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Devil's Details - Catt Dahman

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Print Length: 255 pages / Publisher: J. Ellington Ashton / Published: 29 Jun 2012 / Alternative title: Z is for Zombie: Devil's Details

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2012 10:30
      Very helpful



      The next chapter in the Zombie series that offers readers a bit more....

      Devil's Details is the fourth book in Catt Dahman's ongoing Zombie series and continues on with the story begun in earlier, previous novels.

      For those who haven't been following my reviews, Z Is For Zombie is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a virus known as Red or Diamond Flux has wiped out much of the population. Well when I say wiped out, what I mean to say is that the virus first causes you to bleed out, then fall into a coma before causing you to rise again to feed on the living. The virus is spread through saliva and blood so if you are bitten, you are infected but there has been much evidence so far to confirm that the virus is not natural and was in fact created by man!

      A group of survivors have taken over a former religious compound as a sanctuary and place of safety for other survivors and have begun to start a new life for themselves. But their new lives are not without threat..... not least from their fellow man! Several miles away, a similar group with more malicious intentions has began to form, calling themselves the Reconstruction Army and preaching a message of racism, bigotry and hate!

      Devil's Details starts off by following a familiar pattern. A group of our survivors, out on a supply run, come across others heading for Hopetown; the name of the retreat where they are attempting to restart civilization. They attempt to bring them back with them but are soon besieged by Zeds who draw others towards them through their moaning. A frantic escape ensues and not everyone survives.....

      But this is just the beginning....

      A group of former Military, what is left of the U.S Army, soon turn up at the compound and bring with them a surprising guest. And the news they have to share is troubling indeed......because suddenly, it is not just the Zeds and the R.A that is all the survivors have to contend with....

      This is another great installment from Miss Dahman which builds on the tension of the first few novels and amps it up a small degree. Though at times this book, and indeed the series in general, does threaten to become formulaic, still Dahman manages to introduce just enough to keep everything fresh and new! If I had one criticism, it would be that some of the dialogue between characters can feel a bit stilted at times but this is only a small aside and is more than made up for by the way that the characters themselves continue to develop and mature! True, this series is not perfect but it comes pretty close goddammit and anyone who loves Zombie fiction and indeed The Walking Dead will certainly find much here to love!

      I simply love the direction Miss Dahman is taking this series and the fact that, even after four books, the ongoing story arc that makes up the main plot is still going strong with no sign of tiring! There are some interesting angles and some very clever twists and turns introduced here and it will be interesting to see how all this pans out! One thing is for certain ~ the way this book ends certainly leaves you gagging for more......next book please!


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    Book Series: Z is for Zombie

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