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This Is Your Song, Lola Rose - Donna Hay

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Author: Donna Hay / Genre: Fiction / Publisher: Orion

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    1 Review
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      10.05.2008 09:36
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      Disappointing book

      Usually, I begrudge spending £7 or £8 on a new book, partly because I can't afford that, and secondly I tend to get a lot of my books from charity shops now for just £1 each! However, I will make an exception for certain authors, and Donna Hay is one of those. I've loved all of her previous novels, and have recently read most of her back catalogue. So I excitedly ordered this from Amazon and set to reading it as soon as it had arrived.... sadly it was a real disappointment for me, and I was so looking forward to it as well!

      This Is Your Song, Lola Rose follows the character of Lola, a young policewoman living a lonely life. Her mother died when she was young, and she's just buried her father, although she won't be missing him all that much. But Lola gets a shock when her evil aunts reveal a secret to her - that Eddie wasn't her biological father. It turns out Lola's real dad is somewhat of an international rockstar...and not that bothered about Lola's existence. Lola tries to get close to her Dad, but years as a rock-star have taken its toll on Rick Wild - will Lola be able to stand the pace of a rock stars life?

      The plot for me sounded quite good, and was quite enjoyable at first. The plot took a little while to get going, dragging a little bit and I did get a little frustrated at the main character in parts. I felt that she was meant to be writtn as a strong character, but Hay didn't seem to be consistent with her and therefore my opinion fluctuated as to whether or not I liked her or not which was a bit of a shame.

      As well as Lola, the other characters included Lola's flatmate Sam, her colleague Will, biological Dad Rick Wild, his PA Dinah, his wife and a other characters belonging to the rock world as well. With such a widespread set of characters, the book should have had a good punch to it, really grabbing you in but it just didn't for me. Lola's flatmate drove me mad and I desperately wanted to skip these scenes! Her dad was just awful, I can't believe people are like this but I suppose they are really, especially when they are given God-status by their fans - but this didn't stop me deeply disliking him. Dinah the PA was hilarious and probably my favourite character which is saying something, as she only appeared very rarely in the book, I wish Hay had written more of her into the book.

      Being written in the third person, the book did read very well, and was therefore able to focus on a broad story and delve into the characters lives deeply and seamlessly. The book, for the most part, did focus on Lola, but occasionally stepped into Rick's world, and this was done well. But I just wasn't grabbed the book, and actually found myself reading it late at night just to get to the end so that I couldstart something I was really going to enjoy. For the storyline, I felt the book dragged and was actually quite boring. Hay did nothing to make me want to read on, with a boring set of characters, average writing and just a disappointing book I'm afraid!

      As I said, I have been a fan of Donna Hay's work for quite a long time and her previous release, The Two Mrs Robinsons, was one of my favourite reads of last year. So I had very high hopes for this one, but sadly it didn't deliver on any front to be honest! The plot was good, but Hay just didn't make the most of its potential. The story dragged in places, and didn't do anything amazing which made me want to read on unfortunately. Lola was an okay character, but didn't feel strong enough as the main character, and she did really irritate me at points! The other characters were okay, but again very average and nothing special. Really disappointing, and as I closed the last page, I had a mixture of feelings from Thank God that's over to Was That It?!

      ISBN: 978-0752874555. Published by Orion Books in a large paperback edition in April 2008. RRP of the book is £9.99 because of the larger size, although Amazon are selling it for £6.99. The book has 304 pages, although it feels at point like it is 1000 pages long!

      Disappointing, and I don't think I'd recommend it to fans of Donna Hay's previous fantastic novels! For more information on the author and her better stories, see her website http://www.donnahay.co.uk/.

      Thank you for reading!


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    • Product Details

      Lola Rose Lambert's life changes on the day of her father's funeral. She isn't sorry that Eddie Lambert is dead. The outside world might have seen him as a solid, genial family man, but to her he was a bully who made her mother's life a misery until the day she died. She and her father have barely spoken since then. And Lola finds out why when, after the funeral, an embittered relative reveals a dark family secret. It turns out Eddie Lambert wasn't Lola's father at all. She was the result of a backstage fling between her musician mother and Rick Wild, guitarist with the mega rock group Poleaxe. Not only is her father very much alive, but he's also a big-haired, leather-wearing rock god. Lola tries to handle the revelation in her usual practical way, although deep down she's excited by the idea of having a family somewhere out there, and a father who might love her in the way Eddie never did. But her expectations are dashed when she finally gets to meet her long-lost dad, and discovers he's a typical rock star - spoilt and self-indulgent with the maturity of a hyperactive five-year-old.And then there's his family, who turn out to be a bunch of people so dysfunctional they'd make the Borgias looks like the Waltons.

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