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George's Terms - Catt Dahman

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/ Alternative title: Z is for Zombie: George's Terms

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2012 12:17
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      A group of survivors struggle to make do against increasingly more insurmountable odds

      Z is for zombie:georges terms is the first in a series of novels set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the dead have returned to feast on the living following the outbreak of a pandemic across the entire planet.

      The symptoms of the disease begin with you contracting the virus, bleeding out from every orifice and then lapsing into a coma. But it doesn't end there because you then awake with the urge to feast on living flesh and tissue!

      A group of survivors slowly begin to gather in the basement cafeteria of a nearby hospital that has all but been evacuated and begin their quest for survival against all the odds. But when a secondary catastrophe befalls the world outside, their greatest enemy becomes themselves!

      This book is less plot driven and more character driven as the author explores the fragile balance of humanity and mankinds sometimes total inability to get along, despite the need to work together! I really loved this book and thought it a great start to the series with the introduction of some interesting characters whom I hope to encounter again and I loved the moral and philosphical issues it raised and questions it asked throughout, leaving me wondering how I would cope in similar circumstances.

      My only issue with this, a copy gifted to me by the author in exchange for a review, was that it could have done with a good proof-reading! I found several mistakes through the course of the text and, whilst this didn't affect my overall rating, it was at times distracting! I hope this is something the author takes note of as this has the potential to be the start of one of the best zombie series yet with just a little more attention to detail. The consequences of this not being better proof read is that it could well put people off picking this up in the first place and that would be a shame.

      I gave this 4* rather than 5 because I did think it began to lose a little momentum towards the end despite a shocking and unexpected added twist that totally threw me around half-way through the plot! That said, I did really enjoy this and look forward to picking up the second volume at some point in time.... it is a series that shows a lot of promise though quite how the author will continue the story through another FIVE books still remains to be seen!

      Certainly if you like your zombie novels gto have a bit more bite and go deeper and beyond the usual conventions associated with this sub-genre, or have enjoyed The Walking Dead T.V series, then this is definetely a book for you!


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    Book Series: Z is for Zombie

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