel. There has to be that something special to a book, there has to be something that makes me go 'wow', it has to be a novel I don't want to put down. There's Cake In My Future ticks all of those boxes and more. It's fun, it's serious (at times), the characters are brilliant and the pages just fly by. Seriously, they fly by. I loved it, and every single page was well-written and wholly enjoyable. I hope my review shows that, I think you can tell by a review how enjoyable a book was or wasn't. This review has been a breeze to write, which makes a wonderful change because lately I've felt my reviews are kinda stale (please do jump in and disagree!) but this just flew out of my fingers. This is Chick Lit at its peak and I was pleased to see on Kim Gruenenfelder's website that a sequel Let Me Eat Cake will be out in 2012. I will be pre-ordering it as soon as it's physically possible and I am praying and hoping Kim won't undo all the brilliant work she's done in finishing There's Cake In My Future. Because it's true, a sequel can ruin the original, and I'm hoping that won't be the case here because There's Cake In My Future was a truly special read.


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