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Tomes of the Dead: I, Zombie - Al Ewing

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Genre: Horror / Author: Al Ewing / Mass Market Paperback / 304 Pages / Book is published 2008-06-15 by ABADDON

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2011 11:02
      Very helpful



      Tries to be different....and fails!

      I...Zombie is just one of several independant novels that come under the umbrella title of The Tomes Of The Dead series and attempt to give the undead genre a slightly different spin. This was the first of these novels that I had read and thankfully got out of the library as though it started out quite good, it rapidly began to falter around the mid-way mark...

      John Doe is a Private Detective come hired hitman with one subtle difference.....John Doe is undead! He woke up like this in a hotel room several years before with no knowledge of who he was or how he got there and with his right hand held to his wrist with wire. When this hand comes detached, it can move around with a controlled sentience all of its own and, as seen in early chapters, this comes in very useful when he is hired to recover the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy business man. Oh...and did I mention he has this compulsion to eat brains?

      This all sounds very detective-noir and refreshingly different but when, later on, world-wide conspiracies, aliens and lycanthrope assassins start appearing it all gets very complicated, messy and...well a bit unnessecary! I appreciate the need to create something unique and original but this book seems to want to cram in as many ideas as it can in the hope that some of them will work and, in reality, all it does is ruin a perfectly good story! Many of the ideas are ones we have seen many times before and all the most original and important plot revelation does here is break any sense of credubility that might have been established thus detracting from its attempt to break the mold!!

      An attempt to make this dark humoured and almost a parody also seems to be a mistake until you reach a point where you are no longer sure whom the joke is on ~ the characters or you? This reads like a very, very low-budget movie with no attempt at any kind of class and, if it was filmed, would probably be in the bargain basment of Blockbusters within a week!! As it is, this series can currently be found on the shelves of reputable book-sellers such as Waterstones so be careful not to be decieved!

      Is it trying too hard to be different or is it just awful? I go for the latter! All I can say is I am glad I didn't buy this as I would've felt ripped off! It makes a change from the usual Zombie fare but if this is the standard of this series, I very much I will be picking up any more! Aliens really should not feature with any credubility in a Zombie story and especially should not play such an important role in the plot!


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