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Untouched - Robert J. Crane

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2 Reviews

Paperback: 234 pages / Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform / Published: 21 Aug 2012 / Language: English

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2014 12:27
      Very helpful



      A decent supernatural thriller

      This is the second book in the ''Girl in a Box'' series of books by Robert J Crane. The Book This series tells the story of Sienna Nealon, who is a meta-human, that is a human with extraordinary powers. Her mother disappeared, and she was kidnapped and taken to a place called The Directorate, which is a sort of lab for meta-humans, but also a refuge for them as well. In this book, Sienna is still in the Directorate, although it does seem as though she is there of her own free will rather than being held captive like she was at the end of the previous book. In the last book, she had defeated her enemy Wolfe, but while his body was defeated, his spirit lives on in Sienna's mind and she does sometimes struggle to separate her thoughts from Wolfe's thoughts. This book also introduces another enemy of the Directorate ? Russian Aleksandr Gavrikov. The book starts in 1908, when Aleksandr gets his first taste of murder, after killing his sister in an attempt to protect her from the abuse she was receiving from their father. Fast forward to the present day and Aleksandr has been captured by the Directorate and is hell bent on revenge. The problem with Aleksandr is that he has the gift of fire and isn't afraid to use it. My thoughts I do feel that you would need to read the first book in this series to understand what is happening. It could get confusing otherwise, as events in the first book are often referred to. Personally, I found the book confusing enough in some places, without adding more confusion to the mix. My main issue with this book centres around the feeling that (in my opinion) the plot was way too drawn out. It seems that the author doesn't stop at a few words to describe something when he can use a few chapters. It gave me the sense of having to wade through lots of unnecessary detail to find the plot. I did feel though that the book really improved towards the end, and there was a real twist in the last few pages that has made me want to read on (though the fact that I do have the next book in the series for free might also be a factor in that decision). I had felt at some points through the book that I wanted to give up, but I persevered, and it improved. Price and Availability I got my copy free for Kindle from Amazon, where books 1 ? 3 in the series are available either as one download or individually for free. Paperback versions are available for 5.54 with free delivery via Amazon prime and used copies are available but they seem to be more expensive than new copies.


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      02.09.2013 17:06
      Very helpful



      Another great book from the series The Girl in the Box

      ***Why I wanted this book?***
      After reading the first book of Robert J. Crane called Alone, which is in the series of The Girl in the Box that is urban supernatural book I wanted to read the second part of the book (there are seven parts all together) and carry on the story that I was hooked on.
      I thought The Girl in the Box series would not interest me in the slightest but I find I cannot put them down and now I have read one and two I want to carry on until the end.

      ***About the Book***
      Untouched follows the main character Sienna Nealon through her world of being a meta (super human). Finding out her powers, other metas and their powers and how to kill the ones that want to kill her.

      Sienna is still haunted by the maniac called Wolfe who wanted to destroy Sienna and all that she is worth. Luckily for her it was not her who got destroyed.
      Sienna is still searching for her mother who she has had no contact for over six months. Sienna has been trying to put aside her personal struggles with help thanks to the Directorate who have saved her and helped her through thick and thin, even if Sienna does not always appreciate it.

      Unfortunately there is no lounging around for Sienna as a new threat emerges out for her and another powerful Meta called Aleksandr Gavrikov. However, Aleksandr is such a powerful meta he can destroy whole cities in an instant, he is also hell bent on bringing the Directorate to its knees, but why?

      ***What the front cover is like***
      Compared to Alone Book 1 where I thought the front cover did not match the story itself, Untouched does. The front cover is dark and seems dangerous with a figure to the left that looks like a man covered in flames from head to toe. He does not look scared or that he is hurting. The right hand side of the man sees flames rising from below uncontrollable.
      The figure in flames is a good look of the one and the only Aleksandr.

      ***The story***
      The story begins with Aleksandr as a boy in his family home, this is not a happy family. Aleksandr's father would often beat Aleksandr in the day and at night when he was drunk he would then take it out on Aleksandr sister. When Aleksandr could not stand the beating anymore of his sister and himself he would often take his anger out on his father and give him a piece of his own medicine. Aleksandr inherited his father's gift, the power of flight. But his father did not have Aleksandr's gift and that was touch of death like Sienna. There is a difference though, when Aleksandr gets angry his body gets hotter until his body bursts into flames covering him from head to toe killing those in an instant who comes into contact with him.
      With Wolfe dead, thanks to Sienna and her powers that came to light just in time she also finds out when she kills she drains their soul, which gives her a lovely new gift that is not good for her or the Directorate. As Sienna thinks she is going crazy she keeps a few secrets away from the Directorate as lets face it she does not trust them 100% and what if they think she is mad?

      Facing her own demons of guilt, hatred for herself, coming to terms with her brand new powers, fighting nearly everyone who she comes into contact with, breaking a lot of bones and having no mum to comfort her it is no wonder Sienna is going off the rails a little. She longs to be normal, go to a restaurant, and go shopping like normal girls can. Thankfully a lovely agent was on hand to do just that, and she loved every single moment of it, maybe a little too much.

      Why is the book called Untouched? As a meta who cannot touch a single person without killing them it is no wonder Sienna lacks comfort from others, she has never kissed anyone, hugged anyone or touched anyone without her body being fully clothed under thick clothing, until something she longs for happens.

      ***The twist***
      From the beginning it is clear Aleksandr's head is messed up due to his father and out of temper Aleksandr manages to kill his father but also be believes he killed his beloved sister at the same time. Unable to control his guilt over 100 years later, Aleksandr is back and he wants his sister or who he believes is his sister and he will not stop until he gets her back.
      Remember Sienna longed to be loved? Well romance might be in the air with an agent but we will see how that plans out.

      There is lots more that happens but I do not want to spoil it all for you.

      ***What did I think about it?***
      As the first book Alone I thought I would not like it but could not put it down, it seems Untouched has the same affect on me. The author did not disappoint when it comes to his imagination, to draw the reader in and keep them there.

      I find the plot easy to follow and the characters are described well and thought of. The Girl in the Box series is additive and will leave you wanting to know more.

      ***Price and availability***
      I downloaded this book via my e-reader from Amazon.co.uk for £2.99. Paperback version is priced at £8.36.

      Want to purchase others? I found out there are also another seven books to The Girl in the Box series.

      ***Extra information***
      The Girl In The Box: Untouched Book 2 has 208 pages
      File size to download is 525 KB
      It was published in 2012


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