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Z is for Zombie: Avenging Angel - Cat Dahman

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Print Length: 177 pages / Publisher: J Ellington Ashton Publishing / Published: September 27, 2012

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2013 13:04
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      The end is nigh....

      Avenging Angel is the seventh book in Catt Dahman's epic Z Is For Zombie series set in a post-apocalyptic world where the victims of a virus known as Red or Diamond Flux have come back to feast on the living. But, in this new world, it is not just the zombies that the survivors have to worry about....

      Book 7 links together the characters introduced in the last installment with the already established Hopetown survivors from the preceding 5 novels. Secrets and lies are revealed about the mysterious Hannah and tough choices are forced to be made as humanity's future survival comes into question ~ a story arc that is intended to lead us into the last two volumes of the series.

      But, before all that, Hopetown survivor Alex decides to take a trip to a nearby mall. He wants to discover if truth mirrors fiction and whether George.R.Romero actually got it right with Dawn Of The Dead. The truth is, he came pretty close but things quickly get out of hand as the Hopetown crew struggle once more to rescue a group of stranded fellow survivors and lead them to safety.

      All this feels a little too much like a re-hash of events in previous novels. You think by now the Hopetown survivors might have learnt that their rescue plans rarely go as planned and usually have a high body count but no, off they go again ~ wading in before they have a chance to realize just how dire their situation is. As per usual, there are casualties but the whole thing just feels a bit tiresome as there is little here that hasn't been done before by Dahman herself. The references to Romero though and his iconic Zombie flick are nice, it is just a shame they didn't come a bit earlier in the series before all this got a bit samey.

      Where this book really comes into its own is in the second half of this novel. The question of how to react to the Hybrids is finally addressed as the Hopetown survivors are forced to admit some home truths. Namely that one amongst them has been a Hybrid all along and that some of their number have been concealing the fact that they knew!

      Harsh words are spoken, some tough decisions made and all this spells a whole heap of trouble for any future the survivors might have hoped for! This leaves one hell of a potential cliff-hanger that is destined to be addressed in the final concluding novels of this series...

      Things I don't like about this book: the fact that Reds are now seldom seen attacking Hopetown and the compound in any sort of large numbers any more. Question ~ Where have they all gone? Also the opening segment does feel a bit of a retread of previous novels and a bit of a step backwards.

      Things I LIKE about this novel include: the fact that certain truths finally come out about one character in particular and the original direction that Dahman is intending to take this series. I really have NO idea how this series is going to end though I have been promised it is going to be shocking and definitely not at all what you might be expecting! I also like the way this book neatly links the last book with existing characters to create a whole new story arc.

      Though this is not the best in the series by any stretch, it still makes for a very good read. I have marked it down less on its ow merits but more on how it compares to others in the series. That said, this is compulsive reading for fans of this series and I look forward to finding out how this is all going to end....

      In that respect then Miss Dahman, this book is a success if only because it makes the reader want to keep reading....


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