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Season 2 - Sean Platt

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/ Alternative title: Yesterdays Gone: Season 2

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2012 01:20
      Very helpful



      The survivors finally get some answers as things get just that little bit darker....

      This is the second "season" of the serialised novel Yesterday's Gone written by Sean Platt and writing partner David Wright, that collects episodes 7-12 of this highly popular series; designed to read like one of your favourite T.V shows rather than as a more conventional novel with "episodes" that each end on a cliff-hanger leaving you, quite literally, further along the edge of your seat each time!

      For those not familiar with the series already ~ READ MY EARLIER REVIEW! Done that? Right, well here's a brief recap for those of you who might have ignored that last part....

      On October 15th, the majority of the Earths population disappeared. Just vanished. Leaving only a handful of survivors. But it didn't take long for them to discover that they were NOT alone....

      Strange black creatures began emerging all across the globe...creatures with only one thing on their mind. Feeding. On us....

      As the days and weeks progressed, these creatures appeared to start changing, altering, adapting.....EVOLVING!

      With the end of Season One, readers were left with few answers, even more questions and one big doozy of a cliffhanger ending!

      Season 2 begins five months later....

      As we begin this latet installment, much has happened. Many of the characters have moved on and one paticular group has found what bthey believe to be a safe haven. But when their farm is attacked by the mysterious "Bleakers" as they call the monsters, the group nis forced to flee and take refuge instead in the compound of a strict and sinister cult. Here, it quickly becomes blurred who can be trusted as events begin to spiral out of control and to conspire against them...meanwhile, other characters from Season One likewise find their own lives becoming more complicated as some answers are revealed and it turns out that things are not at all what they appear....

      This is a series that is hard to talk abut without giving anything away. Those deserate for answers as to wtf went on last Season get some revelations here that enlighten us somewhat to the bigger picture but there is still much to discover about what is actually going on!

      ThisSeason has good points and it has bad points. Bad points are that one character is introduced as being a part of one of the group of survivors with little explanation for his presence! (Yes Linc, I'm looking at YOU!) Also, a lot of the action focuses on The Sanctuary, the home for a Cult whose leader seems to have predicted Oct 15!

      Good points are that we get some answers at last, the action flies thick and fast and we get caught up in the story before we even realise we are fast approaching the end!

      Overall, this second Season (and we are told there will be 2 more- Season 3 is already available!) has more good things about it than bad and I can fully recommend it! Is it perfect? No, it's not but it does succesfully build on the world created in Season One and brings it even more colourfully to life!

      And I love the fact that, this time around, not all of the characters you know and love live to see the final page! Get ready for some surprises.....

      Season 3 is already loaded into my indle and will be read shortly. For now though, if you haven't already picked this sries up- what ARE you waiting for?


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    Book Series: Yesterdays Gone

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