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Wool Omnibus Edition - Kindle Edition

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Genre: Fiction / Author: Hugh Howey / Kindle Edition / Publication Date: 2012

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2012 01:27
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      A grim look at one possible future.....

      The Wool Omnibus collects the first 5 novella that make up the cult Wool series as written by Indie author, Hugh Howey. They are set in a dystopian future where the last surviving members of the human race (to the best of their knowledge) live in an underground Silo; protected from the harmful enviroment of the world outside with their only point of contact a window-screen that shows a projected image of life Outside.

      The Laws of this future society denote that anyone showing an interest in going Outside is allowed to do so but on two conditions; one, that they are not allowed to return and also two, that they must clean the lenses of the camera that show those inside their only image of the world beyond. Sheriff Holston keeps the peace in the Silo but is still grieving after his wife made the decision to go Outside. After much consideration and soul searching, he eventually makes makes his own descision to venture in her footsteps. And so the first chapter begins....

      What follows next is a complicated conspiracy story that follows the search by those in charge of the Silo for a replacement Sheriff amongst the workers who keep power, utilities and everything else going. But, when they come to their decision, their new Sheriff has her own questions and, after quickly becoming embroiled in much political intrique, begins searching for answers behind just WHO really does control the Silo and what really happened in the past as opposed to the story that everyone has been told.

      This is a highly engaging and thrilling "What if ?" tale that really grips the reader and sucks you into this world. I got the first couple of novella free and liked them so much, I actually went out and bought this boxset to see what happened next! And those who know me will quickly testify that I hardy ever buy any books on Kindle, preferring to check out the freebies whenever possible instead! So when I say I went out and actually spent money on this, that shows it MUST be good!

      There is a sixth installment that is a prequel to events depicted here and other chapters have been promised in the near future, but for now this is a complete story with a neat beginning, middle and end that offers a grim, bleak and depressing possible future that nonetheless is fascinating to read!


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