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Trinity Broken - Jamie Craig

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Genre: Romance / Author: Jamie Craig / Paperback / 248 Pages / Book is published 2008-10-28 by Samhain Publishing Ltd

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2011 22:42
      Very helpful



      Worth borrowing

      Trinity Broken is a paranormal romance novel set in a parallel universe in which shifters and humans live together. Shifters in this universe can change into anything, from other people to animals. Sometimes they live in their own communities and sometimes they live among humans. Josh is a human scientist who meets shifters Sara and Cameron when he's doing a study on shifters. Soon they become more than just research subjects to him and he gives up his life and his career to move in with them. They three of them live happily together, in a community where three way relationships are accepted, until Sara is kidnapped.

      This book starts two years after Sara is kidnapped. Josh and Cameron have been doing everything they can to find her. When they get an anonymous tip about where she might be they find her and rescue her from the hellish prison where she's being held and tortured. When she wakes up they realise the people who tortured her had a shifter working with them and that shifter took on the form of Cameron. Sara can't stand to be around Cam, when she looks at him she sees the man who tortured her. Cameron and Josh try to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Sara and why, hoping that by doing so they may be able to repair their relationship.

      I was interested to see how this story would read because Jamie Craig are actually two authors who write erotic romance novels together. I haven't read a novel written by two people before and I expected it to be a bit disjointed but it actually read really well. I thought the writing style was perfect for this genre. Simple, to the point and descriptive enough without being overly descriptive.

      At around 230 pages this novel is short and I finished it in a couple of hours. It was a gripping novel and did make me want to continue reading but I felt that it never quite managed to deliver what I expected it to. It kept me wanting to read more by making me think that it was going to deliver but always seemed to just miss the mark. There are only two things that you really expect in an erotic romance novel, eroticism and romance, and sadly while this book had both neither were good enough for this to be a really good novel.

      The romance was interesting, certainly. I like menage romance novels (romance novels with three people) and I like it when all three people are romantically involved. Some authors tend to make the men just friends which is fine but it's nice reading novels where all three people are equally as in love with each other. One of my common complaints tends to be that the relationship between the two men gets put on a back burner to focus on the woman. This doesn't happen in this novel. You get a sense all through the book that all three of them are equal members of the group and feel equally as strongly for each other. For me that was one of the best parts of the book.

      Due to Sara's experiences her relationship with Cam is on the rocks during a lot of this novel, understandably so. And this of course makes it difficult for Josh too. Any good romance novel has angst, it's just part of the genre and the angst in this was pretty intense. There was a lot of drama, which for me is great, but somehow it never feels enough. I got to the end of the book and thought "huh, that's it?" And I don't even know why. The ending was dramatic, the angst was huge, everything was there that should be there but the authors never quite managed to get me to feel so involved with the book that it really hit me as you would expect a romance novel to.

      I felt that the sex scenes left a lot to be desired. First of all there aren't that many sex scenes. In some ways this fits in with the story line. It would be in terribly poor taste to rescue Sara and then have a sex scene following that. But there are a lot of flash backs during the book and these could have been more erotic. To an extent my disappointment in the sex scenes comes down to personal preference. Unless you consider threesomes and two men together to be kinky this book is pretty vanilla. Many of the sex scenes weren't overly descriptive. In fact they seemed like they would be more suited to a romance novel rather than an erotic romance novel.

      There is a plot to this novel and it's far more well developed than you would expect of the genre. I felt that this novel actually had a lot of things that other novels in the genre lack. Thought seems to have gone into developing the fantasy side of the novel, which I always appreciate. There was also the mystery of who kidnapped Sara and why. This was actually fairly predictable. This is a short novel where the focus is (and should be) on the romance so there really isn't room for building up a big mystery and letting the reader guess who did it.

      I think that the authors did try to put a bit too much into a short novel and that the character development suffered as a result. It's not that the character development is terrible but it could have been better. I just felt like I only ever got a superficial understanding of who the characters were. You know the basics and some of their quirks and personality traits but you never really know them.

      I'm giving this novel 3 stars. It was a gripping, enjoyable novel but it never quite reached the heights that I felt it should have and in the end it left me feeling a bit disappointed. If this is your kind of novel then it's certainly worth a read but I wouldn't buy it.


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