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Two's Company - Sue Haasler

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Genre: Romance / Author: Sue Haasler / Paperback / 230 pages / Book published 2001 by Orion

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2010 10:07
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      The first book by Sue Haasler

      During a recent book reading spree I realised I had two books by the same author that I had never even gotten around to reading and this seemed like a bit of a waste so I thought I would give them both a try. I started off with this one first as it seemed like it would be quite funny and just from the blurb on the back it seemed like a plot I could relate to in a way!

      The author:
      Sue Haasler is a English author who before writing did not work in TV or from newspapers which makes a nice change from many authors these days! Instead she used to be an administrator for a disability charity. She has written three books and this book apparently had film rights sold to Warner Brothers.

      The plot:
      Anna has a life that doesn't involve children. She prefers it this way and has never even been near a baby. When she bumps into a gorgeous Michael whilst out shopping she can't believe he comes with a baby daughter in tow and tells herself she will just have to forget about him. However this is easier said than done and before long they are dating. Anna has to pretend to like his baby daughter as she realises he comes as a twosome! Then her best friend announces she is pregnant and her dippy ex also finds out he has a son. From no babies to plenty of babies Anna's baby free world is turned upside down. Can she overcome the lack of maternal skills to keep hold of Michael especially when his glamorous ex turns up on the scene and it looks like he could be taken away from her?

      The characters:
      Anna was very easy for me to relate to from the beginning simply because I could understand her completely. The author has done an excellent job as for me rather than reading about mums with babies or couples who happily get together with others who already have children this was a bit different and because I am exactly the same in some ways as to the way Anna is then it was easy for me to understand her feelings. The only thing I would have probably done differently is avoided Michael altogether! The author really managed to get across how Anna felt and how difficult it was for her to adjust to being with somebody who already has a baby.
      Anna's ex Nic also features fairly heavily n the book but, unlike other romance comedy type books it is not the usual case of them breaking up and by the end of the book getting back together so this was also nice to read about. However this dippy character in the form of Ann's ex was a great person to have in the story as he added something a bit different and makes the story even more interesting.
      Michael is of course a very central character in this book and the author has really brought him to life to be a loving father and this shines through with the way any part of the book is written where himself and his daughter feature. I also think the author has done very well in making these bits come across where our main character is getting a very different feeling towards his daughter compared to how Michael is gushing with love! She has let us as the reader understand how in the middle Anna feels as she obviously has fallen for Michael in a big way but, is still unsure how she ended up actually dating somebody who already has a child!

      I wouldn't be able to tell you how much I paid for my copy as it has been sat on my shelf for around 2 years or so (yes I have that many books I forget I have some!) but, if you were to buy it now you can pick up a copy online for around the £2.50 mark including postage. As always you could also always go and get a copy from the library for a while!

      Overall opinion:
      I really enjoyed this book and the great thing was by the end of the first chapter I knew I would be able to really get into it because the style of writing was so easy and also because the subject was very easy for me to relate to. I finished the book very quickly because of how easy it was to read in fact and this for me was the perfect type of book because rather than long pages dragging out things that needn't be long winded it immediately got going and as I say the authors writing style was very good. The book also had a small amount of humour in there and this was only subtle but, added to the book.
      The only thing I didn't particularly like was that the chapters didn't start on a new page. It just started from wherever the book finished the last chapter even if it was on the same page. A minor gripe really as this was only annoying for me as it made me start reading the next chapter straight away, even if I really needed to go and do something simply because my eyes would be drawn to the next bit!
      However overall after finishing this book I wondered why I had not read it earlier and because of how good it was I started straight on the other book I had by the same author. The writing flowed very well, the plot was good and also a bit different to the usual chick lit and it was for me easy to relate to. Saying that even those who have children or do actually want children, would be able to enjoy it I feel, as long as you are not bothered that it can come across in the book how much our lead character hates babies! I would say for the bargain price you can pick this book up for it would be a good purchase to add to any book shelf.


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