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Water Witch, Fairwick Chronicles - Carol Goodman

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Paperback: 352 pages / Publisher: Ebury Press / Published: 13 Sep 2012

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2013 21:31
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      Gutted that the series is over in one book's time...

      Half fae, half witch Callie McKay is a Doorkeeper, which means that she has the power to open and close the last portal to the world of Faerie - theoretically, at least. Callie was raised by her grandmother, Fiona, after her fae father and witch mother died when she was ten. Being raised by a fae hating witch, who raised her as a human since she never displayed any magical abilities for witchcraft, means that she has no idea how her powers work.

      Callie better how to use and control her powers quickly; Fiona is the leader of The Grove, a conservative club for witches, and they want to close the last door to Faerie, which would mean that any fae being in the human world would have to return to Faerie forever, or remain trapped in the human world, where they would fade away and die. Plus there's the fact that most species of fae are having trouble reproducing, so rely on coming into the human would to mate with humans, so it'll really be both realities that would suffer.

      The Institute of Magical Professionals [IMP] is the overall governing body of preternatural beings and they are already considering closing the last door to Faerie, due to the threat to life and risk of exposure some of the otherworldly creatures threaten to the human world, if/when they escape. So with The Grove leaning on them and gaining support from other preternatural fractions, IMP are being pushed to make the decision of closing the faerie doorway and closing it quickly...

      Can Callie learn how to control and use her unique combination of fey and witch powers in time to be able to stand up to IMP, The Grove and any other opposing preternatural actions, and be able to keep the doorway open against their wishes? Or do her friends have to decide which world to live in and say goodbye forever?


      I got the first book in The Fairwick Chronicles series for free from Amazon Vine and loved it, so I made sure to buy WATER WITCH; the second book in the series. Like the previous book [succubus], all of the different elements that go into WATER WITCH are written in different styles. One minute we're reading Disneyish tales of true love, then bam! Hot succubus sex, gothic romance leads to classic urban fantasy overtones taking over etc.

      Not only does the author's writing style change, but she also mixes mythical beings together with creatures of her own making. For example; we start with udines, but then are introduced to zombie beavers [my new favourite thing ever]. The way that the author keeps mixing different elements together keeps everything exciting and fresh; you never see what is coming next...

      Cassie is a refreshing change from all of the gun-toting, roundhouse kicking, constantly one-liner cracking, 'sassy' heroines that are constantly thrust upon us in this types of book. Sure; she's in the middle of a otherworldly drama, but she uses her intelligence to research answers instead. She makes mistakes, doesn't conveniently develop any mystical powers or knowledge, and she can't do any physical ass kicking, which helps the tension build as there's never easy way out of the situations she finds herself in. I'd become bored with reading stories with the same prototype of heroine under a different name, so these books have been a real breath of fresh air.

      WATER WTCH is told from Callie's POV, but we still feel involved with the secondary characters, in fact Callie's co-workers are more involved this time around, plus we get to see more of their own personal relationships too, instead of focusing solely on Callie.

      I did thoroughly enjoy WATER WITCH, but, to be honest, I did prefer the pacing in the first book in the series [Incubus] as everything ran together more smoothly and didn't seem quite so paint-by-numbers in structure. In WATER WITCH the outcome of a possible love triangle between some characters, and the secret identity of a few people did all seem obvious to me, so I found that the pace was slowed down partway as I waited for the characters to catch up to where I already was. Maybe I've just read too many fantasy books, so recognize the approaching cliches before they are fully formed?

      After initially being lead to believe that this would be an ongoing series, it has now started being listed as a trilogy. This is a shame, as despite a few pacing issues, the author's storytelling abilities and characters are wonderfully unique, and the directions events could lead seem endless right now.

      In the US and Canada the author has published the Fairwick Chronicles under the Pseudonym Juliet Dark, and Incubus has been released with the title Demon Lover. To make things a bit more confusing for people browsing online the final part of the trilogy is also listed under different titles; in the UK it'll be titled Dark Possession.


      Paperback: £5.99
      Kindle edition: £4.74


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