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Untitled - Stephenie Meyer

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Author: Stephenie Meyer / Genre: Fiction

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2008 21:41
      Very helpful



      It flows, bringing life to the world of literature like blood to veins.

      I encountered the first book by Stephenie Meyer quite by accident, I was browsing in Waterstones, looking for something easily digested and fantastical. I'm an adult, a mother in fact, but I don't rule out teen fiction as a potential genre.
      I read Twilight very quickly, entirely consumed by the power of the story and the depth of characters. I was impressed by her writing style, a fluid experience with vast emotive capacity which was entirely fulfilled.
      The first novel is a vampire love story in essence, it sounds mushy and juvenile with such a brief description but it is accurate. Bella is a 17 year old human, Edward is 18 going on 100 and a vampire and masquerading as a high school student to create the cover his 'vegetarian' family require to blend with society.
      Bella is so intoxicated with Edward and he with her that they become the inevitable mismatched couple, he thirsting for her but forever determined to keep her human and her desperate to join him in eternal life.
      Having absorbed these characters, delighting at the novel I discovered the second novel New Moon was released and dashed out to buy it and devoured it in much the same manner.
      Bella and Edward's relationship is vast but a new character creates complexities previously unthought, a werewolf. It now sounds bizarre and stretching the already insane boundary but Stephenie Meyer handles it well, making reality of the character and effortlessly sliding the new character into every crucial element of the story arc.
      New Moon is harshly barren, devoid of the phenomenal depth of emotion for the majority of the book, reflecting events and keeping the reader on tenterhooks.
      This was shortly before the third book, Eclipse, was released and the UK date was somewhat later then the US release date, so I had it shipped over immediately and greedily read of the latest events in the lives of my, now favourite, characters.
      The third book created new possibilities and new urgencies, forever expanding the potential which could be developed for the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, just released.
      Whilst awaiting Breaking Dawn I found The Host, Stephenie Meyer first published sidestep into science fiction.
      This was entirely different, the writing style is only just tangible as hers, the flow is different and the characters so vastly different. I felt disappointed for the first quarter of the book. Essentially I was hoping for the same story, retold with different characters, something which would affect me in the same way, characters I could appreciate.
      After the initial disappointment waned I began to view the book in a different light and enjoy the change. The writing was different, more austere, the events were more severe at times and the characters had less depth, but not necessarily as a result of her writing, but as a result of their nature, I won't say more it might spoil it.
      Breaking Dawn has been an entirely different beast. I've looked forward to this book for months and had to begin reading it as soon as I could. I felt the beginning was garbled, the events ploughed through as fast as possible, like the author had to get certain events over and done with but couldn't make it so meaningful as in the first book. Almost half of it feels like it's merely the polite but necessary introduction to the real story which suddenly picks up from the bare bones of some crucial events. Again I was disappointed but it's beginning to pick up all the recognisable traits of her better tales now.
      The storyline has galloped on to a peculiar end, somewhat an anti-climax compared to the harsh situations of previous novels.
      The characters are little further developed, though many more new names are introduced, which gives leave to have no end of spin off books with other characters if Stephenie Meyer or her publishers so choose.
      I wonder how much pressure she was under for deadlines and publishers incentives. Her website has grown and many subsites have developed as offshoots from the phenomena which is Stephenie Meyer. That kind of coverage will undoubtedly put pressure on anyone.
      All in all I like Stephenie Meyer's style of writing, I like her subject genre and I like how she has ploughed on, making good of something which has now hit the New York bestseller list.
      I think she's an author worth watching out for in the future, especially as she undoubtedly continue to hone her craft.
      Twilight did something to the reading world and the film of the first novel will be released in the US in December, I only hope the Uk release will be mercifully soon after, I can't afford to fly out there to see a film!


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