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Wedding Babylon - Imogen Edward Jones

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Paperback: 384 pages / Publisher: Corgi / Published: 13 May 2010

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2013 07:03
      Very helpful



      A fun book.

      A few months ago now, my sister had decided that she was to set the date for her long awaited marriage to her long suffering partner (though has since had to postpone it for a while!), and in doing so decided that as her big sister i was to be matron of honour (a big honour, with a silly sounding title!).

      I wanted her to have some silly wedding related stuff to get her in the planning mood, so purchased a few things, a planning pad, a sparkly pen and this particular book, though in hindsight this could be part of the reason she postponed it! Lol!

      The book (when i first looked at it!) was going to be horror stories, good and bad about peoples weddings, but i genuinely thought it would be told from the bride (or grooms) point of view.
      How it is actually told is from the point of view of a fictitional wedding planner working for a really well known and well to do company, covering a few of the funnier weddings that the author has gathered stories on, so the stories are completely true (and anonymous!), but told in a story form.

      The book covers irrational women (brides and mothers alike), striving to have the biggest and best weddings, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to outdo there friends, from a la carte food, through to firework displays to music, nothing is too much for their big days, and though at times the opulence seems ridiculous and over the top (though to be fair most of the peoples families are very affluent and rich, so can afford to spend a lot), it's the neurosis of the brides that make the stories.

      There is one woman who starves herself for months to get into her one off designer dress, who looks amazing on the big day, to have her cow mother try and outdo her, deigning that this was her big day, and no-one was going to ruin it for her, not even the bride!

      There are some really touching stories, of the people who are genuinely getting married for love, and don't want the world and their dogs inivited for a spectacle, and though these are really lovely to read about, i am ashamed to say the so-called "celebrity", especially the "wags" weddings that had me hooked, never before have i read a book with such hilarity before!

      This book was a lot of fun to read, with the wedding planners being fantastic characters in themselves, one a serial "shagger", usually ending up with the bridesmaid at the reception (then hating himself for it!) and the other being completely gay, thus making him every brides dream planner (and boy does he know his stuff!).

      All in all this was a fantastic lighthearted read, though with plenty of nautiness too, recommended!

      Price wise this was purchased for £1.00 from Asda.

      Thanks for reading x

      ISBN 978-0-552-15693-6


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