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To Kill a Witch - Bill Knox

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Genre: Crime / Thriller / Author: Bill Knox / Edition: First Edition / Hardcover / 184 Pages / Book is published 1971-07-19 by J Long

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2009 11:03
      Very helpful



      A Boring Book That I'm Glad Was Very Short

      I got this out of the library and read it in a couple of days because it's a very short book. It's a detective novel set in Glasgow, I think it might be part of a series because on the front cover it says it's a Thane And Moss Mystery and that usually indicates that these characters are going to feature in other books.

      Thane is the sergent and his sidekick is Moss, I don't think either of these characters are very interesting and I never got to like either of them all the way through the book. Thane is a typical bossy copper and even when he says things to be kind or nice they don't come out very well I don't think.

      The story is that a woman's body is found floating in the River Clyde, they thing it's just another murder in a very violent city but it soon comes out that the murdered woman is a witch living in Monkswalk which is a very posh part of Glasgow. I've been to Glasgow a few times and never noticed a posh bit so I reckon this area must be either made up or out of date! lol

      None of the characters in the book are very good I don't think. As the investigation moves along more and more witches and warlocks come out of the woodwork until eventually it seems like everyone in Monkswalk is involved in it. The clues are all too convenient and there are some conclusions Thane comes to that just wouldn't be seen in real life and that made the book seem very pushed along.

      The end few pages are the best in the book I reckon because it suddenly gets very exciting as the coven decides the best way to stop the investigation is to kill a couple who are helping the police. Then Thane and Moss have to work hard to stop the coven, the weid thing was though that the author made out that the coven had real magical powers so I can't understand why they didn't just use their magic to stop the police catching them! lol

      This book didn't interest me at all and I was glad it was so short. It was very easy to read and not taxing, but not interesting either. The story itself was boring and I couldn't make myself like any of the characters, even the woman who was killed turned out to be a right slapper so I didn't even have any sympathy for her.

      I don't recommend this book, if you're a fan of Bill Knox's books then you'll probably want to read it but I don't think it's worth the hours I spent reading.


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