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Vampire Plagues London - Sebastian Rook

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Genre: Horror / Author: Sebastian Rook / Paperback / 240 Pages / Book is published 2004-09-17 by Scholastic

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2008 20:01
      Very helpful




      Now I was lucky to get all 6 books... I got it from a scholastic magazine that my school library gets every 2 months. I got all 6 of them as a set for only £10, which is really good considering they are £4.99 each. Anyhow, the cover shown above is totally different to the cover that I have. Although it is the exact same story, the cover on my book looks soooooooo much better than the one above. You'll probably see a picture of the cover that I have, below. Now I think my cover (The cover on my book) is much better than the one above because mine has the city of London below with thousands of bats flying above, however on the book above there is only 2-3 bats flying over a ship which can't really contemplate the book considering London (Well last time I checked) is not under water, and I'm pretty sure it is land and not a sea.

      Now the book's title, the one above I mean, is called London 1850, but I think when it was republished the title changed to 1: London. The reason I think is that it fits in with the other 5 books as the 2nd one is 2: Paris, 3rd one is 3: Mexico, 4th one is 4: Outbreak, 5th one is 5: Epidemic and the 6th final book is called 6: Extermination. Originally the first 3 books were published. The covers were the same as the one above. But then Sebastian Rook wrote 3 more books and I presume the first 3 had to be republished. I'm glad they are as they look a lot better now.

      Now this story not only amazed me but got me thinking... It's about a boy who helped bring the bats into London, and he wants to get rid of them. He didn't mean to bring them to London, he was supposed to follow them and warn people in London, but he did not manage to do so, but he met up with Jack, a homeless kid, and they automatically become friends. Ben, the boy who's supposed to kill the vampire bats, is in search of his sister, Emily. He finds her. Now Ben tells Emily and Jack his long and eventful story. He tells them that he, Father and he's Uncle found this brick wall with a hole in. the hole is filled with roses (yup the ones with the poison spikes on.) He and Sir Donald went inside and found tons of bats upside down hanging from the ceiling. Ben goes back through the hole to get cages, but the bricks fall in and just before he gets crushed Ben's father pulls him. They try to get through to Sir Donald and they manage to get rid of all the bricks.

      Now they were on an adventure to capture all animals, but Sir Donald tells them to release all the animals and catch all the bats. Then one morning, the bats attack and grabs possession of a lot of crew and Ben's father gets a scrape, and it's down to Ben to get away safely, and to kill Sir Donald and the rest of the vampires.

      But then they get to London and all hell brakes out, most of the population of London has become Vampire, and now it's down to Ben, Jack, Emily and The Professor (He's someone they meet on their way and the only adult alive who believed them, and he helps them to discover a way of beating the vampire clan, but will Ben, Emily, Jack and The Professor, manage to do this? Or will the turn as well?

      Now I have an incline that you think that they're going to turn as there are 5 more books afterwards. But they might succeed and then the next book could be set in a different year. Or they might turn, or they might escape, the list of possibilities is endless and you might have some in your head. But only the people who have read this will know the answer. And you'll never know unless you read it. And trust me you should! You won't be disappointed

      Now value for money... To be honest, if I was to value this due to the story, then I'd say paying £8 is well worth it. But lucky for you, it's only £4.99, not only that but if you even read the first paragraph, in a shop, you'll end up reading the whole chapter, or maybe the whole book. There are 231 pages which might have influenced the value and maybe the price was based on how much it costs them to published, helping them gain some sort of profit. I was lucky to buy it dead cheap, although I knew nothing about the books so you could say I did judge the book by its cover. But then again, the cover and title is what makes you pick it up and read the back. You aren't going to go into a shop like Waterstones and read every single blurb (back of the book) just because the saying is "Don't judge a book by its cover", you want the cover to be appealing and eye-catching so that it stands out on the shelf to make you pick it up and read it.

      The Author... is Sebastian Rook
      Sebastian Rook is an author's name and it is not he's own. He's real name is Ben Jeapes; he has written quite a few stories including a script for Doctor Who. He is a science-fiction author and all of his stories are science fiction, apart from Vampire Plagues which happens to be a children's series. There is not a lot of information about him and I can't really judge whether he is a good writer or not considering I have only read this book. But if I had to describe him with one word, based on this book, I'd say he's admiring, due to the fact that this book is really captivating and you're surprised at how good it is. It shows how hard it can be to write a full length story as this book does gets boring at times, which I presume is the bits where he couldn't think of a way to carry on with the story. But the book is really good and one for all of you book lovers out there to add to wish lists.

      What really interested me in this book is the back where it says:

      "Catch Vampire Plagues - the series will be with you for life"

      That really did intrigue me and I did wonder what it meant.

      If it's really cheap on Amazon, GET IT NOW, you'll thank me afterwards!!!


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